Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP4 – Distracted, Displeased

Final episode of 2019! I must say, it’s been quite a ride. Having started this site in June, right after my exams, the support has been great. This is definitely the most successful blog I’ve owned in terms of stats and patronage, and I hope it long endures!

2020 is gonna be a very special year, no doubt, as far as special areas of my life are concerned. As far as State of Dabar is concerned, though… well, expect more riveting stories, as well as the continuation of MTD. I’ll work my way around how it’ll be done, but trust that it will be done.

Anyways, let’s get back to the story, shall we…

“Well well well, somebody’s been working on her corporate wardrobe,” Larissa said teasingly as Diamond stood before her, modelling her grey skirt suit.

“Oh, but of course. When I have the most elegant woman to learn from, I’m certainly gonna have to kill it,” Diamond responded in an equally teasing tone.

“You and your love for flattering me. Well, you look splendid, mini-me. As always. So it’s the insurance deals you’re scouting for today?”

“Yes. Daddy suggested five companies to me, so I’ll pass by those and see the best deal I can get, and I’ll talk it over with him tonight. And thank you, twinnie!”

“Good, good. For the documentation, it’s almost done. Just that I need to get ready. Takeover discussions this coming week concerning the Voltage Office.

“Oh, bless the Lord of heaven and earth! The moment the earth has anticipated is arriving. The grand meeting between Larissa Dolphyne and Emmanuel Adamtey!” Diamond gasped mockingly.

Larissa took a sip from the tea she was drinking and narrowed her eyes at Diamond. “I hope you know I don’t mind letting the rest of this tea find its way down your dress if you tempt me.”

Diamond laughed out loud. “Oh, but Maa, it is! You were supposed to meet him a while back, but he didn’t show up. So this is the moment. That long-expected moment.”

Larissa shook her head as she downed the rest of her tea. “You are not a serious girl.” She walked out of the kitchen, Diamond continuing to laugh and follow her.

There was a knock on the gate as the two ladies stepped outside. “That must be Edem. Time for me to go,” Diamond said.

Larissa looked at her with a sly smirk on her face. “Edem, eh? He’s been frequenting this place quite often. You sure it’s mainly just business?”

“Oh Maa! I beg, it’s just business. He’s a nice guy, and a good friend. But please, it’s just business.”

“He’s a pretty cute business partner, though,” Larissa added, a mischievous glint in her eye.

“Maa!” Diamond protested, laughing. “I’m not looking at that for now. Let’s just get this business off the ground, then we’ll see what happens.”

“Ayoooo! If you insist, Madam Business First. Let’s go out to meet him.”

Edem, standing outside, leaning on the car, stood upright as the two ladies stepped out. He respectfully moved to greet Larissa, then asked Diamond if she was ready, to which she replied in the affirmative with a smile on her face.

“Alright, then. I’ll let Gracie handle the rest of the documentation during the week when I get to the office,” Larissa said as Diamond readied to join Edem in his car. “All the best, my love.”

“Thank you, Maa. Kisses!”

The Dolphyne Air Kiss followed.

“Why you so fine, ma?” Larissa asked sassily.

“Coz I got a fine ma!” Diamond replied with as much sass. They laughed as Larissa went back in, and Diamond got into the car.

“Don’t ask questions. It’s our thing,” she said in response to Edem’s puzzled look, smirking as she put on her seat belt. “Just be silent and drive, please. Na you and your long talks…”


“Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll need to add bags of sachet water now. Not everyone wants it in a bottle… yeah, that’s true… okay, Daddy… oh yeah, of course, I’ve been spreading the word around as much as I can. Squad is definitely interested. Smoothies and juices di33, it’ll be very popular here. If she gets a dispatch rider for campus, she’s good to go… of course, Daddy. Any time. Oh, by the way, how have the review meetings been going…”

As Toby busily listened to his father talk on the phone, filling him in about how work was, he looked at the ice chest in the corner and smirked.

Business was certainly going great. It just seemed like adding those bags would be extra helpful and bring in more customers. Maybe with time, he would consider adding something else. Like sobolo.

“Nice, nice… okay, Daddy. I’m just gonna go and read and prepare for my class at midday… no problem. Bye.”

As he put the phone by the side table, he looked at the books on his bed and groaned. It was sometimes annoying being one of the more clever students in that History course; so many people were almost dependent on him to help them, since their lecturers ended up leaving them more confused most of the time.

His following shrug, however, indicated how he really didn’t mind, though. After all, the aim was to manage to graduate. And if he could help his coursemates to pass their exams, there was nothing wrong. After all, if I play Mr. Selfish and help nobody and make it through all alone, wetin I gain? He’d always say to himself.

As he sat down and opened one of the books to begin, there was a knock on the door.

Another customer for him.

He jumped up and walked to the door and opened it.

It was the girl who had come a few days ago, when Kay-Bee was sharing his heartbreak story. She smiled at him and handed him a GHc5 note. “Five bottles, please.”

“Sure thing.” He took the note and moved to the ice chest, taking a polythene bag, opening the chest and taking out five bottles of water, putting them in the polythene bag. He walked to her, handing the bag over. “Here you go.”

She smiled as she took it. “Thank you, Mr…”

“Toby. Toby Dolphyne.”

“Nice. Anybody told you lately that you’re really cute?”

“Hehe, nope. Thank you, Miss…”

“Delphine Awittor.”

“Nice name, Delphine…”

He got distracted as he began to observe her, hoping to find something else to compliment her on. What his eyes beheld, however, had him wondering how he hadn’t noticed her properly the first time.

In a blue flowery jumpsuit, Delphine had some pretty devastating curves that were perfectly accentuated by her dress. His eyes moved from her pretty heavy bust to her hips, supremely curved. He found himself at a loss for words, mouth briefly agape.

Absent-mindedly, he murmured, “Damn, you so sexy.”

He snapped out of his trance a moment later, realizing she was still in front of him. “Oh! Oh crap… I’m sorry,” he stuttered, putting his hand over his face and shaking his head as he realized she most likely heard what he said. “I didn’t mean to do that…”

She stood there, a tiny smirk on her face. She simply gave a small “Hm” and walked away.

He shut the door, groaning to himself as he walked back to his desk. “Ugh! Tobias Nana Nyarko Dolphyne, what the hell was that? Chale! Man just messed up big time!”


“So, out of the fifty possible recipes, I’d say about half are plausible,” Akinyi said, taking notes on her little notepad as she and Kwame sat in the Uber on their way back from the aviation school he was attending. “I’ll continue to look out for the possibility of others being added, and if they can be prepared with high quality.”

“Great, great. I like the sound of that honey-tangerine smoothie, though. She should test it out and see how it goes.”

“Yeah. Sounds pretty interesting. Which of her recipes have you had? I’m in love with the pineapple-coconut one.”

“Watermelon. Pineapple-coconut. Apple-ginger. Now that third one is delightful to my taste buds. Whoosh! I am absolutely in love with it. She’s served that to quite a number of people, and they were all blown away.”

“Sweet! I’ll have to update my taste buds with that one. So far, so good. From the look of things, everyone is making progress at their end. Diamond is so blessed to have us as her team.”

“Oh, indeed. All things being equal, this smoothie trailer should up and running within the next three to four months.”

“Amen, amen,”Akinyi replied as she busied herself with making a comment on Instagram. “It’s so good to have a team that is all out for you. Look at us. You, me, Oscar, Toby, the Edem guy, her Naa friend… Diamond’s really got it made for her.”

“Oh yeah. You can just see how excited everyone is to be helping out. The new and the old. From her brothers and the bosom friend to you and Edem. Couldn’t be more fortunate, could she?”

