Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP2 – I Just Can’t Let Go

Welcome back! Another Friday arrives, and that just means the story of the Dolphyne tribe continues. Last week, we got to see most of the family, and the lil issues the first 2 children currently have. I know most of y’all are really interested in what’s gonna happen with Diamond and Oscar. Well, we shall cross those rivers in due time. But let’s get into today’s episode!

And if per chance, you dunno woiz going on here (looool), just go here first, then return.

“Mr. Adamtey, please, would you withdraw the use of that word?”

“What word?”

“The word you used to describe the argument Mr. Ohene Asante just put across. It’s inappropriate for our viewers, so please withdraw it.”

“I should withdraw the word ‘useless’? For what reason? Isn’t it a useless and brainless argument he’s putting across?”

“Mr. Adamtey, please, we’re live on air…”

“And so what? As for me, I’m the bad guy, so even when I use these simple words, you are there telling me that I’m using offensive words. Yet, all those small boy communicators that think they know everything when they only have some useless A4 sheet called a Bachelor’s Degree will come and be as abusive as possible, and you’ll sit there and claim it’s their opinion. My friend, don’t come and annoy me this evening!”

“Mr. Adamtey! Mr. Adamtey…”

“Massa, don’t ‘Mr. Adamtey’ me. You these media houses, you already have your favourites, so when we are telling the people the truth, you want to mute us and promote their rubbish propaganda. Don’t irritate me!”

“Oyiwa! Bra Asumah, you see what his party faithful are made up of? No wonder things went so bad for this country during their time in office. Blatant arrogance on display! Right in front of the discerning public.”

“Hey, look here! You better watch who you’re talking to. If you don’t take care, I’ll beat you up so bad, that your cheap girlfriend that doesn’t know the difference between expensive perfume and mosquito spray won’t recognize you…”

“Herh, how dare you bring my girlfriend into the issue! Who the hell do you think you are?”


As the discussion, now turning into a heated fight, was quickly taken off air, Oscar stared at the screen, mouth wide open. “Wow. From 0 to a 100 so quickly.”

Daniel shook his head, gesturing at the screen as he looked at his son. “You see your mother’s best friend?”

Larissa, who had cuddled next to him, gave him a side eye. “Gentleman, behave yourself.”

“Ei! I’d always heard that this man was a firebrand, but chale, this was intense,” Oscar said, still pretty amazed. “And that jab on his girlfriend. Herh! Out-of-this-world savagery!”

“That man is just downright nasty. Bullies everyone. Even when he’s speaking the truth, it’s difficult to accept it because of how he is,” Larissa said, now sitting up. “And it’s unfortunate, because that happens more often than not. But the insults and crude language is just a put-off. I mean, look at this. Why go so personal? Hoh! No wonder people are tired of politics. With stupid pieces of trash like him and that Ohene Asante guy, another very cheeky idiot, what do you expect? Fools galore in GH politics!”

“Easy, Lari,” Daniel pleaded. If there’s anything that got his wife riled up, it was the crude nature of the modern Ghanaian politician. “Easy. You, I beg, let me change the station.”

“Good. Before I get any more pissed.”

“My sugar mummy, relax,” Oscar said soothingly, a smirk on his face. “Think of happy things. Like Auntie Maggie’s sobolo. Or Ceres apple juice. Oh, and most of all, think of nkate-cake! We all know how much you love nkate-cake!”

Larissa gave him a side eye and smirked. “Fine, fine. I’m cool now. No fury.”

“Hey Daddy!”

Diamond walked into the living room, a cup of hot steaming Milo in her hand.

“Hello Diamond!”

“Hey rival!”

Wo tiri so rival!”

Diamond and Oscar burst into laughter.

If there was anything that could not be disputed, it was that Diamond, the 24 year old senior child of the house, simply adored her 10 year old twin siblings. Doting on them almost everyday, she practically went to the extent of calling them her babies, and turned it into a running gag in the Dolphyne household, taunting her mother that she was looking to steal her place as their mother. Larissa knew better than to take her seriously, and always dismissed her gags. Which, of course, encouraged Diamond to continue.

