Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP5 – Chale, Is It Worth It?

We’re already a 100+ views deep in this series! I appreciate the fact that y’all are into this little tribe. Keeps me going. So it’s another Friday, and another episode of Meet The Dolphynes!

At this point, the major thing is, we’re all wondering what’s wrong with Desert Eagle. Such an infantile twat, chale! Well, let’s see what happens next…

“So you gave him my number?” Diamond hissed furiously. “Are you kidding me right now?”

Leonard, one of her fellow national service colleagues, stood there in the storeroom, a very sheepish expression, clearly unaware of how what had seemed harmless was sparking up such a rage. He had been approached by Desert Eagle, who spoke with such eloquence and a convincing tone of voice that the young man was easily lulled into his deception and gave Diamond’s number to him, believing he was one of the company’s numerous clients.

That morning, as Diamond was busily brooding over how Desert Eagle managed to get her number, after the numerous times she had flatly refused to let him have it, Leonard approached her in the storeroom, innocently asking if she had heard from the gentleman she was working with concerning a motorcycle. Immediately suspicious, she probed further, pushing past the fake identity Desert Eagle had given Leonard and discovered that it was him.

Needless to say, she was pissed, and was not happy that of all people, it was Leonard that had to be approached by Desert Eagle. She was never one to cast people in a bad light, but since the day she had set foot in that office, Leonard had done nothing to disprove her notion of him being a dull, bumbling doormat who was too easy to manipulate and deceive. And with this mistake, that impression of him was definitely indelibly stamped on her brain.

“I-I-I-I’m sorry, Diamond,” he stuttered. “H-h-he told me it had to do with business, and that he had your number, but had lost all his contacts. He seemed so genuine, I had no idea! I’m sorry.”

Diamond sighed, turning away from the stuttering colleague in front of her, muttering to herself.

Of all the stupid things to do! You know you’re supposed to direct all clients to the company, no matter what. You know how inappropriate it is to give one’s number to a stranger unless you’ve checked with the other person and it’s totally OK. Ugh, this guy!! Now he’s made himself the reason this fool had leeway to disturb my life.

“Umm, but… if I might ask, is he a pestering client or something?” Leonard asked nervously.

She shook her head, giving him the side eye. She could tell he was totally clueless when it came to issues of girls being harassed by guys, and she was already annoyed enough. Engaging him further would provoke the lioness in her. “Never mind. What’s been done has been done. I’ll deal with the issue myself.”

She walked out of the storeroom, leaving him perplexed even further.

As she returned to her seat, she looked at her phone in satisfaction. She had successfully blocked his number.

With time, he’ll see what a foolish boy he is, and grow up, she thought to herself as she got to making the entries for the day on her computer. As for that Leonard boy… let’s just pray he doesn’t cross my path again for the rest of the day. I wouldn’t like to rip him up and make him cry like the jon he is…


Nnenna Amadi.

Ever since the day he first set his sights on her, Toby was smitten hard.

It was during the exam season, while he and two of his colleagues were studying for their World History exam in one of the lecture halls. They had been hard at work, exchanging information and all. Then a gentleman by name Kumi entered the room, briefly seeking to see one of the colleagues Toby was studying with. And standing by the door, waiting for him, was this lovely girl by name Nnenna.

Truth was, Toby noticed her and was attracted, all right, but he thought it was just one of those things. It took a few more sightings of her during the exam period for the feelings to really get deep. By the time he was convinced that he had strong feelings for her, he was done with exams, and the likelihood of seeing her again before he left campus was quite low.

Until he decided to just snoop around the same area where they had been studying one particular morning before moving back home. He had had a strong inkling that she would be around. So the day after his last paper, he did such.

And lo and behold, when he entered the lecture hall he had been studying in, there she was, studying for her final paper.

It had taken a bit of strategic positioning and planning, but after she briefly stepped out to attend to some matters, Toby managed to find her and, for a couple of minutes, briefly engaged her. She was apparently two years ahead of him, and had quite a lot of struggles with the course. She was grateful for the little encouragement Toby had for her, thanking him, asking his name, and walking back to the classroom to continue her studies.

He hadn’t gotten the chance to ask for her number, and he preferred not to, feeling she would not be into giving her number to a stranger so quickly. But having gotten her full name, he knew of a good way to fish her out and find a way to be in touch with her.


So that afternoon, in the comfort of his room, he decided it was time to begin the pursuit the best way he could at that moment.

The search complete, the first profile he saw had the picture he was looking. And it brought that familiar fiery feeling in his belly. The same one he had experienced when his strategic positioning on that day they spoke was on point, and he came face to face with her.