“Yeah. And she has her parents behind her, too. I’ve been around for a short while, but I won’t lie, I am so proud of her and her ambitions. We all need to be encouraged in our quests to succeed. It’s unfortunate some people will prefer to hate and wish the worst for you for the dumbest of reasons, but forget them. Such people will always be exposed and disgraced.”

Kwame put his hands up. “Good Lord, the doll is preaching! Where’s the offering basket, please? This word hit me!”

She laughed and put her head on his shoulder. “Silly! Just speaking the truth. You get nothing profitable out of wanting someone to fail. I really don’t understand people who think that way.”

“It’s crazy. People have the most twisted minds out there in the world. Instead of getting encouragement from another’s success to find your own, you’d rather they stay down with you. Such nonsensical behaviour.”

Sad truth. But as Rudeboy said, thunder fire the person wey no want make we grow! Oh, by the way, you can send your offering to my Mobile Money account, however. Not less than 50 cedis will be accepted.”


“Serwaah?” Anasah said softly as he approached his sister, who sat at one of the benches on the school compound, tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it…”

“Oh, leave me alone!” she snapped, pushing his hand away. “You were laughing with them. Don’t come and worry me.”

She stormed off, leaving him alone, looking quite miserable.

One of their classmates, Sadeeq, ran to him, guffawing as he watched Serwaah stomp away. “Don’t mind her. Let her go. Na what we were saying, isn’t it true?”

Anasah glared at him. “No! They’re not true. So stop saying those things about her! She’s my sister. Stop saying them!”

He too pushed away Sadeeq’s arm off his neck and marched off in the other direction, leaving Sadeeq confused.

What’s going on between the twins? And that gaffe by Toby, I wonder what it’ll lead up to.

Well, this caps off State of Dabar’s 2019 activity! Blissful New Year in advance to you all, and we continue this journey in 2020! God bless!!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP3 – No Matter What

Another Friday is upon us, so it’s time for a new episode! As we saw last week, things went pretty dark with the Adamtey-Aniyah relationship, with the former raping the latter. The question is what’s gonna happen now that this has occurred. Well, we’ll see about that. And of course, see what’s going on in the Dolphyne household…

“I remember when we were in final year in the university. Your mother was not yet pregnant with you. This issue of investing for your childrens’ future came up at some group discussion. And many of the guys were like, no way. Na the way they’re hustling to make it through life, why should their children have it easy? They must suffer too. I did not agree with them at all. And as I speak, I’m glad I didn’t. Else I wouldn’t have opened that investment account for you, and you’d have had a huge burden by now.”

“Wow! Interesting,” said Diamond, seated beside her father.

He nodded. “Indeed. I mean, look at how money isn’t too big a problem now that you’re looking to do this smoothies business. All you need to do is work on the budget once you have all the information needed. It’s all about generational thinking. Chale, Africa will be a better place if we learn to help secure the generations ahead.”

“Indeed, Daddy. We need more of that. I guess we’ve not been taught that much about it, but sensitization on the issue is certainly necessary.”

“Of course. That’s why I’ve been advocating for more education on its importance at our meetings. The more we citizens are educated on these things, the more empowered we are.”

“Daddy! I’m ready!”

Serwaah entered the room with her tote bag, followed by her older twin.

Daniel turned to her. “Okayyyy! The dancing queen is ready now!”

She giggled and nodded.

“So Anas, you’ll be joining Diamond and I to check out the trailer for her smoothie business?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Alright. So, Serwaah, Diamond was around last week. Who’s passing by for your dancing lessons today, honey?”

“Kwame. He said he’ll come with Aki later on.”

An eyebrow rose. “I see. He seems to have bonded with that Kenyan girl so quickly and deeply. Is there anything we should know about?”

The three looked at Anasah. Of course, the family knew his knack for being up-to-date on current issues.

He laughed and shrugged. “I don’t know ooo. I think they’re besties or something. But I don’t know.”

“Besties. Me, I’ve heard those bestie bestie things, they can transform into something else ooo. Anyway, Inspector Bediako Junior has spoken,” Daniel announced as the kids laughed. “Alright, people, let’s get moving… wait. Anasah, what about this your big sister and that social media something something of hers?”

Diamond did the facepalm. “Daddyyyyyyy!! We’re just business partners, that’s all. And friends.”

The expression on Daniel’s face made it pretty obvious he doubted her. She giggled at his skeptical look.

“How again did you meet him?”

“That day I went to see Becky at her house, Serwaah and I were almost attacked by his dog on the way back home. He stopped it, then we got to talking, and he revealed he’s into social media management, and so I invited him on board. Purely business stuff, Daddy. Nothing more than that.”

“Well, whatever the case, here’s a reminder. For you and Serwaah. The boys that will come and fall for you and become your boyfriends eh, tell them they must needs go through the lions’ den. Remember ooo! They must needs go through the lions’ den!”

The children laughed once again.

“Alright, now we can go.”


“Oh, this cramp issue again?”

“Yes, Kwame. Been pretty bad this morning. But let’s see. Hopefully it’ll clear up by the time we’re to move. Addy’s gonna pass by soon to help me out.”

“Alright, alright. But this is worrying oo. And it’s not that time of the month for you?”


Wow. You said you’ve been tested for… what’s it again, that condition?”

“IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome. I should get the results in a couple of weeks, then I’ll know what to do. But I’m sure it’ll subside soon. I don’t want to be locked down by this. Very necessary that I see the baby Dolphyne do her thing.”

“Oh, you must. Come and see it for yourself that she is not your mate, so you can’t be sitting there thinking you have the ability to can her, when you cannot her.”

He grinned as she sighed over the phone and muttered, “Whatever, Kwame. whatever. At least I’m a dope spitter. Totally bested Edem last night.”

“Well, in terms of punchlines, yeah.”

“Ugh, you still holding that politically correct view?”

“But it’s true, lah! You two are crazy rappers. But when it comes to flow and cadence, Edem’s own just about beat yours. Not too surprising, considering what a huge Sark fan he is. Your wordplay though? Insane! Edem was not on your level. I mean, that double entendre you did with the misses/missus thing was… damn!”

“OK, Rap Martin Tyler, I’ve heard you.”

He laughed. “Oh, speaking of which, another gentle reminder: your fantasy team captain’s gonna mess you up. Just like last weekend.”

“May the gods of fantasy football put you to shame this weekend!”

He burst out laughing.


“How’s my beautiful sugar mummy doing this morning?” Oscar said brightly as he gave his mother a big peck on the cheek.

Larissa looked up at him from the couch suspiciously. “Young man, have you seriously finished your pocket money already?”

“Oh, Maa, why would I kiss you just because I need money? I just wanna show my sugarlicious lady some love this lovely morning, you know,” he responded innocently.

The sweet smile was hardly convincing Larissa, however, as she narrowed her eyes at him, silently demanding the truth out of him.

The sweet smile turned sheepish. He scratched his head. “Well, uh, I guess I… might have possibly run out of pocket money.”

“Oyiwa!” Larissa said aloud, giving him a look that spelled out ‘you see your life?’ “Well, sit down and let me watch the news. Then I’ll decide on what to do.”

Oscar silently obeyed, taking a seat on the other side of the couch. It was typical of her to ‘stretch’ the kids when they needed extra money from her. All you needed was patience; it would usually win you an extra 10 or 20 cedis.

He smirked, then started to sing, “Maa, don’t you know you’ll always be the most beautiful…”

“Hey hey hey hey! I didn’t ask you to sing. Keep quiet and let me watch the news,” Larissa retorted. The attempt to hide her swollen-headed smirk, however, didn’t go unnoticed by Oscar, who grinned mischievously. Not many things got Larissa as happy as Musiq’s “Dontchange”, which her husband sang for her at their twentieth anniversary.

Their expressions grew serious, however, upon seeing the topic for discussion on the breakfast show Larissa settled on.

