Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP9 – Hope, Love & Vexation

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Alright, so after the family moment we had last week, we’re slowly easing back into the ongoing distins. Lezz go!

“Maa? We’re home now,” Oscar said gently, tapping his mother, who had slept through most of the journey.

Larissa opened her eyes. She smiled as she saw the familiar surroundings of the house. “Oh, thank you, dear Lord Jesus,” she said. “Home sweet home.”

Home sweet home indeed. It had been a stressful, malaria-parasite-induced stay away from home since she had been admitted on Wednesday, having to deal with late night injections and drips and medication. The nurses were super friendly, but of course, nothing would even begin to compare with the comfortable and exquisite six-bedroom house the family had acquired just before the twins had been born. That was home indeed, and she knew her presence had been sorely missed.

Opening the door, she stepped out. Oscar quickly moved to her side to help her back into the house.

“Oh Maa, let me hold your hand and help you back in. The queen must be accompanied as she makes her way back to her palace.”

Larissa smiled and rolled her eyes at his teasing extravagance. “You people and your azaa plaudits.”

“Oh, but it’s only fair we give you a grand welcome. Hehe.”

Shaking her head, she grabbed his outstretched hand and proceeded to take her time with her steps.

“Ahhhhh! That’s right! The only sugar mummy we know! Our Claire Huxtable, wati! My God, what a sugarlicious barrister!”

Larissa laughed out loud at the heavy accolades. “Ah, this boy paaa! You’re mad!”

Kwame and Toby, who were taking her stuff from the car, laughed at Oscar’s adulations as he and Larissa entered the house. “Man, it’s good to have Auntie Lari back home. It’s like she just brings this… this light and warmth to the house,” Kwame said as he picked up one of her bags.

“Tell me about it. Maa is our one and only goddess. An African amalgamation of Princess Diana and Benazir Bhutto,” Toby agreed.

“Ei! More heavy accolades!”

“Ha! Those are some of her role models, so chale…”

“Oh okayyyy. No wonder. I’ve always thought she had that Princess Diana vibe about her. Well, we should all pray we get wives as almost-perfect as her… oh, speaking of which, the Nnenna thing…”

Toby smiled. “Well, after rehearing that story on Friday, I’m pretty much pumped up in belief.”

“Oh yeah, the story of how they met. Well, that was definitely something special…”

“It was! And I’m sure they’ll tell you more as time goes on. From their first date, to when he officially asked her to be his girl. It’s an awesome story! And it just filled me with so much hope that this could be the same for me.”

Kwame shrugged. “Well… I definitely can’t say it’s impossible. I already told you that when you admitted it to me. Let’s just see once school reopens.”

“Oh, I didn’t mention. So… I found her on Facebook, and… I sent her a friend request.”

Kwame raised his eyebrow. “I see. And has she responded to it yet?”

“Nope. She’s got a lot of requests in there. But I’m not worried. I know she’ll respond once the time is right. Trust me, Kwame, this is gonna be just like Daddy’s union with Maa. And you’ll be the first to know!”

“Alright, Toby. Let’s see what happens. In the meantime, let’s follow the honourable matriarch back inside.”


Monday morning.

Diamond was off to work as usual, the boys were out to town quite early, and the twins had been taken to school. As Daniel drove into the house, only Larissa was home, still needing to recuperate fully before returning to work. Good timing that he was still on leave. She needed no other nurse to treat her good.

He entered the house and walked over to the living room. He found Larissa sitting on the couch, with the television on. She saw him and folded her arms, turning away.

“Lari?” he walked over, in concern.

She gave a “Hmph,” refusing to look at him, a big pout on her face.

Daniel shook his head and grinned.

Larissa was in her ‘spoiled princess’ mood.

In the two and a half decades he had spent with her, he had become pretty used to some of the funny ways she could seek his attention, and this was one of them. She would sometimes act like she was mad at him and didn’t want to talk to him, and that silly pout was what usually made him know that his only wrong was not being quick enough in giving her a cuddle or a foot rub.

It was pretty obvious that she was looking to take advantage of her day off from work, Daniel’s leave and the children’s absence to get as much pampering from her man as possible.

And did Daniel have a problem with that? Absolutely not. After that nasty bout of malaria, his wife definitely deserved some extra loving. Besides, he had sorely missed her while she was on admission, and to be able to spend the day with her, with none of the youngsters around, was simply perfect.

He got onto the sofa, her back still facing him, and pulled her close, murmuring, “Come here, you fine sassy mami, you…”

Mission accomplished for Mrs. Dolphyne. She pretended to resist for a couple of seconds, but relented and giggled uncontrollably as her husband drew her closer to himself, whispering sweet words in her ear, punctuating every romantic compliment with a kiss on the cheek or shoulder. Within a minute, she was in that giddy mood only her lifelong partner was allowed to see. She had her head on his lap, looking up at him with the most childlike of expressions on her face, occasionally swinging her feet in the air gleefully.

Daniel shook his head. “Ugh, you’re such a spoiled baby sometimes.”

“As long as I’m your spoiled baby, I don’t mind,” she responded, still giggling.

He smiled. She wasn’t wrong. In his presence, she was fully entitled to be a big baby who would be satisfied with nothing else but every single drop of attention possibly extractable from him. In any case, to say this hadn’t been on his mind would be false.

