Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP6 – Authenticity

Time dey move, chale! I guess the Monday holidays made the weeks go faster than usual. Ah well, the earlier Fridays come, the better, right? We get to know woiz going on with Dabar’s beloved tribe!

For this week, let’s see a bit of one minor character who y’all probably haven’t had much encounter with. The sharp-tongued politician. Loool. Enjoy!

Transaction complete.

Emmanuel Adamtey nodded as those words showed up on his phone screen. He then put the phone on the bedside table and put his hands behind his head as he waited for the next 5 minutes to be up before stepping out of bed to prepare for the day, which included a discussion at one of the radio stations.

He had just sent some money into the account of the lady sleeping by him.

As he patiently awaited for the next set time of his alarm to arrive, he shook his head as he looked at her, deep in slumber.

I really marvel at how I encountered this girl.

Truth was, Adamtey, now in his late 40s, was an unashamed player. Only two things mattered to him: sex and dirty politics. He had been married about a decade or so ago, but his lust for young ladies was something he never sought to rid himself of before taking that walk down the aisle. Within sixteen months, he had already broken his vows, and his wife got tired of having to share him with others. She quickly filed for a divorce and left the country afterwards.

Given the way he dived right back into the player’s lifestyle, though, one didn’t have to be a genius to figure out that he had zero regrets. He did his possible best to keep his promiscuous lifestyle away from the spotlight, well aware that somebody could easily use it to tarnish his image, which undoubtedly wasn’t the best, considering his fiery attitude.

It’s sad how everyone wants to be a ping possy pipsqueak. Being all nice and cute when we need the straight hard truth. I do it, and everyone says I’m a horrible person. To hell with all them politically correct cowards! At least I have the party faithful solidly behind me…

And journalists! The way most of them annoy me. Always asking questions to subtly discredit you. Always trying to be smart and insinuate silly things. They’ve been pissing me off since I entered this political game. Idiots, all of them!

He had encountered Aniyah at a restaurant one evening. She was sitting by herself, a bottle of Coca-Cola on her table, looking like she was waiting for someone. As to whether she had been waiting for anyone or not was immaterial to Adamtey; once his eyes fell upon her ever-displayed cleavage and her legs which the short yellow dress failed to cover in any way, he knew what he wanted, and he had duly moved to her and flirted with her, and the rest, as they say… is history.

Two major thoughts about Aniyah ran through his mind…

One. Definitely one hell of a daft woman…

Adamtey had come to the conclusion a while back that Aniyah was a person whose intelligence controls had been set to permanent brain fart mode. So much of what she said made little to no sense to him. He often marveled at her statements pertaining to general knowledge of national affairs, as well as the factually inaccurate things she brought up regularly in their attempts at conversation.

It’s so funny how you still manage to display such lack of knowledge in this Google era. Goodness! Such a dumb slay queen.

Two. But, damn, is she just what little Emma needs…

The only reason why he hadn’t tossed her aside was the fact that not many women satisfied him sexually as well as Aniyah. He had been attracted to her body for a reason, and his expectation certainly hadn’t been disappointed.

As he lay there, he smiled as he thought of what an intense and satisfying time he had been given just a few hours ago. He had come to her house for the usual, and for him, at least, it had been a mind-blowing session. When it came to the real reason he had her around, she more than delivered.

Goddamn, that thong had me up in my levels. And that mini crop top. Set a fire in me like I’ve never known. Best night of enjoyment I’ve had this year, without a doubt. And I thought Karen and Haji had all the fruit I needed…

As the alarm went off, he grabbed his phone and pressed the silence button. Lifting himself up and stretching, he nodded with satisfaction at hearing the necessary bones crack.

“As for this one, I’ll just keep her around. I can’t let one of the sexiest toys go just like that. She might not have sense in any way, but then again, it’s not sense that keeps tiny Emma satisfied. So chale, I’ll just not engage her. Just keep her quiet with money, and when I need it, I’ll have it. Time to get back home so I can get to work,” he murmured to himself as he proceeded to put on his clothes, doing it quietly so as to not wake Aniyah up.

She stirred and opened her eyes as he was putting on his shoes. “Manny boo,” she murmured, reaching for his hand. “Do you have to leave so soon?”

“I have a radio discussion in a couple of hours,” he replied curtly. “I have to get going immediately. Talk to you later.”

Without so much as a look at her, he got up and exited the room.


I mean, it is so obvious and plain to see that this hospital crisis ongoing is solely the fault of government. This is an absolutely ineffective and useless government that has done next to nothing to advance the plight of Ghanaians. We need a change. We need competent leaders who will take our dear country to the next level. Not these bunch of crap jokers!”

“Hmmm,” came from Kwame as he sat in the car, listening to that fiery speech. As the panelists applauded, Oscar said, “Well, the prophet is celebrated in his hometown.”

“Ozzy, is that Mummy’s friend?” Anasah asked from the back seat.

“Yes oo, Anas. That’s Mr. Adamtey. He’s at one of his party’s radio stations. That’s why there’s no fighting.”

“Aha! That’s why. He should have been fighting by now.”

Kwame laughed. “It’s that bad?”

“Papa!” Anasah responded, moving forward. “Sometimes, we hear him when Daddy is taking us to school. He fights with the others 7 out of 10 times.”


“Kwame, it’s serious oo,” Oscar added. “I saw him on TV the first time a few days back. This guy practically told the other panelist that his girlfriend doesn’t know the difference between perfume and mosquito spray!”

Kwame put his hand over his mouth. “Oww! That’s just below the belt. Can’t he just stick to the issues without being so abusive?”

“Hmmm, this guy. His sticking to the issues includes being a nasty bastard. Nasty and unapologetic. And as for him being dealt with… it happened once. You should’ve seen how it turned into another political discussion altogether. His party claiming it’s a political witch-hunt and all. So now he has some freedom, so to speak.”

