Where's My Little Boy

Where’s My Little Boy? Pt 7

Now that the boy has been found, it’s time for this little story to end…

“Oh, chale, so two of the kiddies die?” Illiasu asked.

Azah nodded sadly. “Yeah oo. Ibi sad. I no know which kind spirit go enter the driver make he flip over the truck like that.”

“Chale, that thing ankasa, ibi wickedness of the highest degree. Sey you go kidnap kiddies then take them go some far place then force them to work. Ah! Why?” Johnson added passionately.

“I shock. Ibi greed, chale. All because of money, you dey break up happy families then sell poor vulnerable kiddies to some cruel masters. God go punish all those them dey do that thing. Abi He start sef?” Stringazy declared.

“Oh, He start kraaa. See how them barb Jozi. So them all go fall!” Johnson continued to voice out.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, and as usual, this little quartet was just hanging around, engaging in chit-chat. The news of Jozi’s accident, arrest and incoming prosecution had not taken long in spreading around town, and it took many by surprise. While some people chose to believe it was simply a case of ‘Ghanaians bringing down their own’ and speculated that he had been framed, many others were stunned and horrified that a successful young man like him would delve into such dastardly trades.

In making the announcement of his arrest, the police had chosen to keep the identity of the boys a secret, so as to prevent them from being victimized. Although they had not been formally informed about this, they deciphered that such was the reason why they had barely heard from the men in blue.

And as far as they were concerned, that was really not something to be bothered about. They were just happy to know they managed to help somebody out.

“But the way people shock give am eh, not easy. My old man insult am roff! He say he no dey understand the guy. How you get booming business wey you dey dabble in child trafficking. He just shock,” Illiasu said.

“Not just you ooo,” Azah added. “Those my two aunties at the end of this lane. Monday evening, come see condemnation! No be small thing!”

The boys laughed. They knew those aunties of Azah to be pretty quick in lambasting acts of the youth they considered reprehensible and unacceptable.

“So by now di33, he dey cells, right?”

“If them no bail am out by now, yeah. But chale, he mess up. The blastings he dey receive no be without merit. It was never necessary to do this,” Stringazy said.

“At all. Just do your normal thing. Ahaa, Stringazy, so Maa Adwoa say what?” Johnson asked.

Stringazy grinned. The mere mention of the name made his face light up. “Chale, her mind dey. Her mind dey kraaa. I know sey she go give me good answer soon…”

He was interrupted by the vibration in his pocket. His phone was ringing.

He took it out and saw an unfamiliar number, which Truecaller revealed to be the number of one ‘Sgt Jahara’.

His heartbeat increased upon seeing that. He had no recollection whatsoever of giving his number to the man. “Chale, Sergeant Jahara dey call ooo!” he hissed to the others, who grew silent as he answered. “Uh, h-hello, Sir?”

They might have been of immense help to the police, but that didn’t make the sergeant less intimidating to them.

“Ebenezer Dadzie! How are you doing?” the sergeant’s booming voice came through, sending chills down his spine.

“Fine, sir. Fine,” he stuttered.

“Good. I need you and your friends at my station as soon as possible. Be quick about it!”

“Y-y-y-yes, sir! Yes, sir! I-I-I’ll let them know. R-right away,” he answered obediently.

As he hung up, he looked at his squad. “Chale, the man say make we come the station.”


There was a knock on the door of the small office on the left side of the entrance to the police station.

“Come in!”

The door opened, and in stepped the quartet: Azah, Illiasu, Stringazy and Johnson.

Sergeant sat at a desk, and in front of him sat a man who looked like he was in his late 30s. Standing next to him was a little boy with his arm in a sling, looking excited despite having one good arm at that moment.

It didn’t take long for the boys to guess who that was.

It was little Benji and his father.

“Young men, meet little Benjamin Bart-Plange. The boy you helped save from the clutches of Jozi and Jerry James. One of them, at least. And this is Mr. Robert, his father. Sir, these are the youngsters who helped to find your son.”

Robert turned and smiled at the quartet, who looked delighted to meet him. One by one, they extended a hand to shake his as they formally introduced themselves.

“Reuben Johnson, sir.”

“Mohamed Illiasu.”

“Francis Azah.”

“Ebenezer Dadzie.”

“A pleasure to meet you all, boys,” Robert said, his face beaming with smiles. “Benji, these are the boys who helped the police to catch the bad guys that took you away. Say hello to them,” he ordered his son gently.

Benji responded by waving at the boys, a cute little smile while shyly saying hello. They responded with waves of their own.

“Well, obviously, there’s one reason why I’m here, and that’s to thank you guys so much for what you did. God knows how grateful I am to you all for the part you played in helping to find my boy. It was only a couple of days, but Lord have mercy, it felt like 50 years waiting and hoping for the best. Absolute torment. If it hadn’t been for you guys, my life would be in shambles, chale. I lost my wife a few years back, so losing him would have made me snap.”

The sergeant and the boys looked taken aback by the mention of his wife.

“Woow,” Azah gasped, shaking his head. “Then we really helped you out.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Johnson murmured in agreement. “Herh. The thought of it alone just gives me chills. Lose your wife, then son. Chale! I’d go mad myself.”

“Well, thanks be to God you guys were where you were,” Sergeant Jahara said. “It could have ended differently if it hadn’t been the case. And I guess it’s been a lesson for me, personally.”

Turning to Robert, he continued, “You know, to be very honest, these gentlemen in front of you are not exactly shining role models in this part of town. I’ve had some misgivings with them. Serious misgivings, in fact. So I pretty much wrote them off. But I guess this whole saga has taught me not to cast people aside like that. You don’t know who God can use to help others.”

“Oh, indeed,” Robert agreed, nodding his head. “We can’t tell who will be of immense help to us at the time we need it most.”

“Very true. Gentlemen!” Sergeant Jahara said, turning to the boys once more. “For obvious reasons, we can’t put your identities out there. This trafficking ring thing is more deadly, and the last thing we need is for you guys to be hunted and victimized. But officially, I want to say, congratulations for helping us to save this little man’s life. And the lives of the surviving two young ones. You boys did a fantastic job, and I must say, I’m proud of you all.”

The faces of the quartet beamed with delight. If you had told them they would receive high praise from a strict and stern-looking officer like P/W Sergeant Derek Jahara, they would have laughed hard at you and suggested you were overdosed on Tramadol. But here it was, right before them: a Sergeant Jahara giving them a pleased look and words of commendation.

They all saluted. “Thank you, Sir.”

“So Mr. Robert will take your numbers and you’ll get your reward later on. And hey, if any of you think you want to join us here to help take down more of the criminals in society, you can let me know. You never know. You might just have found your way to your calling,” he ended with a shrug.

They smiled among themselves. They may not have ever considered joining the police force, but maybe after taking down these bad guys, it was something they could begin to think about.

Azah in particular looked especially interested. “We’ll give it some thought and get back to you, sir. It’s certainly an offer I will personally love to take.”

And that’s a wrap, people!! Robert’s little boy returned safe and sound, bad guys will be dealt with, and the young boys will be rewarded. Satisfying conclusion! Now let’s get ready for season 2 of Meet The Dolphynes!!

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