Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP13 – Discoveries

So this is the final episode of Season 1 of Meet The Dolphynes!! It’s been quite a journey getting familiar with this big family and all the issues within. Thanks for sticking with me on this journey. Time to see what these ‘discoveries’ are…

“Well, I might not like him. But I certainly can’t blame him for that little exchange,” Larissa said, having observed the video her husband showed her on his phone. “That Hanson guy can be very stupid with the way he asks questions, to be fair.”

“Yep. Hanson definitely was out to embarrass him with those personal questions about marriage and relationships. We all know Adamtey is nasty, but anyone would react to those line of questions the same way.”

Larissa shrugged. “True. Especially considering it had nothing to do with politics. As for political questions, our man was shockingly calm. There was no need to attack him personally. He’s lucky he didn’t unleash his usual savagery on him.”

“That’s what surprised me the most mpo. A whole Emmanuel Adamtey being questioned with subtle scorn, and he resisted insulting Hanson’s whole ancestry and just used the word ‘dumb’ on him? Ei! Indeed, our God is alive! As for this one, I stand with Adamtey!”

Diamond, sporting a flowing black sunflower dress, entered the living room as Larissa laughed at Daniel’s comment.

“Hey Daddy! Hey Maa! How y’all doing?”

“Baby girl! Oh my goodness, this sunflower dress is beautiful! Where did you get it?”

“This lady on Instagram had it for sale on her boutique. Got it earlier this week, and I just wanted to try it out and see how it looks.”

“It’s amazing, Dee! Gimme the IG details ASAP. We so have to be twinning in this!”

“Oh yaaaaaaaaas, Maa!! Gotta slay the world with that Dolphyne dazzle!! By the way, umm… I wanted to remind you both that since national service is gonna end soon, I’m going to start working on what I told y’all I had in mind.”

“Oh, alright. So you’re going to see the Becky lady tomorrow morning?” Larissa asked.

Diamond nodded.

“Alright, then. Just let us know all the necessary particulars once you’re through with it. You have our full support, honey. Never forget that.”

“Indeed. Go get your dream fulfilled! Whatever you need to get it going, we’re here for you,” Danny added.

“Thank youuuuu! You’re the best!” Diamond said gratefully.

“By the way, I hope that silly boy hasn’t called or anything since.”

“No, Daddy. No call. No text. Nothing. He even avoided me the last time Shormeh and I passed by the waakye joint he often sits around. I guess it’s safe to say I’m free now.”

“Oh, thank God. What a relief. May only the correct kind of guys walk into your life, in Jesus’ name,” declared Larissa.

“Amen, twinnie!”

Oh, by the way, please be informed that concerning what you’re gonna be working on, you’re paying for all legal advice you get from me.”

“But Maa…”

“No arguments, child. Now give me that lady’s details. Danny, send me MoMo for the dress. And make it snappy!”

“But Lari…”

“No arguments, boo.”


“So what’s going to happen to that man?” Serwaah asked as they walked back from the house where Diamond had gone to meet the Becky lady, enjoying the sights of the gated community they were in.

“Mr. Adamtey? Oh, I’m sure nothing will happen. His party people will write some mechanical apology bi for him to put out there to appease the journalists, so they don’t decide to ban him from appearing on their shows.”

“But why will the party do that?”

“Because nobody else is able to give it to the government like he does, and they like that.”

“But isn’t Yaw Manu also a dangerous one?”

“Ha! You’ve been hearing a lot when Daddy takes you guys to school, eh?”

“Yes. He also likes using heavy words. Just not as heavy as Mr. Adamtey.”

“Baby, ‘heavy’ is too nice a word to describe what Mr. Adamtey does. As for him, ‘nasty’ kraaa is a compliment. Somebody that can demean his opponents with such savagery. But forget him, let’s talk about Uncle Baafi and Auntie Jayla’s upcoming vow renewal ceremony…” 

She stopped as they both heard a growl.

A house nearby had its gate slightly open, and a rather unfriendly looking German shepherd had taken the liberty of stepping out of the house and watched them, not looking too happy with their presence.

