Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP11 – Rescue Dee!

We’re back, people!! And at this juncture, it’s necessary to note that this first season is almost done. It’s been a pretty exciting journey so far, and there’s more to come from this tribe and the people around them.

But in the meantime, let’s focus on the here and now. So Desert Eagle’s foolishness is no longer known to just Diamond. Will she let her parents know? And what will their reaction be? Let’s find out right now!!

“Ohhhhh, Lord! This reminds me of Sister Act!” Larissa squealed excitedly as the sound of ‘Rescue Me’ by Fontella Bass started up in the car. Snapping her fingers and moving to the beat, she cleared her throat and went unapologetically high-pitch in her little car karaoke session.

Rescue me/Take me in your arms/Rescue me/I want your tender charm/’Cause I’m lonely/And I’m blue/I need you/And your love too/Come on and rescue me…

“Come on, baby, and rescue me,” Daniel added his voice to the song, also choosing to employ a high-pitched voice. Although his attempts were less impressive as that of his wife.

In the comfort of their Toyota Fortuner, though, who cared? All that mattered was that Mr and Mrs Dolphyne were having fun.

If there was one piece of advice regularly given to married couples that Daniel and Larissa complied to with a religious adherence, it was the advice of constantly dating each other. At least, once a month, they went on a date and just made sure they had as much fun as possible. It was one of the major reasons why their love for each other stayed so strong, after spending their whole adult lives together.

For tonight, they decided to do something different: park at a slightly secluded area in the Accra Mall and have their own little karaoke night. And the theme for the occasion was ‘Songs We Loved In The Past’, with all music being provided by Deezer.

“Oh Lord, this has made me wanna go and watch Sister Act so bad!” Larissa commented, still snapping her fingers after the song had ended.

“Oh yes! We certainly have to do that soon,” Daniel agreed, his eyes on the phone screen as he looked for the next song. “Classic movie. But for now, let’s move on to the next track, shall we? For this song, it’s the only one that motivates us to become rockstars!”

Larissa squinted her eyes, trying to think what song it was. Daniel grinned at her as he found what he was looking for. Pressing the play button, he started, along with the song.

Step inside, walk this way, you and me, babe…”

“HEY HEY!” the two of them yelled in unison.

And for the next four minutes, rocking to the sounds of Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, the Dolphyne couple had a jam, with silly expressions and guitar impressions included.

As the song ended, Daniel looked in stunned amusement as Larissa played her imaginary guitar rather violently, along with the ending riffs.

“Lari, in real life, you know you’d damage the guitar, right?”

She rolled her eyes. “Isn’t that part of the whole rock star thing? Weren’t they always wrecking their guitars? The Who and all those peeps?”

“They certainly didn’t sacrifice their hands while doing it. As for yours, I can only imagine how badly damaged your fingernails would be.”

“Whatever! Allow me to rock out! I need to let loose every now and then, you know. I cannot let stress come and knock me down,” Larissa responded.

“Well, you got a point there. Although your hands wouldn’t be pleased with that level of rocking out. But never mind. On to the next one,” Daniel said, the smirk appearing on his face as his quick diversion clearly deflated the desire to argue in Larissa. “Aha, next one coming up: Right Here by SWV. Only Human Nature remix we respect and acknowledge.”

“I’ll attack you over that annoying diversion later. But for now, so on point!” She started snapping her fingers and humming the chorus as she waited for Daniel to hit that play button.

Just as he was searching, Larissa’s phone rang. She looked at the caller ID.

“Hm, it’s Diamond.” She pressed the answer button and put the phone to her ear. “Hey, honey. What’s up?”

A sigh greeted her, followed by a rather bland, “Good evening, Maa.”

Larissa immediately sat up, a tense feeling arising in her chest. Diamond rarely ever greeted her over the phone in such a dry tone. It was way too obvious that something was wrong.

“Dee, something’s wrong, isn’t it?”

Another sigh followed. “Umm, yes. I know you and Daddy are out on date night, but… I really need to talk to you…”

“Say no more, baby. Your father and I are on our way home. Just hold on. We’ll be back in a jiffy.”

She hung up and turned to Daniel. “Danny, something’s wrong with Diamond. I know we were having fun and all, but let’s get home and find out what’s going on.”

Daniel nodded as he started the engine. “Let’s go home and see what’s wrong with her.”


“Game of thrones? Coveted trophy?” Kwame wondered, his left eyebrow raised. “I don’t know whether to be impressed or unimpressed by that.”

“Oh, please. It was one of the lamest speeches I’ve ever heard,” Oscar scoffed, his legs propped up on Kwame’s bed. “Nigga must have thought he’s Walter White or something when he cooked that up in his mind.”

“Well, if that’s the standard he’s looking at, then that certainly does not hold a candle to ‘I am the danger’ in any way,” Kwame, a serious Breaking Bad fan, responded. “Geez, boy, those lines are iconic! I am not in danger, Skylar, I am the danger!”

A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!” Oscar completed the quote.

“Too much fire in that. Too much!” Kwame said enthusiastically. Then his facial expression changed. “But on a serious note, Oscar, you don’t think there’s anything wrong somewhere concerning these things he came and said to you?”

“Oh, nahh, Kwame. Like I told you before, he’s a braggart, a pure egotist. He’s just displaying the colours he’s always had. Thinking so highly of himself and trying to convince others to see him on the same throne he’s enthroned himself on. It’s just talk. Nothing more.”

Kwame still looked concerned. “But have you heard from Barbara about this? Has she said anything to you about making a choice?”

