Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP7 – Offer, Acceptance & Consideration

We’re halfway through this first season of #MTD, and it’s certainly been quite a journey. For today’s episode, I couldn’t help but give it a law-related title. Although it has nothing to do with law. Loool.

Let’s see what’s going on for today. Dealing with the 3 older children of our beloved tribe and their lil issues. Enjoy!

“Oh, how I’ve been waiting for midday to approach!” Naa Shormeh said delightedly. “If you knew how I’ve been fantasizing about the beans today, eh…”

Diamond looked at her and laughed. “Ei, Naa Shormeh! You and gobɛ! You don’t joke with it at all.”

“Of course, lah! We gobɛlines are faithful.”

“Oh yah, yah! Faithful to the end. Well, I’m in an internal debate at the moment. Fried yam or waakye?”

Naa Shormeh shrugged. “Do whatever makes your stomach happy, boo. At least I know it’s my darling gobɛ that will make me happy. I’m off now.”

“Alright, baby girl. I’ll make my decision in the next couple of minutes.”

As Naa Shormeh stepped out, she shook her head, looking at her phone. 43 missed calls. She sighed and turned it over.

The torment was not over.

She had blocked his original number all right, but it seemed like he had a supply of SIM cards ready. She had made the mistake of answering one of them that morning, only to receive yet another barrage of insults from Desert Eagle. She quickly ended the call and blocked the number, only to have a different number call about five minutes later.

Nothing was more frustrating than the fact that his incessant and unnecessary calls were provoking her to switch her phone off, yet she couldn’t, because there were a couple of important calls she was expecting.

“Lord, why? Why do I have to deal with the epitome of stupidity?” she muttered as she stepped out of the office, deciding to go for fried yam. She had had enough rice that week, a change in diet was necessary.

As she stepped out of the gate, she wondered briefly. I was thinking this is a small matter, but I’m not so sure at the moment. Should I tell her? I mean, looking at her experience… but that’s on another level, when you think about it. That was plain disgusting, what Mr Lomotey did. Nah, this stupid boy doesn’t deserve that much attention. Forget it.

Walking along the route to the bus stop, which led to the fried yam seller’s little kiosk, she decided to take out her earphones and listen to one of her numerous Deezer playlists. As she fixed the earphones in and opened the app on her phone, a sound beside her had her briefly startled.

“See am!”

She turned in the direction from where it came, and her expression darkened a bit more.

It was Desert Eagle, giving her the most disdainful stare he could muster up.

In that moment, a multitude of thoughts came rushing into Diamond’s mind, accompanied by a rush of wrath waiting to be released.

She really wanted to punch him right in the eye, scream down on him and let the world know what an idiot he was. She also really wanted to ask him why he found it necessary to be as ridiculously petty as he was being, calling just to insult her. She wanted to tell him to get a life and grow the hell up. She wanted to get into the gutter and humiliate him as badly as possible.

All at the same time.

But what would Maa do? She quickly thought to herself. Picturing her mother in all her elegance and authority and class, there was one decision she came to.

She decided to ignore him.

Fighting and getting into the gutter with him would definitely soil her reputation, considering her workplace wasn’t too far, and at this point in time, she didn’t see him to be a reasonable person who would stop and think about his actions. It was best to just act like he didn’t exist. That would surely be a huge slap in the face to him.

He’s just some pathetic, unemployed dude with nothing to do. I better not allow myself to descend to his level. Just like my American mama Michelle will say, when they go low, we go high!

“Na you, you figure sey what?” were the only words she heard, as she found the playlist she was looking for, and hit the Play button. The sounds of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ were blasting in her eardrums as she became oblivious to his speech.

She walked away without a care in the world.

Oblivious to the anger written on his face.

“Herh, so she bluff me? Oh saa? Ok. No problem. This is just the beginning. You this girl! I swear my father Kanto, you go smell pepper!”


“Aww, how cute. So he gave each of you GHc50?”


“Sweet! Then it’s settled. You two are taking me to KFC this weekend.”


Toby was busily listening to the twins narrate the day’s events of how they helped return the wallet of one gentleman who had come to visit their headmaster, and how he had rewarded them through the headmaster.

As he laughed at their resistance to his demands, Diamond, having returned from work, walked into the kitchen where they all were.

“Hey Forehead.”

“Hey loser.”

Standard greeting between her and Toby.

“DIAMONDDDD!” the twins exclaimed upon seeing her.

“My hunniessss!” she gushed as they rushed to embrace her. She hugged both of them tightly as Toby turned to give her a disinterested stare.

