Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP3 – Office Sessions & Vengeance

Another Friday, another #MTD episode! So we’ve had 2 encounters with the lil Dolphyne tribe. Time to go deeper and discover warris gonna be happening in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, can I give a couple of shout-outs? Special shout-outs to Aseye (Adzo baby!😘😘), Edwina (my only golden lady💛💛) and Yvonne (one of my favourite foreheads😍😍), who celebrated their birthdays this week. Some of my beloved No. 9 gehs, hehe. And a special one to all my people that wrote the Law School Entrance Examination. Y’all did your part, God will definitely give you the victory!!

OK, I’m done with that. Let’s get into the story now…

“Look at her. Inhale fineness for the where?” Toby said scornfully, looking at his phone as he viewed his big sister’s status. “As for Diamond and her bathroom selfies…”

“She likes those things too much. If I wasn’t driving, like she’ll tell her something,” Oscar added, a grin of mischief on his face as he kept his eyes on the road.

“Don’t worry. I’m giving it to her right now.”

Kwame, sitting at the back of the car, shook his head in amusement. “You guys don’t like being nice to your sister, do you?”

“Nah, too boring,” the brothers said in unison.

Kwame stifled his laughter.

It was a lovely Monday morning, and the boys, being free, decided to take Kwame out to see the few malls in town. For starters, they were heading to the Palm Squares. Someway somehow, that was their favourite mall. Something neither their parents nor Diamond really understood, but they weren’t bothered.

As the traffic light turned green and Oscar stepped on the accelerator, Toby mischievously read out the response he was sending to Diamond. “Forehead reflecting the lights too much. Punctuated with a couple of emotionless face emojis!”

Kwame shook his head again. “You guys won’t leave Dee’s forehead alone anytime soon, will you?”

“In this season where girls with big foreheads are a target? No please,” Oscar replied. “Like we said, it’s too boring being nice to her. The twins will do that. She gushes over them 25/8, anyways.”

“Yeah. Our ‘Red Dress’ twins,” Toby added with a smirk on his face.

“Red Dress?” Kwame asked.

“Oh yeah,” Toby responded, turning to give him a mischievous grin. “The Red Dress twins.”

“I’m confused.”

“Haha. Well, legend has it that one night, Daddy and Ma had a little date night, and Ma showed up in this absolutely stunning red dress…”

Toby was cut short as the engine stopped, and the Toyota Yaris ceased movement in front of the Palace Mall, just as Oscar was turning in. The manual car it was, he had misjudged the half-clutch after slowing down, and the engine had stalled.

“Aargh! Little error in judgment, guys. Hold on,” Oscar grunted. He quickly switched on the hazard lights and put his hand out the window to apologize for the sudden stop as he readied himself to start up the engine.

The white Mercedes C250 behind them however, was not exactly sympathetic.

Oscar was startled and confused as the driver in the car beeped its horn relentlessly, showing a ridiculous level of impatience.

“Ah, but what’s wrong with the person? Can’t they see the hazard lights are on?” Toby said, surprised by the show of unreasonableness behind them.

“I don’t know!” Oscar responded, clearly disoriented by the incessant honking, unable to start the car.

Toby rolled down his window and put out his hand to indicate that the car couldn’t move and the driver could pass by, while Kwame turned to look at who it was that was acting so petty. He noticed a young lady behind the wheel, looking rather incensed.

“Oh, but can’t she just pass by without all this unnecessary noise?” Kwame asked, unamused by her actions.

Suddenly, she turned to the left and moved to the side of their car, windows rolled down.

“You stupid idiots! Do you think the road is your grandfather’s property that can be wasting my time? Fools!” she shrieked furiously at them before speeding off. From the looks of it, she was so impatient, she blatantly crossed the red light ahead, almost knocking down one of the hawkers around that area.

The guys were stunned, to say the least. Oscar managed to start up the engine, and moved on, shaking his head. “Some people in this country really don’t have sense.”

“Seriously. For goodness sake, the hazard lights were on. That should have given her a hint,” Kwame added, clearly disgusted by what had just happened. “Gracious. She could have just passed by us, without all this.”

“Hmm. Mad people on this road all around, chale,” Toby said. “She jumped the red light too. Very lucky there’s no policeman around. Else she’d be in trouble.”

“The hawkers aren’t amused at all,” Oscar said as they turned in to the entrance of the mall. “Look at the plantain chips seller in the PSG jersey. I think she almost ran him over. Saw him giving her the middle one. Even if you’re in a hurry, is it worth knocking someone over? Hoh!”

