Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP10 – No Use Hiding It Anymore

Another Friday, another appointment with our beloved tribe! Time to see what’s going on, particularly with the elder kids.

By the way, in case you might be wondering what happened with the Citi Voice Factory finalist… She won!! Yep, she’s a superstar now 😩 Looool. Let’s get into it, y’all…

Oscar switched off the engine of the Toyota Camry as he stepped out to buy the provisions his mother had tasked him to get for the house. Walking to the small store, holding the list as he glanced through it one more time, he shook his head as he noticed ‘Cowbell tin’ as the third item to be bought.

“As for Toby and Anasah, the way they heap spoonfuls of the Cowbell whenever they’re making gari soakings,” he muttered to himself as he arrived at the entrance of the shop. “No wonder Maa gets annoyed with them over it. Third time we’re buying this in six weeks.”

A few others were standing around, also buying a few provisions. All familiar faces. But he was looking out for one person, and as his eyes fell on him, he smirked.

It was Dennis Fafanyo Tay. Also known as Chief Tay. One of the few suitors for Barbara’s heart.

Standing at about five feet eight, with slightly overgrown hair, dimples and a full goatee which was well-kept, Chief Tay was quite a charming character, and seemed to be quite wealthy. For Oscar, however, he was of the opinion that Chief Tay was a major showoff, especially in the light of the pursuit of Barbara’s heart.

As he waited for the person in front of him to take her purchased goods, he could sense he was being keenly observed. No guesses for who it was doing the observing.

Unperturbed, he went ahead and gave the list to the shopkeeper, who he was familiar with. The shopkeeper immediately went to get the named goods, and within two minutes, he had two bags full of provisions in his hands.

His walk back to the car, though, was a rather interesting one. As he opened the car door to put the provisions in the back seat, he heard a voice. “Yo, my guy!”

He looked up to see Chief Tay standing by the car.

The look on Chief’s face was a rather cocky one, which made him slightly irritated, but he was certainly not going to act hostile. He nodded and said, “Yeah, boss. What’s up?”

Chief Tay walked towards him. “Yeah, chale. No malice attached to this brief word I have for you. Just something I’ve said to all the others.”

Oscar knew whatever it was he had to say, had to do with Barbara.

“Chale, I have nothing against you for falling for Barbara. We all dey like fine girls, so chale, I never bore. I just want all my competitors to know that once I’m in the picture, they’re in a comfortable lead. And in GH, when you’re in a comfortable lead, you know what that means.”

Oscar just stayed silent. He knew this was what Chief Tay had for him, and as far as he was concerned, it was just bluffing.

“When it comes to Barbie, please understand this: I’m the lucky sperm that enters the egg. I’m the bird with the coveted worm in its beak. I’m the last man standing in this game of thrones. And I am the one who gets his hands on the coveted trophy. You guys had a good run, no doubt, but there can only be one king of her heart, and that king is a chief. And that chief’s name is Chief Dennis Fafanyo Tay.”

Oscar had an amused look on his face, which was a mask covering up the utter contempt he had for the little discourse he had just heard. Lamest victory speech ever! Or whatever it’s supposed to be.

Chief Tay had that same cocky smirk on his face. “Don’t worry, though. It’s not the end of the world. After all, you’re a fresh boy. By all means, you go get fine girl wey she go love your matter pass. Just not Barbie. She’s my girl.”

He tapped him Oscar on the shoulder as he moved away. “Have a good evening, boss. And regards to the family. Especially your little brother.” 


Diamond stormed into the house, breathing heavily in frustration. Nobody was in the living or dining room. She tossed her bag on one of the chairs and threw herself in the two-seated sofa, rubbing her temple as she tried to process what was going on.

Taking out her phone, she saw the SMS icon on her phone with the number 6 on top, indicating she had 6 text messages.

She knew exactly what those messages were.

Messages of abuse from the different numbers Desert Eagle had acquired.

It looked like he had stepped up his madness and was now becoming a cold-blooded jerk, becoming extra abusive with his words.

She had seen a little part of the fourth message sent. You’re a good-for-nothing piece of trash. Aboaba! That happened to be the most decent of all the messages.

She dropped the phone and looked up to the ceiling, clearly frustrated. It was starting to look as if she had underestimated the guy’s horrible attitude. He was clearly nothing like the other guys she had rejected. And not in a good way.

“At this rate, I owe Nelson an apology, I really do,” she muttered to herself. “Here I was, thinking he’s the most childish human being for refusing to talk to me after I said no. he’s starting to look so mature in my eyes now. I’ve never seen this kind of pettiness over a no before.”