“Gentleman, what is your problem? Haven’t you seen a girl showing love to her babies before?” she scoffed, noting his blank gaze.

“Nope. And I’m definitely telling Maa what you said. As well as point out your emphasis on ‘her’. I can’t wait to see the goddess glue your eyelids together, like she said last week!” Toby’s response had them all laughing.

“Ah, Toby, I think your phone is ringing oo,” Serwaah said.

He strained to listen. Indeed, his phone was ringing. So he rushed to the dining room where it lay, but the call ended just as he picked it.

Just as he lifted it, he noticed there was a Facebook notification.

His stomach immediately experienced an ignition of flaming excitement. Is this it? Has she finally accepted my friend request?

He eagerly pressed the notification to open Facebook… only to see that it was one of those annoying notifications about a posting in one of the groups.

Ugh! This is slowly taking over my brain, for crying out loud! All I can think about is that moment she accepts my request. I need to cool it down before it consumes me.

Indeed, ever since he had sent the friend request, all he seemed to be obsessed with was the expectancy that she’d respond. The excitement of building a relationship with his heart’s desire was way too overwhelming, and it had him scrambling to the phone every time he heard a beep. It had been going on for a while, and he was getting tired of it.

He put the phone down and stood where he was for a moment, taking in a few quick breaths. When he was done, he said to himself, “Take it easy, Toby, take it easy. This is nothing to get worked up over. Just relax. Take it easy. She’ll reply when the time is right. No stress. No stress.”

Another deep breath followed, then a smile. “When it’s my time, nothing can stop me. Absolutely nothing!” he said aloud.

“Oh, Lord, he’s talking to himself. The problem is worse than I thought!” Diamond, coming out of the kitchen, taunted behind him.

Toby turned, ready to respond, but stopped. Diamond stuck out her tongue at him and went upstairs with a victorious smirk on her face as Toby stood there, ruing his lack of an equally savage response.

“Ugh! Damn! I’m out of forehead jokes!”


“Thank you for this ride, Oscar. I really appreciate it,” said Barbara, giving him the sweetest of looks.

“You’re welcome, Barbie.”

After spending half of the day in Osu, he happened to chance upon his dear crush at the Osu Mall on an outing herself. Perfect timing for him. They had spent a bit of time at Shoprite before deciding to leave for home.

“So this is where your friend stays?” Oscar asked, looking at the house which he had parked in front of.

“Yeah, Makuyo. She’ll be meeting me in a moment. OK, so thank you once again…”

“Umm, before you go… what I mentioned last night.”

Barbara looked down, seemingly flushed in the face. “Oscar… I… I’m not sure yet. There’s so much in the way right now and…”

Oscar held her chin and looked her in the eye. “I know, Barbs. I know. I’m not going to say much concerning all that, but I will tell you this: you know what I’m bringing to the table.”

Barbara looked at him silently.

“We’ve had quite some time to get to know each other, haven’t we? You have a fair idea of who Oscar Dolphyne is. From the beginning, that’s all I wanted; for you to know who I am, and not to just try impressing you with all sorts of nice things. That’s why I say such. And everything about you tells me that you appreciate me, so… I don’t need to say too much.”

Barbara’s eyes darted elsewhere, nodding rather reluctantly. “Well, it’s true, though. I know you’re a genuine guy, and that you don’t do fake things. I know you’re all about authenticity. I really appreciate that in a guy. But please, just give me some time.”

“I will, Barbie. Don’t worry. Take your time.”

She smiled at him. “Thank you.”

His hand still propping up her chin, he lovingly stroked it. “You’re such a beautiful girl, you know. Too beautiful.”

She started to laugh. “Ei, you, you want to make me shy this evening, eh?”

“Nah, just want to be truthful with you, that’s all.” He winked at her.

A small smile on her face, she looked outside and saw a familiar figure open the gate. “Maku is out now, I have to go.”

“Alright, Barbie. Had a good time. I’ll talk to you later, ayt?”

“Sure. Good night.”

He started the engine as she shut the door, and waved one last time before moving off and heading home.


Barbara and her friend Makuyo stood and watched as the white Toyota Yaris sped off and turned at the second right junction.

“Hm. So JJ say what?”

“He says I should consider him ooo.”

JJ? What kinda code name is that? Is Toby wasting his time with his beloved Naija babe? And this Desert Eagle boy kraaaa, why? Well, these situations oughta be resolved speedily. Let’s see what goes down in the second half of this first season of the Dolphynes

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