“Ugh! Some of these stories just make my blood boil,” she said, shaking her head as the two journalists on screen discussed the recent rape of a young lady by two thugs on the run.

“Hmm. I read about it on the internet last night. The details are so disturbing,” Oscar added. “Horrific, to say the least. How are some people so wicked?”

They listened intently as the panelists dissected the issue. Then the head spoke.

“We have on the line Mr. Emmanuel Adamtey, CEO of the Voltage Office and outspoken politician…”

The two looked at the television in surprise. “Your darling Adamtey’s coming to speak about this?” Oscar asked incredulously. “What a surprise!”

“Ssshhhh, let’s see what he has to say about it,” Larissa hushed him as the journalist asked for his opinion on what ought to be done concerning the instant issue.

Well, I must say that I am very saddened by this issue, and I would encourage that the IGP ensure his men and women work assiduously to grab these filthy thugs. I mean, it’s absolutely horrifying when you listen to the details. They raped her, then beat her to a pulp afterwards. Look at how they stripped her of her humanity. Pardon my language, but only mindless beasts are capable of such a thing. I know we politicians can be extravagant with the language in these kind of situations sometimes, but in all honesty, I’m really traumatized by this. I can only imagine what her family is going through, hoping she makes it out of that coma. Nobody deserves to have their body violated. Nobody. No matter what.

“Once again, my personal plea is that the IGP takes this case very seriously. Whoever these monsters are need to be caught and dealt with according to the law. In any case, the past few years have proven what an incompetent and hopeless case we have for a President. He should at least get this one right before we can kick him out of power...”

Oscar and Larissa looked at each other, matching looks of exasperation at that last statement.

“Uh, Maa, correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s no need for the introduction of politics in this sensitive issue, is there?” he asked.

She simply shook her head. “To think this was gonna be the one interview of his I’d actually like. He was doing so well till he had to throw that jab. Especially with that one about no one deserving to be violated. Indeed. You’re one hell of a disgusting monster if you do that. Rapists, ugh, most despicable species on earth!”

She then quickly looked at the clock, then sprung to her feet. “Herh, I almost forgot I’m supposed to meet Mr. Adedeme and Akwetey Bruce this morning concerning the takeover of his business. Official talks begin after this weekend.”

“Oooooh, so you’re gonna be meeting your beloved politician from next week?”

She sighed out loud. “Yes. And I am soooooo looking forward to it.”

She walked away, then stopped. “Oh, by the way, check my drawer in the room. Where I keep my jackets. There should be an envelope in there. Take GHc100.”

Oscar sprung to his feet in glee. “Awwwwww! Maa, have I told you recently how much I love you?”

Larissa gave him that ‘you-see-your-life’ look again. “You just did.”

“Well, lemme repeat it again: I love you, Maa!”

“I love you too, baby boy. Now leave me alone. And stop engaging in tautology. It’s either ‘lemme repeat it’ or ‘lemme say it again.'”


If you don’t know, and you go and say it anywhere that Emmanuel Adamtey has raped you, eh… trust me, within 24 hours of that mistake, you’ll find yourself cursing your birth date.

Idiot! I need satisfaction, and you’re there flexing. Why else did I come after you? Kwasia!

These cruel words reverberated around Aniyah’s mind as she sat in the bathtub, shivering violently and crying as she struggled to come to terms with the awful events of last night.

After attempting to use the water in the tub to clean herself when she got in, she pulled the plug out, and simply sat in, trembling and weeping as Adamtey’s despicable actions replayed in her head.

She had never expected it would get to this. She knew he was no incarnation of Mother Teresa. In fact, she knew he was pretty much the opposite. Foul-mouthed, unfriendly, selfish, nasty.

But she never thought that what was supposed to be an aggressive and often-antagonistic politician had that evil, malicious side to him. She never thought that he would actually be…

…a rapist.

Yeah, as expected. She’s traumatized. And the absolute nerve and hypocrisy of Adamtey!! Sigh. Well, we wait to see. And other plots will soon be taking shape; be watchful for those. In the meantime, have a merry Christmas!! Enjoy the festivities as much as you can before we meet again next week!!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP2 – Violare

Another Friday is here, so we’re back to business!! Now we get to see what’s up with the likes of Diamond and Toby. And like I mentioned, something major might be coming up. Let’s get into it!

“We’re in, and we got the pizza!” Aki announced as she opened the door to the Dolphyne house, her arms in the air as she walked triumphantly towards the squad seated in the living room. Behind her was Kwame, holding two pizza boxes.

“Great, you guys are in. so we can get this meeting-,” Diamond started, holding up the TV remote to turn it off. Until Adina’s ‘Sika’ music video came on. Which had her, Akinyi and Naa Shormeh screaming in excitement.

“Turn that volume up, Diamond!” Akinyi squealed enthusiastically, which was actually a moot demand, as Diamond had already increased the volume up and was already on her feet, ready to groove to the song, along with the other girls.

“Odo yɛ dɛ sen sika, odo yɛ dɛ sen bibiaa, enti Mr. Otua, show me something deeper!” the three ladies sang out in unison, super deep into the song. The boys sat around, amused by the excitement, but nodding their heads as the song progressed. Oscar in particular was singing along, while Edem and Kwame nodded their heads.

“Oh, Lord, I needed that,” Diamond said when the video ended.

“I know, right! That’s my song for the moment, chale!” Naa Shormeh responded enthusiastically as she took her seat in the sofa next to Oscar.

“Ugh, it’s so good. I wish I could put a verse on it,”Akinyi whined as she took a seat next to Kwame.

“Speaking of verses, our battle commences after this meeting,” Edem announced. “Time to lay down my Who Da Man bars! I got some ogya in my lungs; get ready to be singed!”

“Bring it on, Mr. Sark Stan,” Akinyi responded. “But be forewarned: you underestimate this cutie at your own peril.”

Ummm… Alright, guys, we’ll get to that at the appropriate time. Let’s get this meeting started. So we’ve been making some major headway, and things are looking good,” Diamond said, remaining on her feet. “So, as you all know, especially Naa Shormeh, I’ve been doing my research on the business, and I had you all helping out with those questionnaires and stuff just to ascertain the possibilities. So far, so good. Smoothie and fruit juice bar it is!”

A chorus of cheers followed in response.

“So, here’s some good news. My search for a trailer is complete, so I’ll be working on completing payment and all. My mother, the champion solicitor she is, is taking care of the paperwork. Incorporation, employee manual, licensing, all that stuff. Tomorrow, I’m going to check out various conducive spots for the business.

“There’s been a little blip, though. Becky told me just this afternoon that her boy who was planning the healthy foods business has pulled out. From what she said, it looks like he counted the cost and decided he’d rather not go ahead with it.”

“Oh, chale,” Shormeh said, “so the joint thing isn’t coming on?”

“For the moment, nope. Becky was saying there are some other options, though. Since I’m now starting out, she suggested I join the business to an existing healthy foods business, or find someone else who is willing to partner up. If those don’t work, I might have to go solo. So since I have a lot on my hands, I’m letting you handle that. You’re familiar with the business plan and all, so…”

“Not a problem, Dee.”

“Alright, then. So Edem and Oscar are still on the social media thingy, and I trust that’s running smoothly so far.”

“Yes, Diamond. The teasers so far are garnering attention. The way Edem’s managed to do it should be enough to hold people over while you settle the joint thingy,” Oscar replied.

“Thank God for that. I must say, I’m grateful to you all for helping out with these little tasks. This business is not a joke at all, and your input in reducing the pressure on me is totally appreciated. Soooo… I think Aki and Kwame are handling the extra research on the menus, right?”

The two nodded. “We don’t want to stress you out, but I’m sure having a pretty big menu would set you apart from the others. Having a large number of varieties,” Akinyi said.