“By the way, Dee, are Anasah and Serwaah asleep? They stayed up a little too late last night. I don’t like them being awake past 10 o’ clock during weekdays.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Ma. My babies are already in bed. They were asleep by 9:45.”

“Oh, OK. That’s about an hour ago. Good, good.”

Diamond frowned. Definitely not the reaction she was looking for.

“Oh yeah, and for the avoidance of doubt, I’m pretending you didn’t use that pronoun and emphasize it on top just to annoy me. I refuse to be moved,” Larissa added, without even looking at her.

Diamond laughed again. Just what she wanted: a reaction from her mother.

“Ma, it’s not her fault. These days, they’ve been hyping girls with big foreheads, so she’s started feeling big bi aama,” Oscar slyly said, prompting a dirty look from Diamond.

“Herh, young man, you can’t be attacking her like that,” Larissa shot at him. “What do you mean? That’s my first baby you’re talking about. My mini me.”

Oscar looked at his mother blankly. Not for the first time, though. He always did that when he teased Diamond and she came to her defence, and it was usually right after she had been taunted by her daughter.

“Awwwwwwww!” Diamond gushed. Putting down her cup, she made a mocking face at Oscar before rushing to Larissa’s side, saying, “my twinnieeeeeeeee!”

“My loooveeeeee!” Larissa responded, stretching out her arms for a hug. “Kisses!!”

With Diamond comfortably in her mother’s arms, they blew a flurry of air kisses at each other.

“Why you so fine, ma?” Larissa asked sassily.

“Coz I got a fine ma!” Diamond responded with as much sass.

Oscar looked at his father. The two of them shook their heads and muffled their laughter.


“So how’s it going so far?”

“Oh, I’m settling in quite well. The family has been nice so far. Uncle Danny and Auntie Larissa might be busy, but they’re definitely doing their best to make me feel at home.”

“Good, good.”

Clayton Benson, born of a Canadian man and a Ghanaian mother, was undoubtedly a successful man. A lover of all things related to aviation, he had utilized the investments his father had made for him since his childhood and founded his own airline, which he named Bersson Air. There was no particular reason for the name; he just thought it sounded cool.

Having lost his wife to a mysterious case of food poisoning a decade and a half earlier when Kwame, their only child, was thirteen years old, he and his son had formed a strong bond as he made the choice to stay single and raise his son while chasing his lifelong dream. Bersson Air had been in operation for the past five years, and it was nothing short of satisfying to see his passion flourishing.

“How are your cousins adjusting to you?”

“Oh, so far so good on that count too. Of course, there’s not too much I can talk about with the twins. But the others are cool. Oscar is very nice. Very, very nice. And so is Toby, although we’re yet to have a real conversation. For Diamond, she’s busy with work, so we haven’t really had much time to bond. But she seems free too. She mentioned something about taking us to some local restaurant this weekend. Saying that now I’m here, I should get used to the food here. No more burger and chips alone!”

Clayton laughed. “Oh yeah, that’s very necessary. Time to re-acquaint yourself with the real taste of GH food.”

“Sure! Finally tried out GH waakye this afternoon. Definitely superior to what they sell at Madam Denise’s shop.”

“Of course. Of course. Denise does her best, but what the vintage Amelia will prepare always will be superior. Anyways, things are getting better with the airline. Just purchased a new Airbus A310-300. So things are moving along nicely.”

“Sweet!! Any progress on getting a hub in Abu Dhabi?”

“Still working on it.”

“Great!! We’re getting there. Mama is proud of you, I know.”

“I know, son. And we’ll continue to make her proud. Well, I have to get ready for a quick meeting with my lawyer. You’re getting ready for bed, right?”