Stroking her chin, he asked, “So what’s on the agenda for today?”

“I just wanna stay in your arms all morning and watch TV with you.”

“Oooooh, nice. Well, get comfy, baby. I know just what you’d want to watch.”

She sat up and rested her head on his shoulder as he switched to the recorded programs on their DSTv decoder.

Scrolling through, he found what he was looking for. “Aha! Here we go. For your enjoyment.”

It was the classic romantic comedy, My Best Friend’s Wedding. One of Larissa’s favourite movies.

Larissa looked at him lovingly. “Honeyyyy! What would I do without-“

“Wait. As you mentioned honey, I just remembered I left something in the car,” Daniel interjected. “Gimme a minute and lemme go get it.” As Larissa grabbed his arm and began to pout again, he laughed. “Lari, what I’m going for will enhance your morning treat, I promise.”

She pouted even harder and tightened her arm around his. “But I don’t wanna let you go,” she said in her most childish voice.

Daniel laughed. Giving her a deep kiss for a couple of seconds, he said in an equally babyish voice afterwards, “But what if issa little surprise for my big beautiful queen?”

“Surprise? Oh, sweet! Alright, then.” She let go of his arm, looking extremely happy with the mention of a surprise, as well as that brief lip lock, and he rushed out.

A minute later, he returned with a black polythene bag. She took it from him and looked inside.

It was nkate-cake. Her favourite dessert!

She looked at him again. “And this, Mr. Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne, is the reason why you rock my world more than anyone else ever could!”

She kissed him and returned to resting her head on his shoulder, taking a bite of the nkate-cake as the movie began.


“Hahahahaha! Oh my goodness, what a propagandist idiot!”

“Lawrence, do you hear what he is calling me? Did you hear that?”

“Hoh, massa. Like I should say what? I should say something politically correct to massage your silly little ego? My friend, I’ll say it again: you! You, Benoni Foster Gidi, are a propagandist idiot!”

“Mr. Adamtey, please! This program is in the public domain. Exercise some decorum. Please!”

“Oh, get away with your big English! You think you’ve said something big or what? Decorum for the where? Gentleman, I speak the truth with no censorship. You know he’s an idiot, but you are just being fake. Don’t pull me into your hole of pretense and hypocrisy!”

Aniyah switched off the television, bored at this point. It wasn’t as if she had had any intent of watching Adamtey do his usual thing; she had been flipping channels and just happened to chance upon him in a morning panel discussion. She couldn’t even be bothered about whatever it was they were discussing.

As she saw him, though, certain thoughts that had been at the back of her mind started running around once again.

The truth was, she had not experienced a man like him. Being a self-professed ‘sexual liberation advocate’, sleeping with others was not a big deal for her; she regularly scoffed and ridiculed those who believed in the sanctity of sex within marriage alone. And after about two months of this intensive fling with Adamtey, there was one thing she could say about him.

Damn, he knows how to work my body to the mountaintops of ecstasy!

In addition to that, he was pretty liberal with the cash. She had had a number of partners over the years, some of whom were good sponsors, but weak in bed. And some who knew how to get her squealing and squirming and scratching, but could barely afford to buy her a small-sized pizza. Only a few were in the region of achieving both sexual satisfaction and financial generosity, and yes, Emmanuel Adamtey was one of them.

The problem was, she was starting to get frustrated with his cold attitude.

For the past few weeks this relationship had been in existence, it was dawning on her how it seemed he was interested in the sex alone. Everything else seemed to be a nuisance to him.

Even Nicholas was sweeter than this guy. At least he showed some concern for me. This guy is just… so aloof and uncaring.

She knew they were in this for just the satisfaction all right, but the cold shoulder treatment was so unpleasant, and she was growing weary of it. She didn’t exactly need him to be all lovey-dovey and cute on her – after all, their relationship was hinged entirely on sex and money- but some level of concern and respect would be appreciated. She was a human being, after all.

“Never calls to ask how I’m doing. Never tells me anything nice. Doesn’t even bother to make conversation with me. He just tears me apart, gives me money, asks for hot pics and that’s it. What kind of man is he?”

Shaking her head, she briefly checked her Instagram page. Her DM, as usual, was full of messages from a whole lot of guys who were allured by her tempting pictures. She looked with disdain at many of them, leaving some on read, and blocking others. After going through about 42 of the messages, she got bored, exited the app and turned the TV back on.

Adamtey was no longer on the panel. Given the look on the host’s face, he had most likely sacked Adamtey for his attitude. Something that would make him the envy of many a host who had had to deal with him.

Aniyah shook her head. “That man,” she said to herself as she walked to her room. “If it wasn’t for the money and the fact that he’s a fusion of Ronaldo and Messi in bed, I would’ve left by now. Always giving him all my sweetness, but none in return. Well, maybe I’ll talk to him the next time we meet. Hopefully, things will change. Things just have to change.”

Well, considering his thoughts in episode 6, will Adamtey turn over a new leaf and treat her better? We’ll find out in time.

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“If it wasn’t for the money and the fact that he’s a fusion of Ronaldo and Messi in bed, I would’ve left by now.”

Hahaha that’s a good one. i thoroughly enjoyed this. Keep up the good work

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