“Of course, once you manage to get others on board with the needed skills, maybe you can look at what can be done. We’re taking into account the ingredients needed, and their availability on the market as well,” Kwame added. “There’s one colleague of mine at the aviation school who’s up-to-date on that, so we’re covered.”

“Great, great. Honestly, y’all are amazing. Even at this stage, look at how you’re going all out for me. Y’all are the best,” Diamond gushed delightedly, to the response of awwws and youre-welcomes.

“I believe I speak for the other siblings when I say we’re looking forward to this, considering how great you’ve been at creating those smoothies. I have no doubt this ambition of yours is gonna succeed,” Oscar said. “That forehead deserves global recognition, anyways.”

Diamond shot him an evil look as the others laughed. “Watch yourself, young man. I’m the daughter of a lawyer with world-class savagery, and I can definitely tap from that well and give it to you.”

“Ha! As if that savage lawyer isn’t my mother. Like we’ll ‘detty’ each other all night.”

“Ummm, we can eat all the pizza while we watch you guys have a go at each other, right?” Edem asked innocently.

Diamond’s evil glare immediately fell upon him. “Gentleman, you’ve never been stung by a scorpion before. Don’t let this be your first time!”

Edem held up his hands in mock surrender as the others laughed. “Sorry, mi lady. I won’t try.”

“Good. Alright, people. Reporting time! Time to let us know the full details, so we know the next moves!”

“And after that, y’all get to watch me beat Edem in the rap battle!” Akinyi added cheekily, drawing groans and eye rolls from the others.


“Ah, seriously? So you then Kwartemaa no dey again?” Toby asked in disbelief.

“Nah, chale. The girl give plenty excuses. Ɛna, she doesn’t think this is going in the right direction, she needs to find herself, it’s not me, it’s her…”

“Yieeeee! That last statement be killa pass! It’s not you, it’s me. Ahba!”

“Chale, Toby. Ibi today wey I shake myself, talk my body sey I no for kill myself over woman. Like three days this, man make basaa! Boy! I no go lie you, the studying then the hustling all, na ibi Kwartemaa I dey think about. Chale, I dey see am for my future then things. Now, suddenly. Out of nowhere. The girl say make we end am. Herh! The way my heart pain me these past three days, I never see some before!”

“Oh, chale, Kay-Bee. Kafra, wai.”

His next door neighbour in the hostel had come over to his room and shared his pretty devastating tale of how his girlfriend of about a year had broken up with him.

He had seen them together a number of times. They looked great together; Kay-Bee was a pretty good-looking guy, and Kwartemaa a very sweet-looking chic. One thing he admired about them was how they weren’t like most of the couples in the hostel, who got loud and busy most of the time when there were visits.

Makes my little infatuation with Nnenna look so trivial and silly, to be honest.

He had recovered from that little disappointment and moved on. After that tough love talk from Kwame, he had realized that brooding over her was pretty much a waste of time. They had spoken just once, and it was ridiculous to remain so emotionally attached to someone he barely knew, and who barely knew him, much less have interest in him.

He had started a little bottled water selling business upon the commencement of the new academic year. With an ice chest and a constant supply of ice, it was running smoothly so far. At least, he had a substantial number of people coming around to buy the water.

It was this evening that Kay-Bee decided to pass by and get one for himself. And ended up informing Toby of his heartache.

“Then times I dey see the heartbreak stories for Twitter, I go laugh saaa. Saa na inobi joke. Chale!”

“Hmmm, Kay-Bee. Love diɛɛ, ibi serious matter oo…”

A knock on the door followed.

Toby sprung up and walked to the door and opened it.

A light-skinned girl stood before him. “This is where the bottled water is sold, right?”

“Yes, please.”


“Voltic, Special Ice, Awake…”

“Oh, let me buy Awake, then. 5 bottles, please.”

“No problem. That’ll be 5 cedis.”

She handed over the note to him, and he immediately moved to the ice chest and took out 5 bottle of Awake drinking water, taking a polythene bag nearby and placing them in before handing it over to her.

“Thank you very much!” she said sweetly.

“You’re welcome.” He closed the door and turned to his neighbour, who was still taking time to wrap his mind around his heartbreak.

“Herh! Roselyn Nana Akua Adepa Kwartemaa Acheampong! The way I make my mind sey you go be my one and only wey you do me like this. Hmmm, inobi notin. God dey.”

Toby sighed.


A bag of Doritos by her side, Aniyah reached into it and took a few chips, munching on them as she watched reruns of America’s Next Top Model.

Living in a small but plush house with just two bedrooms, she was pretty comfortable with her shelter, which had been fully financed by one of her previous lovers. As long as she was far from her parents, where she could live her life as she pleased, she was fine.

She turned the bag over to take up the fragments of the remaining Doritos when she heard a banging on the door. Placing the contents in her mouth, she frowned as the person impatiently banged.

“I’m coming, lah! Ah, do you want to break down my door?” she snapped as she grabbed her morning coat to cover herself and rushed to the door to unlock it, ready to give the person a good blasting.

Upon the unlocking of the door, the person behind the door pushed roughly and forced his way into the house.

It was Adamtey. The last person she wanted to see.

“Look, what is the meaning of all this nonsense? Since I returned, you’ve refused to return any of my calls or respond to my messages. What sort of rubbish is that? Don’t you know at this point I’m in need of it?” he snapped as he stormed into the living room.

Aniyah, rushing after him, came to stand before him and looked him up and down, a total look of disgust on her face. “You have some nerve coming to this house, you know that? After those insulting words, coupled with the way you sacked me from the office, you think I’ll happily skip to your place and open up my legs for you? You are mad! Please, I don’t want to have anything to do with you! Leave this house right now!”

“Now listen to me,” Adamtey started, his index finger in her face, “what happened that morning was never a break up thing. I was simply putting you in your place. I still need it from you. And when I need it, I expect you to show up and let me have it.”

“Ugh! You really are mad! Such rubbish! Am I a sex toy to you? This body is mine, and it’s my choice who gets to enter my holiest place. I let you in when I wanted to, and now I say, you can’t get in no more. You don’t own me, Adamtey! Now get the hell out of my house!”

Adamtey looked amused. “After entering there many times, you now want to bar me from getting in? Do I look like a joke to you?”

“Well, if it looks like one, spews crap like one and thinks like one, it certainly has to be one. You most definitely are a joke if you think you can insult my very existence and expect me to come running back to you. You do not get to do that to me, then expect I’ll willingly be at your beck and call. You don’t!”

Adamtey took a deep breath, then exhaled, rubbing his temple as he spoke. “Listen, woman. We can be civil and gentle about this, alright? Now, please. Forget about whatever happened in the past. I’ve been horny for weeks, and it’s only you that can satisfy me. Please, I need it. Will you let me in?”

Aniyah put on a look of mock flattery. “Oh my goodness, I have an amazing fruit downstairs! Why, thank you, Mr. Adamtey, I’m so honoured my p**** is so sweet, it keeps you coming back for more. Guess what, though? I’d rather give it to a man who at least has a bare minimum level of respect for me. Which is something you sorely lack. Not that it’s surprising, though; I mean, you barely have respect for anyone. So hell no! If you need it, go drive around the red light district areas. Now get the f*** out of my house and close the door behind you.”

With that, she turned away from him.

He grabbed her arm roughly, and turned her back to face him. “Listen here, woman. I am not playing with you. You think I masturbated off your pics for nothing? You think I ignored all the sluts I came across in New Jersey for nothing? You think I left my office just for you to display like this? Stop playing foolish games and let me have it. I need it, and I need it now!”

She grew scared as she noted the psychotic glint in his eyes. The way he was getting rough was pretty frightening. “Let me go, Adamtey. Stop hurting me,” she groaned as his grip grew tighter with her efforts to break free.