He smiled as he opened her Facebook profile. I’ve found her. I’ve found the woman of my dreams!

That warm feeling in his gut maintained a comforting steadiness as he scrolled down her profile. Even though there wasn’t much to see from her. The last time she had posted anything on her profile was about five months ago.

No worries. I’m sure she still checks it every now and then.

He did the routine browsing through the profile, checking out her photos and the like. Afterwards, he noticed the left side of the screen. One little line caught his eye.

Followed by 2,433 people

“Herh, chale! This is serious!” he exclaimed. It was evident most of these followers were actually people who had sent friend requests, and were yet to get a response.

A wave of doubt swept over him at that point. Chale, Toby, is it worth it? See how sought after she is. Are you sure you stand a chance?

As he sat in front of his laptop on his bed, he struggled within himself. All these obstacles seemed to be telling him that Nnenna was not a girl he could get any time soon. A fine dime like her probably had a minimum of 7 guys proposing to her on a daily basis. At this rate, you’re at the back of the line kraaa ooo. In any case, how sure are you that she’ll want to settle down in Ghana with you? And she’s even older than you. You’ll be disappointed in the end, boy. Let it go.

But what if it actually does work out? You shouldn’t be discouraged by what you see. What if it actually works out, and this glorious Naija honey falls in love with you and commits wholly to you? And who said age is that important? Do you want to throw this away because of assumptions? Really? If your daddy had had that mindset, would you be here?

The second voice, as you’d expect, gingered Toby up. He nodded as he replayed the thought in his mind, especially the last question. Was he willing to throw away the opportunity when there was a potentially huge reward at the end?

He shook his head. “Definitely not throwing this away. Imagine if Daddy hadn’t made the move when necessary. This family wouldn’t be together. Man must rise to the challenge!”

Scrolling to the top of the profile, he took a deep breath, then clicked the Add Friend button.

“Besides,” he reasoned to himself as he got up from the bed, “we’ve met before. Just once, but it’s still a meeting. So she knows me. I know it’ll work. Most definitely!”


The door opened.

“Yo, D.E., here the SIM card dey.”

“Yoooooo, Agege! Agege! Thanks, chale. The way I dey hia this thing eh.”

“Why, MTN dey mess up, eh?”

“Ibi serious oo! The network be bad for here. I no dey buy data of late, coz e just go make waste, wey chale, money too no dey the system inside. Every pesewa be crucial.”

“That one diɛɛ, e never be lie. Things make tight, chale. Anyways, now that I manage get the thing give you, abi you make set that?”

“Yeah, chale. Everything be cool now. Thanks, chale.”

The two shook hands. Agege left.

The door was shut.

Desert Eagle held the SIM card with glee as he walked over to the dining table. Arriving there, he tossed it on the table.

Next to the six other SIM cards his other friends had brought to him.

He smirked as he rubbed his hands together.

“Oh yes. She might have blocked my number, but I prepare the backup long time. Ahh! A whole Desert Eagle, then you dey shout my top. Such nonsense! It’s not the small blocking that will stop me. I dey come give am hell make she see. Just waiting for the last piece of the puzzle…”

His soliloquy was interrupted by another knock on the door. He got up and rushed to it, opening to see his friend, Mawutor, holding a small phone.

“Yeah, Desert, chale, I find this small phone for my room inside. I charge am small before I on am. Everything dey work perfectly.”

“Sweet! Chale, thanks a lot.”

“No problem. So as your phone loss, this one go fit serve as backup. Na your neighbour diɛɛ, sey you go depend on am no be lie.”

“At all, chale. The way he dey bore me sef. Inobi desperation, anka I no go biz am for phone make I call you mpo.”

“Chale! Yawa guy first class. Anyways, forget am. This go sort you out for now.”

“Yeah, yeah. Thanks, chale.”

“No problem. We go talk later.”

The door was closed as Mawutor left.

A big, stupid grin on his face as he walked back to the table, he tossed the phone onto the table. The little fibs he had told his friends had paid off. Now he had everything he wanted.

“The final piece in my plan of revenge is complete! Now, I have two phones with which to torment the crap out of her. One to call and give it to her, another to give it to her via text. I swear my father kanto, she go regret big time. I no go give am breathing space sef. No mercy. None at all.”

Oh boy, this clearly isn’t ending just yet. This is beyond petty. We do have guys who can be that emotional and butthurt, though. Right? Well. This wahala gotta be dealt with soon. We’ll see…

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