Serwaah held tightly to her sister, terrified. For some reason, she had heard a lot of stories of her friends getting chased and bitten by dogs, so it had triggered a form of cynophobia in her. Clearly, this was looking like a nightmare forming itself into reality.

“Diamond, I’m scared,” she whimpered.

So was Diamond. But she held her little sister closely. “Let’s just move slowly, honey. He shouldn’t be moved by -“

The dog suddenly sprung into motion, running full speed towards them.

Serwaah screamed.

Diamond, in a panic, half-carried her while looking for a stone to throw at the oncoming dog.

Oh my God, oh my God, what do I do to make it stop? She frantically wondered.

The dog drew closer. Serwaah’s screams turned into a wail.

Then suddenly…


The dog stopped.

Both hearts pounding, the two looked in the direction from where the shout came.

A young man stood at the opened gate, looking rather irritated.

“Boochie! Get back here!”

The dog, suddenly mellow, turned away from the girls and trotted back to the house.

“Get in, you idiot!” he scolded, hitting the dog on the head. “Goodness. Almost caused me big problems.”

Closing the gate, he rushed over to the girls.

“Ladies, I apologize profusely for that. I am really sorry,” he pleaded. “I admit, it was quite careless of me to leave the gate open. Big error on my part. I’m really sorry.”

Diamond folded her arms. “Well, you certainly caused us some emotional distress with your carelessness, didn’t you?” she responded with a thick hint of sarcasm.

“I know, I know, Miss. And I’m really sorry. I’m just thankful I realized it in time before Boochie attacked you. Please, I beg.”

“Well, you can issue the major apology to my sweetheart first,” she said, gesturing toward Serwaah, who was already wiping away her tears.

The young man bent down. “I am so sorry, little Miss. I can only imagine how much my dog scared you. Please forgive me for allowing that. No dog’s ever gonna hurt you, OK?”

Serwaah wiped away her last tear stain and nodded.

“Thank you so much. What’s your name?”


“Delighted to meet you, Serwaah. My name is Edem.”

Shaking hands with her, he stood up. Giving her an apologetic smile, he asked, “Am I forgiven now?”

“I guess. Well, gotta be going now.” She briskly turned away.

“Oh, mi lady! Sounds like you’re still mad at me.”

Diamond sighed as she turned to face him, inwardly rebuking herself for the little show of unfriendliness as she noticed Serwaah looking surprised at her actions. Get it together, girl. You’re done with that Desert Eagle guy now. Don’t start acting unfriendly towards every guy. Taking a deep breath before giving him a small but genuine smile, she said, “Excuse me for that cheekiness. I’ve had a few issues recently, but never mind. You’re forgiven. For real.”

“Perfect! Name is Edem.”



Toby laughed as he followed the conversation ongoing on his class WhatsApp chat. People were bringing up memories of the past academic year, and they were all loving it. Toby was one of the laid-back people in the class, but he had had his fair share of memories and stories.

As he wiped his tears from the intense laughter at a prank played on one of the girls concerning postponement of exams, one person sent a message with a name that got his stomach in its fiery element.


Eric Ewusie: Chale, but that Nnenna girl is fine oo. She’s fine roff.

Jozie: I know, right. Girl so damn fine.

Toby smirked as he saw those two messages. Indeed, his love interest was one heck of an outstanding babe. Can’t wait to proudly display her as my queen to the world.

Mervyn: Guys, have you heard the news about her?

Toby’s interest was piqued by that. Ei, why, what’s wrong?

Confidence: Yes oo.

She’s gotten married now. And she might not come back next academic year.

Toby instantly felt like he had just had a golf club slap him in the face.

“WHATT!” he screamed at the phone screen.

Shaking his head, he said to himself, “Nah. This has to be a joke. Confi has to be joking. This can’t be.”

Jozie: Ah, Confidence, are you serious?

Confidence: Yes oo. No jokes.

My cousin is in Port Harcourt. She went for the traditional wedding. Some seriously loaded oga bi.