“Then quit f***ing around with me. Take me to your room, take your clothes off and let me have my moment.”


“Look, are you listening to me at all? Let me have it, goddamn it!”

“No! Leave me alone!”



With that, she spat in his face.

In quickfire succession, Adamtey’s hand was raised, and in a matter of milliseconds, it made heavy contact with Aniyah’s face.

It took her by surprise so bad, she ended up sprawled on the floor, slightly dazed by the painful impact. He stood over her, a dark look on his face.

“Well, if you’re not going to let me have it, then I might as well take it by force.”

It took a little over ten seconds for Aniyah to figure out what that meant. By that time, however, Adamtey was over her, reaching for her morning coat to tear it off.

She struggled to push him off, but in return, two more heavy slaps were received. His palm happened to be pretty tough, so those slaps rendered her quite numb. She lay there in a state of blankness, too weak to defend himself.

Too weak to resist as he ripped off her morning coat.

Too glazed to prevent him from tearing off her bra.

Too weak to kick him off as he pulled off her shorts and tore off her panties.

Too weak to fight as he pulled down his trousers and, with a fierce passion, forced himself upon her…

Dark turning point, chale! Looks like Adamtey is more than just a belligerent politician. He’s got an unpleasant side to him. How is this gonna play out over the course of the season? Well, you gotta stick around to find that out!

*Kafra, wai – Sorry, okay

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP1 – Dolls, Sixes & Rejects

...annnnnnndddddddd, we’re back!!!!!!! 🙌🙌🎉🎊

Time to get back to business with Daniel, Larissa and their five kids. Including the cousin from Canada, Mr. Nasty Politics and his paramour. As has been stated previously, this season got some work in it. Take season 1 as an introduction; this is where the juice is at! Oh, and there are some new characters you’re gonna meet this time around…

Well, no need to prolong it too much. All I will say is that if this is your first time here, you definitely ought to get introduced properly, so find your way there, and get familiar.

Let’s get into it, y’all! A new season begins!!

Awww, how cute!”


“Addy. Addy was just gazing at him. The look on her face was so adorable. She really likes him.”

“Hehe, yeah.”

Kwame was seated at the back of the church, observing as the choir rehearsed for next Sunday’s service. Seated next to him, noticing the way Adelaide was casting glances at Oscar while on stage, was the newest girl in town, with whom he had struck up an instant close friendship.

Miss Akinyi Mwita.

A Kenyan young lady who was 24, but had a physique so cute, it would be easy to mistake her for a 16 year old. What she lacked in size, however, she more than made up for with her generally extroverted disposition. A self-professed ‘fun-loving, high-spirited, sometimes-tomboyish Luo doll’, she had been in Ghana for about a month, and upon joining the church where the Dolphynes worshipped, it didn’t take long for her infectiously affable nature to endear her to many.

Particularly Kwame, who was now pretty much her bestie.

“So they’ve made it official or something? She’s yet to say anything to me about it,” she asked as Kwame sat up.

He shook his head. “Nah. Talking stage, or something like that. He still needs some time after the whole Barbara spectacle.”

“Oh yeah. That was a pretty low point for him, wasn’t it?”

“It was. I mean, it was bad enough that I had to hear that silly girl and her bitchy friend insult him like that. But Lord knows I wanted to smash the crap out of them with a baseball bat when Oscar told me what happened. Ah! When he went to meet the Barbara girl afterwards, she brought her Maku friend, and they rained all kinds of insults on him.”

Akinyi put a hand over her mouth. “Oww!”

“Yes! They said he’s a world-class loser, a jon boy, a lame ass, among other things, and that even if there was no other man on earth, he wouldn’t even make it on her supplementary list. Oh, all sorts of nasty talk, just disgracing the boy. I didn’t have good vibes about her the first day we met, but this really angered me.

“I can imagine. I mean, if you don’t like him, just tell him you’re not interested. Being all nasty and stuff is so immature.”

“It’s that her stupid friend kraaa that annoys me, with that her face like a rotten watermelon. Making more noise than Barbara. Stupid elephant like her! Nonsense!”

“Whoa, easy there, gentleman! Watch your language,” Akinyi said, patting his shoulder.

“Hmmm, Aki, I was mad papa. It was he who told me to calm down and let it go, that he’ll just ignore her from now onwards. Serwaah too came and saw me angry, and started calming me down. Family peacemaker as always.”

“Awwww, how sweet! I love that little girl, you know. She just exudes so much sweetness and innocence.”

“Oh yeah. The baby Dolphyne. The way she calmed me down, then consoled Oscar and told him not to mind her was too precious. She’s such a sweetheart, that little princess of ours. Just don’t step on the floors she’s mopped. That’s one way to get on her bad side. The evil look alone…”

Akinyi laughed. “Can you blame her? I get pissed myself when people do that.”

“Yeah, I guess. But I won’t lie, though, the four months I’ve spent back home with the Dolphynes has been awesome. I’ve never been able to enjoy that big family thing before, you know, with being an only child, and my mother passing. That family has their moments, like how the boys especially can be a little too secretive, but, I love them.”

“Me too! The guys are so awesome. Oscar, Toby, Anasah. The ladies, all so amazing. Sweet little Serwaah. My beautiful tree Diamond. And Mrs. Larissa. Oh my God, that woman! I still get starstruck upon seeing her sometimes.”

Kwame laughed. “Yeah, Auntie Lari is a queen. No two ways about that. So sweet-hearted and loving, too. Just don’t get on her bad side. She will rip you up. Same with Uncle Danny. They’ve really managed to get that balance on being strict and loving.”

“And they’re so beautiful together!” Aki sighed, a dreamy expression on her face. “The absolute definition of marriage goals.”

“Oh, indeed. Twenty plus years, and they can’t get enough of each other. Just like how I’ve loved apple juice for years and still can’t get enough of it.”

Akinyi rolled her eyes. “Be serious, Kwame. And speaking of juice, you know we have to move in the next 10 minutes, right? The pizza for that meeting with Diamond later tonight concerning her upcoming business?”

“Oh, right, right. Got it. Ten minutes, then we move. Let’s hear Addy kill that Christy Nockels song first. I get the chills when she gets to that Hallelujah bridge…”


“… so when I saw the news article on Facebook, I was like ‘ahhh, Lari’s wish has finally come to pass!’ Now the Non-Custodial Sentencing Bill has been assented.”

“Oh, you know it, Danny. I mean, in all the time I was working at the Attorney-General’s Department, that was one thing I kept hoping for. Because it’ll help our criminal justice system papa. Danny, the kind of overcrowding in the prisons is not pretty. And it’s not like the judges can do what they like; they have to abide by the law. So most of the time, it’s either prison or a fine, and for the latter, if they fail to pay, it’s prison. So chale, this will make things better.”

Daniel nodded. “Indeed. Not every offence has to lead to jail time. The likes of community service will certainly help out.”

The Dolphyne couple were out on one of their regular outings. Seated in a private restaurant, they were busily discussing legal issues, particularly the assent to the Non-Custodial Sentencing Bill, which was a topic Larissa had given a talk on at the most recent Bar Conference.

“Exactly. Chale, Ghana needs a lot of cleaning up. If we have prisoners doing that, it’ll help. And they’ll learn sense too, hopefully. Prison diɛɛ, it should be for the ones who commit crimes that warrant such a punishment.”

Daniel nodded. “But you know, I still get baffled by some of these stories. Like some teenage boy bi sentenced to 20 years in an adult prison for stealing ten cedis. I mean, how, baby, how?”