“Yeah. It’s 10:44 over here. 7 hour difference.”

“Alright, then. I’ll speak to your uncle and auntie later. Good night, sonny.”

“Good night, Dad.”

As he hung up, there was a knock on his door.


As Toby took his seat on his cousin’s bed, he felt nervous, having last-minute doubts about whether it was a good idea to let this secret be revealed. As Kwame sat up, he decided to push those doubts away. It’s best I get this off my chest.

“Yeah, so I know we haven’t spoken much since you arrived, but, I kinda feel like sharing this with someone I deem trustworthy. And I can’t help but feel like you are. Not that my fam isn’t, but… you know, sometimes the confidentiality thing…”

Kwame nodded. “I get what you mean.”

“Thanks, man. Ummm… so… it’s about this girl…”

Kwame nodded, the look on his face conveying an expectancy that it had to do with relationships.

“…this girl I met in school during the exam period. A Naija girl.”

“Oooh, Nigerian chic! Interesting. Go on.”

“Hehehe, yeah. Well, she’s so gorgeous. I didn’t really get to talk to her during the exams. It was afterwards that I met her briefly and tried to talk to her. Her name is Nnenna. Sweet lady. Since it was an introduction thingy, I didn’t seek to get her number. My issue is… Kwame, I can’t get her out of my mind. I’ve never felt so strongly about any girl before.”

“Mmmm, interesting. The feeling is deep?”

“Extremely! And I know I wanna make her mine. I just have to. That feeling that tells you not to let a good thing slip away? That’s what I’m feeling. But… I just wonder if I have a chance. Because, good Lord, baby girl got sauce! And I know she’s back in Nigeria by now, and chale, the boys there… it just looks like the odds aren’t in my favour, especially considering we don’t have each other’s contact. But that fire within, chale. I just can’t let her go. So I wanted some advice on it.”

Kwame adjusted his position on the bed, his brow furrowed as he seemed deep in thought. After a couple of seconds, he started, “Well… I really don’t know… you want to know my thoughts?”

Toby nodded.

“Well, to be brutally honest, at face value, this seems like serious infatuation to me. I mean, she must be super hot for you to be so enthralled by her. Because when it comes to the sons of Mr. Daniel Dolphyne, you guys must have high standards.”

The two laughed. “The love for women like our mother is deep. Must be a bloodline distin,” Toby joked.

“No jokes. Anyway, back to the issue. Personally, it sounds like physical attraction to me. But… I’ve honestly heard of stories like these where the guy sees a girl and is smitten on sight, and after a while actually gets the girl. Crazy sets of circumstances. I don’t know if this situation will be similar. But… all I can say is, don’t dive all in for now.”

Toby sat silently, listening to him. The look on his face expressed a bit of discontent.

“I know your feelings must be telling you a different story, saying you must go all out. But that’s not a good idea. You may end up burned real bad. Just take your time and think through this logically. I hate to be a wet blanket, but I personally think it might be just a crush. But you never know. Just take it easy for now. When are you supposed to go back to school?”


“Alright, so there are a few months in between. Just let the feelings settle down. Let time take its course.”

Toby nodded, getting ready to leave. “Alright, then. Thanks a lot. I feel a lot better being able to open up.”

“No problem. Thanks for considering me trustworthy enough. Promise I won’t tell anybody else.”

Toby cracked a smile and gave him a thumbs up. “Highly appreciated.”

As he closed the door behind him, he closed his eyes and began to rationalize to himself.

Look, at least he said there’s still a possibility. Even though he thinks it’s not gonna amount to much. There’s still a chance. I just can’t let go of Nnenna so easily. I just can’t. I can feel it in my bones; she’s the queen I’m meant to be with. That girl is the one!

Well, this third Dolphyne child has quite an interesting issue on his hands. Wonder how that’s going to pan out. And yeah, the foundation’s being laid. Things should get interesting in the next couple of weeks. Let’s see what the next Friday brings!

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