“Just look at that. Well, forget about her. No need for one deranged witch to spoil our day,” Kwame said as Oscar found a parking spot. Briefly checking his WhatsApp status, he noticed the status Diamond put up. First, the selfie that the guys were trolling her over, which was undoubtedly beautiful. Then a new one: Is there any place where exchange of siblings is allowed? I need new brothers 😑😑

The memory of the rude lady already taking a backseat, he grinned and announced, “Guys! Check your WhatsApp. Shots have officially been fired!”


Aniyah walked into the car park of the Voltage Office, a dark expression on her face. Damn it, this day couldn’t have been more annoying, she thought to herself as she walked up the steps to the main building. If that silly girl is there and she gives me any attitude, I’m ripping her eyeballs out.

If any day had seemingly decided to leave her super irritated and touchy, it was that day. From the moment she had woken up, it was as if the universe had taken a decision to ensure her plans for the day would be frustrated. Delays upon delays, from her trip to the bank to actually getting her business at the bank done. The impatient personality she was, she hadn’t held back in letting loose upon those who were assisting the universe in being such a jerk to her. From the idiots in that cheap Toyota Yaris to that silly plantain chips seller to the pathetic teller keeping her waiting for almost 15 minutes… nobody was free from the wrath of Aniyah Johnson when it flared up.

“Oh, thank goodness most of the workers aren’t around, especially that annoying secretary,” she said to herself as she made her way to the main man’s room. Most of the workers were out on break, and the secretary in question had gone to the washroom. She had already taken notice of Aniyah’s two visits to the office and often gave her this subtle look of disapproval, letting her know she was not convinced by the assertions of her boss that she was just another client.

Knocking on the door of the particular office she was headed to, she heard a gruff voice say loudly, “Come in.” She entered to find him sitting in his chair, looking pensive and thoughtful.

Dropping her bag and sunglasses on the chair nearby, she let out a big sigh and began. “Oh, Jesus Christ of Jamaica, Manny, you won’t believe how infuriating the day has been! Almost as if Mother Earth decided she’s going to be an absolute bitch to me today. Stupid drivers on the road, those low-life sellers on the street… honestly, Manny, if you guys get back into power, you so need to get those pieces of trash off the road and dump them in some camps far away from civilization. Ugh!”

Looking at her, he shook his head in amusement. “Not if, Aniyah. When we get back into power. Because we most surely will. And anyways, sorry about that. At least, you’re here. That’s what matters.”

“Oh yeah. At least Mother Earth couldn’t stop me from giving you lunch,” she said flirtatiously, moving in front of him to give him a full view of the body he had been lustfully daydreaming about since he left the house that morning.

His eyes already keenly focused on her, moving from her tight high waist jeans to her flowery blouse that made no attempt to cover her cleavage, he nodded, clearly excited by what he saw. “Was Rosa there?”

“That silly secretary of yours? Nope.”

“Good.” He sprung up and walked to the door, locking it. Then he moved to the windows and closed the blinds. Aniyah simply took off her heels and sat on his desk, smirking as she watched him ensure what was going to happen was as clandestine as possible. She unbuttoned her blouse as well.

Crossing her legs, she seductively called out, “Come get your bone, you hungry German shepherd!”

Closing the last blinds and nodding in satisfaction at the darkness of the room, he turned to see her comfortably seated and waiting for him. He stormed over to the table, testosterone levels at their zenith.

“You have no idea how hungry I am for those fruits of yours!”

Her brief giggles were silenced as he ravenously went straight for her lips for a couple of seconds before taking her blouse off and tossing it elsewhere as he proceeded to pull her jeans off.

Just another day of steamy, illicit passion between Emmanuel Adamtey and Aniyah Johnson.


Desert Eagle sat alone at his table at the waakye seller’s joint, silently observing Diamond and her friend as they came from the opposite direction, carrying their lunch for the day.

Barely paying attention to the food in front of him, his eyes narrowed as he observed her happily chatting with her colleague.

It had been a few days since that last rejection, and he was still livid.

As to what gave her the audacity to constantly say no to him, he had no idea, but what was certain in his mind was that it was totally unacceptable. Girls rarely said no to him, and even when they did, it was only a matter of time until they changed their minds and gave him carte blanche to do as he pleased with them.