“Hmmmm. That story still bosts my mind. Because it was so wrong on so many levels. As to why the complainant insisted on having the boy prosecuted is incredible. Ten cedis? Come on! And yeah, he was tried in the Circuit Court since he did it with an adult. But after he was found guilty, he should have been taken to the Juvenile Court for sentencing! For him to be sentenced by that judge is just inexcusable in our criminal jurisprudence. Totally inexcusable.”

“Hmmm. Ɛyɛ asem ooo.”

“For real, chale. Excuse me for a minute, Danny. Gotta go to the washroom.”

As she rose up, Daniel gave her a pretty naughty up-and-down look, loving the sight of her in the sunflower dress she had bought a few weeks after Diamond got hers. “Damn, I got a hot wife. Just look at you, babe.”

“Danny, behave yourself,” she retorted playfully as she walked away.

With her off to the washroom, Daniel took his phone and responded to some WhatsApp messages.

He was busy responding to one question posed on his Augusco Old Boys WhatsApp group when he heard a voice.

“Hey, Daddy.”

He looked up to find a young woman, wearing a short strapless rose sequin dress, standing by him, a very suggestive look on her face, as she bit her lower lip, her eyes fixed on him.

He raised an eyebrow. “Umm… who are you, young lady?”

“Only the sexiest lady you’ve ever seen in your life,” she purred, clearly ready to seduce him. She put her hand on his shoulder.

Daniel smiled and shook his head while taking her hand off. “Umm, actually, no. you’re not.”

The young lady seemed rather taken aback by that. “Wh-wh-what do you mean?”

“I mean, yes, you’re dressed to kill right now, and any man wouldn’t deny how steamy you look right now. But to me, you’re not the sexiest woman I’ve ever set my eyes upon. I already saw the one who holds that title tonight. So, whatever it is you seem to have for me, it’s a no, please.”

The young lady looked genuinely confused at this point. “You-you dunno what you’re talking about. A woman sexier than me? You don’t see all this…”

Just then, Larissa appeared. As she walked towards the table, Daniel’s eyes were fixed in her direction. The young lady followed the direction of his gaze and upon seeing Larissa, sucked her breath in.

“Hey boo, I’m done,” Larissa said as she arrived at the table, her eyes on the young lady, who visibly squirmed at her hard glare. “Anything the matter, young lady?” she asked.

She shook her head. “N-n-n-no, no, please. I was, uh, just…”

Daniel gave her a little wave. “See what I mean? Have a good night, miss.”

Quite red-faced at this point, she briskly walked off.

“What the hell was that all about?” Larissa asked, the jealousy too obvious to cover up.

“Just one rare episode of ‘Not Every Man Is A Don Draper’, baby,” Daniel responded with a sigh. “The girl thinks she’s the hottest woman I’ve ever set my eyes upon. Clearly trying to make a move on me. Not knowing I’m looking at the rightful holder of that title right now and as such am not the least bit interested.”

Larissa chuckled, his statement extinguishing the little fire, although she attempted to keep a hard gaze on him.

“But hot damn, Lari, you are looking so irresistible tonight. I’m not even joking!”

“Danny!” she scolded, her attempts at a stern look failing as his flirtatious compliments broke down her defences as usual and she began to smile and look away.

“No seriously. Like, you’ve got me thinking out loud. Hehe. It’s been a while since I did something special to you. Did it to you in your 20s, did it to you in your 30s. Now I think it’s time you get served in the 40s. What do you say? Let’s talk about six, baby!

Larissa blushed as it occurred to her what he meant.

“Ohhhh! Herh, Danny!”


Aniyah stormed to her car, super embarrassed at how that had gone down. As she stood by her car, she was fuming at how effortlessly she had been rebuffed; not often did it happen, and she hated it when it did happen.

Calming herself down, she shook her head as she recounted the big beauty that had approached the table, turning out to be the handsome man’s wife. She couldn’t deny it, that woman was pure gold. “I know I’m hot, but damn, I gotta admit, that woman’s quite a bombshell,” she murmured to herself.

Just then, she felt a vibration in her bag. She opened it up and took the phone out. The caller ID on the screen made her curl her lips in disgust.

Emmanuel Adamtey.

After those nasty words the last time they met, it had been a while. She discovered a few days later that he had travelled out of the country for a while, and would be away for about a month. Of course, no word from him concerning that, but she cared less.

He had returned two weeks ago, and had been calling and texting her, informing her of his desire for some intense sessions. She had ignored him, still hurt deeply by all he had said.

Not that she never had disagreements with some of her past lovers, but she couldn’t remember being grossly disrespected by any of them the way Adamtey had. From that moment onwards, she knew she wanted nothing to do with him. No matter how good sex was with him, it wasn’t worth the utter disdain he had shown her.

She had considered the prospect of letting his secret life out to the public, but decided against it. With his political position and all, she felt it would be twisted into a political argument and at the end, the disgrace she’d want upon him would be futile. She decided it was better to forget him and act like they had never been intimate in the first place.

She had had a few flings, but she wanted a new sugar daddy. Which was the reason why she was around that evening. One who would at least treat her the way a human being ought to be treated. She thought she had found the perfect one, but obviously, he was nowhere near interested.

She pressed the reject button.

“Rubbish! After telling me I’m nothing and that you can finish my whole family, you now want to get your stick in between my legs. Idiot!”

She looked around, shrugged and opened her car door.

“Oh well, the search continues tomorrow. Let me go catch up on some Top Model episodes and get some sleep,” she said to herself as she got into the car, switched on the engine and drove off.


The number you are calling is busy. Please call back later. The number you are call-

He pressed the end call button angrily and slammed the phone on the table.

“Goddamnit, what the hell is wrong with her!! I’m tired of this nonsense already!”

Well, Adamtey is not happy. I wonder what’s going to happen next… I guess next week will give us the answer. No spoiler, but… it’s probably gonna be a stunner. As for the rest of the Dolphynes, we’ll catch up with them next week. Stay tuned!!

*Ɛyɛ asem oo – It’s a problem

Where's My Little Boy

Where’s My Little Boy? Pt 7

Now that the boy has been found, it’s time for this little story to end…

“Oh, chale, so two of the kiddies die?” Illiasu asked.

Azah nodded sadly. “Yeah oo. Ibi sad. I no know which kind spirit go enter the driver make he flip over the truck like that.”

“Chale, that thing ankasa, ibi wickedness of the highest degree. Sey you go kidnap kiddies then take them go some far place then force them to work. Ah! Why?” Johnson added passionately.

“I shock. Ibi greed, chale. All because of money, you dey break up happy families then sell poor vulnerable kiddies to some cruel masters. God go punish all those them dey do that thing. Abi He start sef?” Stringazy declared.

“Oh, He start kraaa. See how them barb Jozi. So them all go fall!” Johnson continued to voice out.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, and as usual, this little quartet was just hanging around, engaging in chit-chat. The news of Jozi’s accident, arrest and incoming prosecution had not taken long in spreading around town, and it took many by surprise. While some people chose to believe it was simply a case of ‘Ghanaians bringing down their own’ and speculated that he had been framed, many others were stunned and horrified that a successful young man like him would delve into such dastardly trades.

In making the announcement of his arrest, the police had chosen to keep the identity of the boys a secret, so as to prevent them from being victimized. Although they had not been formally informed about this, they deciphered that such was the reason why they had barely heard from the men in blue.

And as far as they were concerned, that was really not something to be bothered about. They were just happy to know they managed to help somebody out.

“But the way people shock give am eh, not easy. My old man insult am roff! He say he no dey understand the guy. How you get booming business wey you dey dabble in child trafficking. He just shock,” Illiasu said.

“Not just you ooo,” Azah added. “Those my two aunties at the end of this lane. Monday evening, come see condemnation! No be small thing!”

The boys laughed. They knew those aunties of Azah to be pretty quick in lambasting acts of the youth they considered reprehensible and unacceptable.