“Wow, that’s crazy.”

“Hello, guys!”

Oscar turned to look at the person who said that.

It was Adelaide. One of the lead singers at church. The girl his father had recently asked about.

“Hey Adelaide! What’s up? On an errand?”

She smiled, nodding. “Yes oo. Doing something for Pastor Lois as always.” Noticing the young one in the back, she waved to him. “Hey, Anasah! How are you?”

“I’m fine,”Anasah responded.

“Good, good. Send my greetings to Serwaah, okay?”

“Alright, I will.”

She turned her attention back to Oscar, the smile on her face a little too sweet. She looked like she had been fantasizing about chancing upon him throughout the day, and her little daydream had just come true.

“So what are you guys up to?”

“Oh, uh,” Oscar started, slightly unsettled by the bright expression on her face, “we’re just getting some stuff for the house, but we’re waiting a bit for the traffic to subside before we move. Early morning choke-up.”

“Oh yeah, this place can be crazy around this time. Oh well, nice seeing you,” Adelaide said, touching Oscar’s arm which was rested on the car door as the window was rolled down. “I’ll see you on Wednesday, OK?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Oscar responded, looking a little surprised by that brief brush of her hand against his arm. As she walked away, he had a puzzled look on his face.

Which changed as he looked in the rear view mirror and saw the mischievous look on his younger brother’s face. His eyes narrowed. “Anasah, don’t say anyth…”

“Adelaide likes you!” Anasah gleefully blurted out loud.

Oscar did the facepalm. “Ugh, I knew this would happen!”

“Well, Oscar, it does look like she has some affection for you,” Kwame said. “I mean, that smile on her face as she looked at you. We’ve seen her smile a couple of times, and none of them were as bright as this.”

Oscar shook his head as he held his forehead in his palm. “So Daddy knew what he was talking about when he asked me about her. Ugh! Well, she’s not a bad girl. But… you already know.” His eyes narrowed again as he looked in the rear view mirror. “And apparently, so does Sherlock Holmes Junior.”

Anasah giggled. “Yeah, we know it’s Barbara you want!”

“Kwame, trust me, it’s almost impossible to keep secrets from this boy. If he was alive in the 60s, he’d probably know who killed JFK.”

Kwame laughed. “Anas knows too much.”


“But, about Barbara, are you sure about this? Because from what I gathered, thanks to the incarnate Inspector Bediako sitting behind us, you’re not the only one interested in her. And that didn’t give me a good vibe at all.”

“Oh, I know. I know what’s going on. But trust me, that’s nothing to worry about. When you know what you have distinguishes you from the others, you don’t have to worry.”

“But Oscar,” Anasah interjected, “the other boys are doing a lot oo. Buying her gifts and the like. Chief Tay giving her lifts in that Range Rover of his, among others. Aren’t you concerned about that?”

Oscar smiled as he turned to look at Anasah. “Anas, Anas. I’m not concerned about that at all. You know why?”

Anasah shook his head.

Oscar then switched off the radio and turned to face the two.

“It’s simple. When it comes to the pursuit of women, too many of us guys have got it badly twisted. We think it’s all about splashing the cash and impressing the ladies. And that’s all these guys are doing. Chief Tay and the others. Behaving as if that’s all there is to relationships. Just showing her you have money.”

Anasah and Kwame watched him silently as he spoke.

“We all know there’s more to relationships than just the financial status of the guy. I mean, that can even end up being a veil that covers what really lies underneath. At the end of the day, all that cash can’t atone for him being a sensational drunkard, a habitual cheater or an abusive guy. What matters is authenticity. And that’s what I bring to the table.”

Anasah nodded.

“I can do what they do, can’t I? I mean, Daddy and Maa are well-to-do, and we’re a very comfortable family. I’m no poorer than the rest of the squad. But I present a real version of myself to Barbara. The real Oscar Paa Manu Dolphyne. Because I like her and I want her to be my girl, and it’ll take more than the greens and the purples and the browns to keep her.”

“But you know you still need to spend on her, right?” Kwame asked, a smug smirk on his face.

Oscar rolled his eyes. “You think I’m gonna walk into Pizza Hut with her and order a pizza and tell them my authenticity is enough currency? Is it not beating they’ll beat me?”

They all laughed out loud.

“Balance diɛɛ, it’s necessary. But all I’m saying is, the others are just following the ideas of this society to the extreme. Money sweet, money nice. But that’s not all there is to this thing. And I’m just looking to keep from that. The name of the game for me is realness. Authenticity. Letting Barbara see who I am and who she’s gonna be with once she says yes.”

“Well, I guess your mindset is in the right direction,” Kwame said, shrugging. “I just hope Barbara appreciates that, and that she’s not the kind of girl who is money-conscious, because those kind of girls will trash all your ‘authenticity’ sermons.”

“Oh, she’s not like that. For that, I’m sure. I’ve seen those kind of girls in operation before, and I know how heavily they’ll insult me for the truth I just spoke. Barbara is far from that. So I’m confident. She’s all about authenticity.”

“Umm, Oscar, brief distin I want to say,” Anasah requested.

“Yes, Anas?”

“Can you please stop mentioning that word ‘authenticity’? I’m getting tired of hearing it!”

Oscar looked at him with narrowed eyes once again. “You know, I was thinking of buying you white chocolate after this speech. I’ve changed my mind. And even if I do, it’s only for our little princess.”

“Oh, Oscar!”

“No ohs, boy.”

“Kwame, beg him for me.”

Kwame gave him the side-eye. “You’re on your own, please.”

So Oscar’s all about being real with his love interest and not being an unnecessary show-off. Interesting. Will that work in his favour? Only time will tell. See y’all next week!!

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