Oscar shook his head. “She asked for time. That’s why I’m not impressed by his statements. She’s yet to make a choice. And like I said earlier, I know she’s not into all that unnecessary display of expensive stuff, which is what him and a few others constantly do. So if there’s anyone in a comfortable lead as we know it, it’s him.”

“You’re sure she’s not playing with you guys?”

Oscar shook his head. “Kwame, I know you’re looking to be extra cautious about this whole thing, and I appreciate that. But trust me, I know Barbara enough to know that she’s not gonna leave us hanging. I’m certain of that. Chief Tay is just bluffing. That’s all there is to it.”

Kwame sighed. “Oh well. If you say so.”


The expressions on the faces of Daniel and Larissa were palettes of anger and unhappiness as Diamond recounted the whole Desert Eagle saga to them. Hearing about it was one thing; but upon seeing the horrible text messages, the fires in them were flaming hot. As they sat there, they were doing their best to stay calm.

Daniel sighed. “Diamond, baby, I really wish you had told us about this earlier. You didn’t have to go through this alone, for this idiot to send all this bile.”

Diamond nodded silently. “I know, Daddy. It’s just… I thought it was just one of those reactions to rejection that’s slightly extra but fizzles out over time. I guess I… I thought it wasn’t so big a deal.”

“Diamond, trust me, it’s a big deal. A very big deal,” Larissa corrected, her arms folded. “Maybe you may have encountered guys who just get upset and stop talking to you when you say no, but not every guy is like that. So many guys out there feel so bloody entitled to a woman, and it’s sickening. And silence doesn’t help. Don’t you hear of stories of guys going physical on girls who ignored or rejected them? Baby, don’t think every man walking on the face of this earth is as amazing as your father. Some of them are stupid monsters who won’t bat an eyelid if they have to hurt you to satisfy themselves.”

“Yes, Maa,” Diamond responded, her head down.

Daniel gently tapped Larissa on the knee, giving her that non-verbal ‘calm down’ message. He could tell memories of her encounter years back was coming to mind, and it usually made her charge up and sound like she was mad at you when that wasn’t the case.

Larissa nodded, taking a deep breath to calm her rising nerves. “Sweetheart. Did you think this was insignificant compared to my experience with Mr. Lomotey?”

In all the periods Diamond had considered reporting the issue to her parents, she had actually considered the past experience Larissa had told the children about. In her late 20s, she had been working with another law firm, and a top client, in a meeting with her, groped her backside. The first time, she had assumed it was an accident, but the second one was certainly deliberate. Mr. Lomotey received the nastiest of slaps after that, and after being reported, was severely dealt with.

Yet, she deemed Desert Eagle’s actions to be low in rank to Mr. Lomotey lustfully grabbing her mother’s booty.

She nodded. “Yeah, I guess. I thought that this was just words. I mean, yours was physical, and…” She trailed off, not sure what to say.

Larissa shook her head. Rising to her feet, she went over to Diamond and sat by her. “Diamond, listen to me. Whether in words or actions or whatever, harassment is not acceptable, and it’s never a good idea to be silent and think it won’t pass. Whether it’s a disgusting old man squeezing your ass or a dumb idiot dissing you for saying no, all forms of harassment are just plain wrong and should never, ever be tolerated.

No man has the right to feel like he owns you in any way. No man has the right to touch or treat you in any way that makes you miserable. None. Do not stand for it. When you need help, come to us. Please, let us know. We love you, Diamond, and we want the absolute best for you. Please…”

Diamond held her mother’s hands. “I promise I’ll never hide these kind of things from you again, Maa. I promise.”

“Thank you, darling.” A tear of relief ran down Larissa’s cheek as they hugged. Upon separating, she held Diamond’s cheek. “Our beloved first fruit. My precious mini-me. You’re an amazing girl, do you hear me? Don’t let some insignificant piece of trash make you feel otherwise. Ever.”

Daniel was tempted to wince at the low-key passion with which she said ‘insignificant piece of trash’. If there was one thing that could not be denied about Larissa, it was the fact that she was an absolute lioness in matters concerning the children. She was the sweetest and most pleasant of personalities, but if you wanted to meet the monster in her, all you had to do was touch one of her lovely five children.

He got up from his seat and walked over to them. “Diamond, your mother has said it all. Don’t take these kinds of abuse lightly. He may not have hit you, but dissing you is just as bad. Don’t accommodate it in the least.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She got up and hugged him.

“My little baby,” he cooed as she held him tightly. “Daddy will always be here for you.”

“Thank you so much.”

As she continued to hold on to him, a mischievous thought crossed her mind.

“Hey Maa!” she called out slyly, turning to look at Larissa. “You know, I’m thinking I should start competing with you for Daddy’s warmth. Are you ready?”

Larissa sat back, arms folded, eyes narrowed. “You want to spend the rest of this evening removing forks and knives from your forehead, eh?”

Daniel and Diamond laughed.

“Well, before you and your mother start battling over who gets to turn me into an icicle first, there’s one thing I’d like for you to do, honey,” Daniel said as she let go of him.

“What is it, Daddy?”

He cracked his knuckles.

“Wherever that Desert Storm or whatever guy is staying, please find out for me as soon as you can. I believe it’s time to pay him a visit.”

“Oh, Danny,” Larissa protested, her phone in her hand. “Let’s get Jayla and her girls to deal with the boy, eh. I was just about to call her.”

“No, no, no, no, honey. Let’s keep your sister and her squad as a backup option, where it’s clear the police have to intervene. For now, somebody’s harassing my little princess. And he needs to know that Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne doesn’t take kindly to such foolishness.”

Well, with that last statement from Daniel, the following meme couldn’t be more appropriate…

Ha! Can’t wait to see what the Dolphyne daddy is gonna do next week!!

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