She didn’t hear Serwaah walk into the living room, holding a mug with great care.

So as she pondered over what to do next, she sprung to her feet just as her little sister was passing by. Obviously unaware of what Serwaah had in her hands, she bumped into her.

Serwaah, stunned by the sudden movement, let go of the mug, its contents falling on to Diamond’s dress as it fell to the floor and broke.

“AH, what is wrong with you? Can’t you watch where you’re going? Are you blind?”


“Mmmm, interesting,” Kwame murmured. “So Singapore Airlines is the world’s top airline? I definitely need to check them out at some point.”

He scrolled down. “Best cabin crew, won by Virgin Australia. Haha, just remembered that sweet air hostess on Ethiopian Airlines. Kia. Man, I think I still have a crush on her…”

The sound of something breaking snapped him out of his reverie. Then he heard shouting.

It sounded like Diamond. An angry Diamond.

He put his laptop aside and sped out of his room, rushing downstairs to see what was happening.

He stepped into the living room and saw the two young ladies.

Serwaah was frozen where she stood, looking like she was about to cry, but didn’t know how to begin. On the floor next to her lay the pieces of a broken mug. Diamond on the other hand, was on the sofa, face in hands, looking like she was sobbing.

A confusing sight for Kwame. Before he could move or say anything, Diamond raised her head and blurted out, “God, I wish I weren’t this beautiful sometimes!”

That statement startled him. Diamond was no vain girl, but being a spitting image of Larissa, she took delight in being a clone of her mother, who she often called the most beautiful woman in the world. So such a statement was weird. Why would she say that?

It shook Serwaah out of her frozen state, however. Clearly seeing how distressed her sister was, she rushed over to her, saying, “No, no, no, no, Dee. Don’t say that. Don’t say that. I don’t know why you said that, but whatever it is, don’t feel bad about being beautiful. You’re the most beautiful sister in the world, and I love you so much.”

Kwame’s heart warmed at the sight. With all the stories he had heard about how Diamond doted on the twins, it was clear the love was mutual, especially on the little girl’s side. The way Serwaah had Diamond’s face cupped in her hands was too sweet. It was almost as if Diamond hadn’t just yelled at her.

Diamond smiled as the little girl wiped her tears. “Awwwww, thank you so much, Serwaah.” She hugged her tightly. “I’m so sorry I snapped at you like that. I don’t know what came over me, but forgive me. You know I love you too, baby girl. I love you with all my heart!”

As they faced each other again after the embrace, Serwaah cupped her chin again and smiled. “You know what time it is.”

“Oh, I know.”


Kwame smiled as he watched the sisters do the famous D.A.K.

“Alright, baby, go get a polythene bag and let’s get rid of this broken mug. Pass this way, before you step on one of the broken parts by mistake.”

“Alright, Dee.” Serwaah passed the other side and ran to the kitchen.

As Diamond wiped the rest of her tear stains, Kwame stepped into view.

“Umm, Diamond? I heard your outburst just now, and I just wondered… is somebody harassing you?”

She looked taken aback by that. “Umm, why? Why do you ask?”

“Well… For a girl like you, I know one thing that comes with the genetic blessing you have: numerous guys falling over themselves just to date you, or just have sex with you. Many of whom will not take it lightly when you say no, and will most likely get nasty. Is that what caused you to say such? Is some guy harassing you?”

She felt a bit nervous. “Uhh, it was just a silly outburst. I never should’ve said that,” she said, trying to dodge the question.

Kwame stepped forward. “Diamond, I know. But there’s a reason. Dee, don’t keep it to yourself if that’s the case. If there’s someone worrying you, don’t hide it. You don’t need to suffer in silence.”

Diamond sat there, silently. Kwame walked over and crouched in front of her, saying nothing. He knew it was best to avoid being forceful.

After a couple of minutes, she took a deep breath, staying silent for yet another moment before beginning. “Alright. I guess keeping it to myself hasn’t helped. There’s this guy around my workplace that wants to sleep with me, and I said no, and for a while, he’s been tormenting me with calls and texts, just to insult me for rejecting him. I thought he was just being petty and that he’d get tired quickly, but now I don’t think so…”

She drifted off. Kwame shook his head, moving to let Serwaah pass by to sweep up the pieces of the broken mug.

“Diamond. Uncle Danny and Auntie Lari need to know about this. As soon as possible.”

The harassment is out now! Boy oh boy, Mr and Mrs Dolphyne will NOT be happy, that’s for sure! Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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