Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP4 – Who Starts A Call Like That?

First Friday of my favourite month (for obvious reasons) has arrived!! Praise the Lord, somebody!! Alright, so the Dolphyne tribe is back yet again!

By the way, I’d like to show my lil appreciation to all of you who have shown support and enthusiasm at this series. It’s most definitely highly esteemed how y’all look forward to each episode. This will surely be an interesting ride! Anyways, let’s see what’s going on with them, shall we?

As the congregation shared the grace to signal the end of the service, Daniel shook hands with those around him, a big smile on his face.

“God bless you all, and see you on Wednesday!” the pastor announced as he placed the mic on the pulpit and walked down the stage to interact with a few of the members.

As he noted his colleagues from the bank, Mr. Woledzi and Mrs. Amankrah, moving with their individual families, he nodded and smiled.

Being the last born of three children, Daniel Dolphyne had experience of what it was like to be in a family truly united and present at all places. His parents had been one of the most respected couples in their church, and if social media hashtags were a thing back in the days of old, that Dolphyne family and #familygoals would have been synonyms. They were loved by many for being such a lovely reminder of how tight-knit a family should be. And it wasn’t just a matter of keeping up appearances; the bond was real.

Now a husband and a father, he certainly hadn’t failed to follow the trend, and somehow, every Sunday seemed to remind him of how blessed a man he was. Being the Chief Compliance Officer of one of the biggest banks in Ghana was an awesome thing, for sure, but juxtaposed against being the husband of the most amazing woman in the world and the father of five wonderful human beings? It definitely fell flat on its face, just like the statue of Dagon before the ark of the covenant.

So it was always a heart-breaker when he had to hear stories of broken homes and children split between either parent. It was a major reason why he had chosen to become a counsellor; to play his part in helping such issues minimize. And from the look of things, the two workers, who had come to him for help a few months earlier, were slowly but steadily getting their once-wrecked homes in order.

And that was enough to put a smile on Mr. Dolphyne’s face.


“Daddy! They said Kalyppo is finished!” Anasah yelled, running to his father, who was seated in the passenger seat of the car.

“Oh, then what do they have?”

“Vimto and the small-sized Ceres Apple Juice.”

“Hmmm, Vimto is too sweet. Go and buy the small-sized Ceres, alright?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Anasah replied obediently, receiving the GHc10 note. Of course, he would have preferred the Vimto, but his father wouldn’t bend, and anyways, Ceres was just as good. He sped off just as his mother showed up, yelling, “Hi Maa! I’m coming, Maa!!”

Larissa looked at her little boy in amusement as he ran off, then walked over to her husband. “Hey Daddy.”

“Hey baby,” he greeted. “Still can’t get over how big our Royal twins have become?”

“It’s serious, Danny! To think they were such cute little beings a while ago. Now look at how big they’ve become. Goodness, Danny, we’re getting old!”

Daniel laughed. “Twenty-four years have come by quickly, haven’t they?”

“They sure have… hmm… aha, why I’m here. You know that girl in the choir who usually leads when it’s time for offertory?”

Daniel nodded. “Adelaide or so, right?”

“Yes, Adelaide. You know, I’ve been observing her for a few weeks now. You know Oscar has to work with the choir every now and then. I’ve been watching her movements and all, and I think she has feelings for our son.”

Daniel looked pleasantly surprised. “Really?”

“Yep! The way she reacts to him, her body language, her smile whenever she’s looking at him or in his direction. I know when a girl likes a guy, and she’s ticking all the boxes perfectly. Plus I’ve overheard her in conversations with some of her friends and when Oscar is mentioned, plenty of giggles, and trust me, I’m well versed in the art of giggling. I know what fuels all kinds of giggles, and those giggles are definitely fueled by a crush.”

He shook his head and narrowed his eyes while looking sideways at his wife. “Lari, this isn’t just an observation thing. You’ve done a full-blown audit on the girl, haven’t you?”

She smirked. “You know me, babe. I’m all about that due diligence life!”

“Ha! Don’t I? I know you too well. So, you think Adelaide has a thing for Oscar?”

Larissa folded her arms and tapped her feet in mock impatience.

“Sorry, I mean, so you’ve successfully discovered that Adelaide has a thing for Oscar?”

“Better! Yes, I have! And I must confess, I’m personally all for it. She’s a good girl. If Oscar likes her too, hey, they have my blessing.”

“Well, I guess I’ll speak to the boy concerning it, then. Just in case he may or may not have noticed.”


“Mmmm, Adelaide? Well… sure, she and I are cool,” Oscar said, shrugging as he straightened himself in the sofa. The family was home now.

“But you don’t feel any… special vibe between you two? Or at least from her end?” Daniel asked.

Oscar shook his head. “Nahhh. We’re not tight like that, so I definitely don’t feel any kind of vibe. Much less a special one.”

“Oh well, just your old man being inquisitive. I was just asking. And don’t worry, I’m not trying to put any ideas in your head or force anyone on you.”

“Oh, no worries, Daddy. I know.”

“Good, good. Just don’t hesitate to talk to me when any of those issues come up. You know you don’t have dinosaurs as parents, right?”

Oscar burst into laughter. “Oh, Daddy!”

Daniel grinned. “Abi it’s the dinosaurs who are so old-fashioned, they don’t want to hear about anything pertaining to sex and relationships till you’re about 30. You know your mother and I could never be like that.”