She sent me some pictures mpo.

His heart sank as pictures appeared next. Looking at the couple happily staring into each other’s eyes, there was no denying it. That was Nnenna.

Looking so glorious. So beautiful. So taken. For life. By another man.

He shook his head again. “Naahh, I’m not gonna believe this. I didn’t see anything on Facebook. Let me check it out. This has to be a mistake.”

Grabbing his laptop, he opened it up and went straight to Google Chrome, and typed in The first few images he saw on the home page were the same pictures Confidence had sent to the page, plus a few others, with her name tagged.

This was no joke. The girl he had been dreaming about had been betrothed to someone else. It had all been nothing more than a silly fantasy that was never going to come to fruition. It was over.

He sank into his seat. Suddenly, the group chat didn’t appeal to him anymore.

“I can’t believe this,” he whispered. “I can’t believe this…”


Kwame sat at the back of the trotro in the 37 bus station. He had insisted it was time to get acquainted with proper GH life. His command of the Twi language wasn’t the greatest, but at least, he could pick a trotro at this stage. The family had given him hints and tips on what to say, and warned him to be assertive. “When they see you’re from uptown, they’ll try and drain you, so be careful!” his auntie had warned him. So he was at his sharpest.

The trotro was virtually empty. Looking round every now and then to see if anyone else was coming, he only saw the numerous sellers flaunting their wares, as well as the drivers and mates around. At a point, he got bored and just put his head down, reading some articles.

After about 10 minutes of reading, he felt some movement in the trotro. He looked up. Two young ladies had taken the seats on the second row. He nodded and said to himself, “Finally,” and went back to reading.

With no earphones plugged in, however, he couldn’t help but hear their conversation.

“Aha, so you as were saying. How was yesterday with Chief Tay?”

“Girl, Chief Tay is a boss. He handled me well well last night. Stop! Herh! The guy is good!”

Kwame stopped. Wait. Chief Tay? Isn’t that one of the guys supposed to be chasing Barbara? And isn’t that Barbara herself?

“Eeeeissshhhhhh! Eeeeeissssshhhhh! Chief Tayyyyyy nono!”

He looked up at the girls conversing. Indeed, the girl in the ponytail was Barbara!

Wow! So what Chief Tay told Oscar was not a lie!

Gyae kraaa! It’s not a joking matter. He’s the man ampa!”

“The main man! So it’s settled now?”

“Yeah, I’m going with Chief Tay. A guy that knows how to treat a lady well and handle her like a real man diɛɛ, we don’t waste time with them ooo.”

“Abi I told you. I told you Chief Tay is the best choice. So what are you doing about JJ?”

“JJ?… aaaah, Oscar! Hoh, forget him kraaa. He’s not even an option.”

His eyes widened in shock.

“Told ya! Why else do you think I call him JJ? Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy for gyimi, Johnson for jon. You say he said what? I know what I bring to the table. Sia! Ibi waiter you dey search?”

The two girls laughed.

“In any case, look at Chief Tay’s Range Rover. Compare that to his 2×4 Toyota. I mean, Barbs, who still uses manual in these modern times? Let’s be serious! We want niggas who will spoil us silly these days.”

“Don’t worry, Maku. He’s out of the running kraa. He’s been relegated out of the league. Top half mpo, he won’t get… hold on, call.”

She answered. “Hiiii, Chief… nothing much oo, you?… Oh, I’m with Maku at the 37 station, we’re going to Madina… oh really? Oh, then we’re coming. Give us 5 minutes, OK. Alright, bye… eish, Maku, he says he’s at Max Mart, and we should join him.”

“Ahhhh, you see? Chief Tay diɛɛ, sizeless!” They exited the trotro, excitedly making their way out of the station.

Kwame sat at the back of the trotro, stunned and furious.

I can’t believe it! So those bad vibes were real…

Well!! As to what happens with Oscar, now that it’s been revealed what his love interest thinks of him, as well as Toby’s little disappointment, that’ll have to wait a bit.

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God bless!

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