“So by now di33, he dey cells, right?”

“If them no bail am out by now, yeah. But chale, he mess up. The blastings he dey receive no be without merit. It was never necessary to do this,” Stringazy said.

“At all. Just do your normal thing. Ahaa, Stringazy, so Maa Adwoa say what?” Johnson asked.

Stringazy grinned. The mere mention of the name made his face light up. “Chale, her mind dey. Her mind dey kraaa. I know sey she go give me good answer soon…”

He was interrupted by the vibration in his pocket. His phone was ringing.

He took it out and saw an unfamiliar number, which Truecaller revealed to be the number of one ‘Sgt Jahara’.

His heartbeat increased upon seeing that. He had no recollection whatsoever of giving his number to the man. “Chale, Sergeant Jahara dey call ooo!” he hissed to the others, who grew silent as he answered. “Uh, h-hello, Sir?”

They might have been of immense help to the police, but that didn’t make the sergeant less intimidating to them.

“Ebenezer Dadzie! How are you doing?” the sergeant’s booming voice came through, sending chills down his spine.

“Fine, sir. Fine,” he stuttered.

“Good. I need you and your friends at my station as soon as possible. Be quick about it!”

“Y-y-y-yes, sir! Yes, sir! I-I-I’ll let them know. R-right away,” he answered obediently.

As he hung up, he looked at his squad. “Chale, the man say make we come the station.”


There was a knock on the door of the small office on the left side of the entrance to the police station.

“Come in!”

The door opened, and in stepped the quartet: Azah, Illiasu, Stringazy and Johnson.

Sergeant sat at a desk, and in front of him sat a man who looked like he was in his late 30s. Standing next to him was a little boy with his arm in a sling, looking excited despite having one good arm at that moment.

It didn’t take long for the boys to guess who that was.

It was little Benji and his father.

“Young men, meet little Benjamin Bart-Plange. The boy you helped save from the clutches of Jozi and Jerry James. One of them, at least. And this is Mr. Robert, his father. Sir, these are the youngsters who helped to find your son.”

Robert turned and smiled at the quartet, who looked delighted to meet him. One by one, they extended a hand to shake his as they formally introduced themselves.

“Reuben Johnson, sir.”

“Mohamed Illiasu.”

“Francis Azah.”

“Ebenezer Dadzie.”

“A pleasure to meet you all, boys,” Robert said, his face beaming with smiles. “Benji, these are the boys who helped the police to catch the bad guys that took you away. Say hello to them,” he ordered his son gently.

Benji responded by waving at the boys, a cute little smile while shyly saying hello. They responded with waves of their own.

“Well, obviously, there’s one reason why I’m here, and that’s to thank you guys so much for what you did. God knows how grateful I am to you all for the part you played in helping to find my boy. It was only a couple of days, but Lord have mercy, it felt like 50 years waiting and hoping for the best. Absolute torment. If it hadn’t been for you guys, my life would be in shambles, chale. I lost my wife a few years back, so losing him would have made me snap.”

The sergeant and the boys looked taken aback by the mention of his wife.

“Woow,” Azah gasped, shaking his head. “Then we really helped you out.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Johnson murmured in agreement. “Herh. The thought of it alone just gives me chills. Lose your wife, then son. Chale! I’d go mad myself.”

“Well, thanks be to God you guys were where you were,” Sergeant Jahara said. “It could have ended differently if it hadn’t been the case. And I guess it’s been a lesson for me, personally.”

Turning to Robert, he continued, “You know, to be very honest, these gentlemen in front of you are not exactly shining role models in this part of town. I’ve had some misgivings with them. Serious misgivings, in fact. So I pretty much wrote them off. But I guess this whole saga has taught me not to cast people aside like that. You don’t know who God can use to help others.”

“Oh, indeed,” Robert agreed, nodding his head. “We can’t tell who will be of immense help to us at the time we need it most.”

“Very true. Gentlemen!” Sergeant Jahara said, turning to the boys once more. “For obvious reasons, we can’t put your identities out there. This trafficking ring thing is more deadly, and the last thing we need is for you guys to be hunted and victimized. But officially, I want to say, congratulations for helping us to save this little man’s life. And the lives of the surviving two young ones. You boys did a fantastic job, and I must say, I’m proud of you all.”

The faces of the quartet beamed with delight. If you had told them they would receive high praise from a strict and stern-looking officer like P/W Sergeant Derek Jahara, they would have laughed hard at you and suggested you were overdosed on Tramadol. But here it was, right before them: a Sergeant Jahara giving them a pleased look and words of commendation.

They all saluted. “Thank you, Sir.”

“So Mr. Robert will take your numbers and you’ll get your reward later on. And hey, if any of you think you want to join us here to help take down more of the criminals in society, you can let me know. You never know. You might just have found your way to your calling,” he ended with a shrug.

They smiled among themselves. They may not have ever considered joining the police force, but maybe after taking down these bad guys, it was something they could begin to think about.

Azah in particular looked especially interested. “We’ll give it some thought and get back to you, sir. It’s certainly an offer I will personally love to take.”

And that’s a wrap, people!! Robert’s little boy returned safe and sound, bad guys will be dealt with, and the young boys will be rewarded. Satisfying conclusion! Now let’s get ready for season 2 of Meet The Dolphynes!!

Where's My Little Boy

Where’s My Little Boy? Pt 6

The final month of 2019 is upon us already! Chale, time goes so quickly, doesn’t it? Well, all glory be to God for taking us through the year. It’s not been easy, but He’s been good…

Little piece of info for y’all: 25th June is SOD’s birthday. My baby growing, ain’t she?

Well… something nasty happened at the end of part 5. Are the traffickers and victims OK? Let’s see…

It was 11:28 pm when Robert’s phone rang.

Still struggling to get a peaceful, uninterrupted bout of sleep, Robert was lying on the couch when his ringtone blared loud. He sprung up and immediately grabbed the phone, ready to answer and unload all the questions he had on his mind.

He hesitated a bit, though. As anxious as he was, he felt maybe he needed to take his time and let the man speak. Flooding his questions on the superintendent wouldn’t better or worsen what he had to say.

His right hand shivering, he pressed the green button and answered, “Hello?”

“Mr. Bart-Plange… I need you to come over to the station as soon as possible. Your son has been found…”

“OH MY GOD, YES!!” Robert screamed with delight, punching the air with his free fist. Relief coursed through his veins with that statement. Oh, the joy! The euphoric joy!

“So is he with you right now? Can I speak to him? Is he OK?”

The excitement had him going back on his earlier decisions as he unloaded excited enquiries on the superintendent.

“Calm down, Mr. Bart-Plange.”

The response from him brought back the unease in Robert’s insides. He went mute, wondering what was next.

“Your son was found in the possession of a notorious child trafficker. A team apprehended he and an accomplice at the Kpone Police Barrier, but things took a bit of an unpleasant turn…”


“Oh God, oh dear God, please don’t let my son die,” he whispered to himself as he sat in the backseat with Nana, as Superintendent Larbi drove to the hospital where all the inhabitants of the truck had been admitted.

The superintendent shook his head. “It’s incredible. Just when we managed to find ourselves a step ahead of him, this happens.”

“Sooo… any word yet since the team last contacted you, SP?” Nana asked, his arm around his friend who had his eyes shut in prayer, begging God to spare the life of his son.

“Not yet. All we know is that the Jerry James guy passed on the way to the hospital. Suicide.”

“Oh wow!”

“Yep. According to DSP, after the team rushed in to retrieve those in the car, there was a sickening cutting sound they heard. Somehow, he grabbed a broken piece of glass and slit his throat before he was taken out. Didn’t make it.”

“Good Lord! Ei!”

“Hmmm. Some of these criminals eh. It’s like they’ll rather kill themselves than be captured. It’s crazy.”