“Oh yeah. For very obvious reasons. No worries, Daddy. I will when it’s time.”

Indeed, when it’s time. As for Adelaide, she’s cool, but nah. There’s only one girl my heart beats for, and it’s Barbara all the way!


“Neighbourhood what?” Kwame asked in surprise, looking at his little cousin.

“Neighbourhood hot cake,” Anasah answered. “The way most of the boys in this neighbourhood are chasing her.”

They were walking back from a shop in the neighbourhood having bought a can of starch spray for Daniel, when they noticed a Range Rover parked nearby, and a familiar figure stepped out and waved to the driver before walking off.


Upon seeing her, the 10 year old had exclaimed, “Eish, the neighbourhood hot cake!”

An interesting revelation.

“I see. She’s that wanted around here?”

“Most wanted girl here. I hear a lot. I know a lot of the boys who have been making moves on her. Chief Tay, that’s the one with the Range, Viper, White Tiger…”

Kwame looked at his cousin in bewilderment. “Viper? White Tiger? What kinda nicknames are those? She’s got wild animals chasing her?”

Giggling, Anasah shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t know their real names. All I know is that, and how they’ve meant her. Buying things for her and the like. And from what I see, she likes the treatment, so I wonder who will win.”

Kwame nodded. Is this why I felt aloof about her? Because she has many guys competing for her heart? Does Oscar know about this?…… Can’t be too sure. Maybe… maybe not…

“And you know,” Anasah continued, lowering his voice, with a bit of a mischievous look in his eyes, “I know another guy who is chasing her. Someone we know very well. He thinks nobody at home knows. But I do.”

Well! This youngster really knows stuff around here!


“YEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!” Diamond and Serwaah jumped up and down in the latter’s room, excited at having perfectly executed their own video of the dance moves at a recent fashion show which had gone viral. Having used the whole weekend, including Friday evening, to polish up on their moves, they were delighted to see their numerous practice sessions pay off with a flawless video of them doing the shaku shaku.

“Perfect job, Serwaah! If we upload this, it’s going viral, I tell you!” Diamond said delightedly, triumphant fist in the air.

“I know, I know!! Thanks to you! Best video director in the world!” Serwaah replied, still hopping excitedly in front of her big sister.

“Thank youuuu!” Diamond said, cupping her little sister’s cheeks in her palms. “And you’re the best 10 year old dancer I know. I love you too much, my darling. Kisses!”

The two blew a flurry of air kisses at each other.

“OK now, can you go and get me the bottle of sobolo I bought yesterday?”

“OK, I’m coming.” She ran out the door.

As Diamond laid back on her bed, her phone rang.

Looking at the number, it was unfamiliar, and had no Truecaller name. she frowned, wondering whether it was a wrong number or one of those Mobile Money scammers. She shrugged, however, and decided to answer. She pressed the answer button. “Hello?”

Silence on the other side.

“Uh, hello?”

Then she heard a scoff on the other end.

“Stupid girl.”

She was taken aback. Who the hell would start a phone call that way?

“Excuse me?”

“Idiot. You thought you could disgrace me and get away with it. You are mad. Sick in the head. Cheap trash. I sure sey your ass sef no be genuine. Botox things nkwaa.”

Then it clicked. It was the Desert Eagle guy!

She shook her head in disbelief. What kind of childish buffoon was this?

“Oh my God. Are you that immature? To call me and just rain all sorts of abuse on me just because I have a choice as to who I like and who I don’t like?”

“Get away! You’re a foolish girl. You no get sense. You fool pass. Imbecile!”

She immediately ended the call, already pissed off. She had encountered a couple of guys who took her rejection hard, but this was a whole new level of stupidity. “Goodness, imagine if I had said yes to him. Would’ve been one of the biggest errors of my life,” she said to herself.

The phone rang again. Same number.

She looked at the screen incredulously. What the hell does he want?!

She grabbed the phone, pressed the answer button again and spewed, “Listen, you immature little boy. Grow the hell up and learn to respect the opinions of women for once in your life. And if you have nothing better to say to me, stop calling me!”

She cut the call and tossed the phone back on the bed.

The phone started ringing again.

Diamond threw her hands up in frustration. “Oh my God, what is wrong with this guy?” This time, she pressed the reject button.

Unbelievably, he called yet again.

“Will you just leave me alone?” she shrieked, chucking the phone off the bed and throwing it at her open wardrobe.

“Dee, what’s wrong?”

She turned to see Serwaah looking at her, holding the bottle of sobolo in her hand.

She shook her head. “No, no, no. nothing’s wrong, baby, I just… had a bit of an issue with the editing. Those ad things.”

Serwaah nodded, although she looked slightly unconvinced. “Okay.”

Don’t stress yourself out, Dee. It’s just one infantile fool showing how much of a baby he is. Don’t sweat it, he’ll stop eventually. “Yeah, don’t worry. Just get my phone for me. Let me get back to editing and we’ll see what goes on from there.”

As Serwaah obediently walked to the wardrobe to retrieve the phone, one major question popped into Diamond’s mind.

Who the hell gave him my number?

Well, who did give him her number? And what kinda immature attitude is that? Sigh. And this Oscar-Barbara thing, is there hope? Well, I guess we just live to see another Friday, right?

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