“What about the other guy?”

“No word on his condition yet. None concerning the children either. Information given to me was that it seems pretty serious, though. Our hope is that they all survive. We need them all.”

“Hmmm, we pray so. But honestly, it sounds like it was intentional. Like he deliberately made that sharp turn just to flip the truck over. What kind of evil people do we have on this planet? Ei! Wicked and unreasonable men for real.”

“Chairman, this world has so many of them. Human beings who won’t blink at the opportunity to hurt another person. No matter how vulnerable they are. My brother, it’s amazing.”

“So-so, they were going to sell them off?” Robert asked quietly.

“Yeah. At the Afram Plains. That side of town has become a hub for that activity. We’ve caught a number of traffickers there in recent times. Released a lot of children who were being made to work under extremely dangerous conditions. It’s just amazing what the love of money can do. No wonder the Bible says it’s the root of all evil.”

Nana Kyereme shook his head. “Indeed. So in love with money, you’re willing to do the worst to little children. Goodness!”

“Hmmm,” Robert sighed. “Well, I just pray to God that my baby boy is OK. And the other children, for that matter. None of their parents deserve to lose their child because of these cold, selfish bastards. None of them.


DSP Bentil stood to his feet and saluted as his superior and two other gentlemen walked through the entrance of the Atlantis Clinic. SP Larbi introduced them to the deputy, who shook their hands and gestured to the seats nearby, asking Robert and Nana Kyereme to take a seat. As they did, he walked away with his superior, who gave him some needed information.

As they sat, Nana Kyereme looked around. “I wonder if any of the parents of the other children have been informed yet,” he mused.

“Yeah. Looks like the others are yet to be identified. Chale,” Robert responded, shaking his head at the thought of it.

“Hmmm. From the look of things, they probably might have been on their way to becoming child slaves if Benji’s issue hadn’t been put out there so quickly. Crazy.”

As Robert nodded, the two senior police officers returned from their discussion point and walked to the two. Robert looked up at them.

“Mr. Bart-Plange, Mr. Kyereme, I’ve just been given some information that is pretty… bittersweet.”

Robert’s heart jumped into his mouth.

“The latest news coming from the doctors attending to the victims and the surviving suspect is that three out of the five, Benjamin included, sustained traumatic head injuries. He also sustained a broken arm. They’re undergoing treatment at the moment. But from all indications, the conditions are not very critical. They should manage to pull through.”

Robert and Nana Kyereme gave huge sighs of relief. That was the most relieving piece of information the former had heard in a long time. “Oh, God, thank You! Thank You for saving my son! Thank You so much!” he whimpered, tears of joy in his eyes as Nana Kyereme lifted his hands in victory.

After a minute, Nana then asked, “But wait… you said three of them. You mean…”

DSP Bentil nodded sadly. “Yes, unfortunately, two of the little ones didn’t make it. Their bodies could not handle the resulting trauma. They’re gone.”

The two put their hands over their mouths. “Oh God!” Nana Kyereme gasped. “Owww!”

Robert shook his head. “Wow. Terrible. I’m grateful my son is alive, but… damn, someone else just lost his or her child. That’s devastating.”

“Indeed. At least, I get to give you good news. But once we identify the others and have to inform the parents of the deceased, it’s going to be something else. Been at this job for thirty-two years, and these things never get easy,” SP Larbi said sullenly. “To inform a parent that their child is no more. Hmmm…”

Robert saw the look of pain on the superintendent’s face and sighed. He felt absolutely relieved to know that Benji was safe, even though he had suffered injuries. Of course, he would choose that over him dying any day of the week. But he knew it would be tough for SP Larbi to tell the unfortunate parents of the two departed children the bad news. Indeed, it never would be easy, no matter how long he had been doing it.

“The remaining suspect is also on admission,” DSP Bentil added. “He sustained a broken cheekbone and concussion, plus various cuts on the face. He’s also not in a critical condition. We’ll have him face the full rigours of the law once he recovers.”

He sighed after that. “Jerry James, though. That man slipped through our fingers yet again. For good, this time. Well…”

“So… uh, when do I get to see my son?” Robert asked.

“I’ve informed the doctor of your presence, so when he’s done, he’ll come and meet with you. Excuse us for a moment, please.”

As the policemen walked away once again, Nana Kyereme took out his phone and called Godfred.

“Yeah, Godfred. Chale, by God’s grace, Benji is safe. Just some injuries bi he sustain in some accident. But chale, people be wicked for this world inside oo. Herh…”


An hour and a half later, the doctor attending to his son came to meet the two men sitting around, trying their best to while away the time by discussing different issues. Leading them to the ward in which Benji rested, he gave them an update on how the youngster was faring.

“He might show some extra sensitivity to light for a while, due to the head injury. And of course, his arm is in a sling, so please be cautious when you see him. He’s still in a bit of pain.”

“Noted,” Robert responded.

The doctor opened the door to the ward. He gestured toward the bed right ahead of him.

There, sitting up in his bed, right arm in a cast, was Benjamin Bart-Plange.


Robert didn’t need to be told to rush over. He immediately sprinted towards his son, tears in his eyes.

“Benji!!” he gasped as he embraced his son as tightly as he could, minding the broken arm. “Oh God, Benji, I’m so happy to see you again! I’ve been worried sick since you disappeared. I was so scared. Thought I’d never see my little boy again…”

The youngster sobbed as he flung his good arm around his father’s neck. “It was scary, Daddy. This bad man, he called me, promised me chocolate. Then suddenly, he carried me into his car and…”

“I can only imagine, Benji. But it’s all over now. Daddy’s here. Nobody’s ever gonna do anything bad to you. I promise. The police have the bad guys now. And you’re coming back home with me.”

Benji didn’t say much, choosing to shed tears of relief as he relished the embrace of his father. Indeed, the past few days had been frightening. From being grabbed just outside his school compound by a very friendly-sounding stranger to being transported to a place very far from home. Joining a group of little ones his age in a bare room in a mansion, equally as petrified and stricken by their plight as him. Spending nights soaked in tears, wishing he was back in his nice, warm, comfy bed, his father praying with him before saying goodnight, instead of the hard floor and a very unfriendly-looking gentleman who only ever peeked his head in to the room to see what they were doing.

Like his daddy said, it was all over now.


“You want a way out? I’ll show you a way out!”

Those were the last words he heard before Jerry James, out of the blue, did a sudden sharp turn.

With the truck moving at its highest speed, this caused it to turn over.

A frightened “JESUS!” scream sprouted from his lips as the vehicle flipped over. Somersaulting about two or three times, there were screams and cries from him and the children who had awoken.

As it came to a halt on its left side, he remained strapped to his seat, his belt having kept him from falling off.

His face throbbing with intense pain, he felt a blackness taking hold of his body. As he drifted out of consciousness, the last words he heard were a defiant whisper…

“They’ll never take me alive!”

Jozi’s eyes popped open. Sitting up on his bed, he gasped for breath, holding his chest as he inhaled and exhaled a couple of times.

The throbbing sensation was still present. He felt pains elsewhere. The light felt a little too bright.

But he was alive.

Thank goodness!

Just then, two neatly uniformed policemen entered his ward.

Jozi felt his heart sink once his eyes fell upon them.

This was it. It had been pretty rewarding while it lasted. But it was obvious; once he had been brought to the hospital by the police, nobody needed to inform him that this quest to become richer had backfired badly.

He may have woken up from that disturbing nightmare, a reminder of what had occurred a few hours earlier, but reality had a bigger nightmare in store for him. And there was no way to escape this one.

It was over for him…

So Robert and Benji are reunited, and Jozi’s gonna be dealt with. Appropriate, I think. Tomorrow’s the conclusion of this mini-series!!

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