And none of them had ever spoken to him as harshly as she did, as far as his memory could recollect. That outburst of hers had really delivered a nasty blow to his ego. How dare she talk to me like that? Such disrespect!

He might have given her a rainstorm of acrimony after she said that. But in reality, that was just the tip of the iceberg. He was not going to let her off the hook that easily. No way.

“Stupid girl,” he muttered to himself as she and her colleague went through the gate to their workplace. “Behaving as if your body is made out of gold. Nonsense! As if you be the only one you get curves like that. Bloody fool. Abi I say you go see your morda for here. For real, chale. Nobody trashes Desert Eagle like that. You figure sey you fit toy around plus gun, wey you no go hurt? She go see paa.”

He briefly paused to take a spoonful or two of the food, which was starting to become a hub for flies. Waving his hand to ensure those hovering around would stay far away from the still-quite-full plate, he nodded, an evil smirk on his face.

He had a plan.

“No two ways about it. By the time I’m through with that girl eh, she’ll regret ever letting it cross her mind to bounce me. She go regret to the extent sey she fit consider suicide. Mark it on the wall.”

Well, this is some level of salty and petty. What the heck is he up to? And that brash politician too doesn’t seem to respect himself that much to be doing tins in his office. Ah well, we wait to see what happens…

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP2 – I Just Can’t Let Go

Welcome back! Another Friday arrives, and that just means the story of the Dolphyne tribe continues. Last week, we got to see most of the family, and the lil issues the first 2 children currently have. I know most of y’all are really interested in what’s gonna happen with Diamond and Oscar. Well, we shall cross those rivers in due time. But let’s get into today’s episode!

And if per chance, you dunno woiz going on here (looool), just go here first, then return.

“Mr. Adamtey, please, would you withdraw the use of that word?”

“What word?”

“The word you used to describe the argument Mr. Ohene Asante just put across. It’s inappropriate for our viewers, so please withdraw it.”

“I should withdraw the word ‘useless’? For what reason? Isn’t it a useless and brainless argument he’s putting across?”

“Mr. Adamtey, please, we’re live on air…”

“And so what? As for me, I’m the bad guy, so even when I use these simple words, you are there telling me that I’m using offensive words. Yet, all those small boy communicators that think they know everything when they only have some useless A4 sheet called a Bachelor’s Degree will come and be as abusive as possible, and you’ll sit there and claim it’s their opinion. My friend, don’t come and annoy me this evening!”

“Mr. Adamtey! Mr. Adamtey…”

“Massa, don’t ‘Mr. Adamtey’ me. You these media houses, you already have your favourites, so when we are telling the people the truth, you want to mute us and promote their rubbish propaganda. Don’t irritate me!”

“Oyiwa! Bra Asumah, you see what his party faithful are made up of? No wonder things went so bad for this country during their time in office. Blatant arrogance on display! Right in front of the discerning public.”

“Hey, look here! You better watch who you’re talking to. If you don’t take care, I’ll beat you up so bad, that your cheap girlfriend that doesn’t know the difference between expensive perfume and mosquito spray won’t recognize you…”

“Herh, how dare you bring my girlfriend into the issue! Who the hell do you think you are?”


As the discussion, now turning into a heated fight, was quickly taken off air, Oscar stared at the screen, mouth wide open. “Wow. From 0 to a 100 so quickly.”

Daniel shook his head, gesturing at the screen as he looked at his son. “You see your mother’s best friend?”

Larissa, who had cuddled next to him, gave him a side eye. “Gentleman, behave yourself.”

“Ei! I’d always heard that this man was a firebrand, but chale, this was intense,” Oscar said, still pretty amazed. “And that jab on his girlfriend. Herh! Out-of-this-world savagery!”

“That man is just downright nasty. Bullies everyone. Even when he’s speaking the truth, it’s difficult to accept it because of how he is,” Larissa said, now sitting up. “And it’s unfortunate, because that happens more often than not. But the insults and crude language is just a put-off. I mean, look at this. Why go so personal? Hoh! No wonder people are tired of politics. With stupid pieces of trash like him and that Ohene Asante guy, another very cheeky idiot, what do you expect? Fools galore in GH politics!”

“Easy, Lari,” Daniel pleaded. If there’s anything that got his wife riled up, it was the crude nature of the modern Ghanaian politician. “Easy. You, I beg, let me change the station.”

“Good. Before I get any more pissed.”

“My sugar mummy, relax,” Oscar said soothingly, a smirk on his face. “Think of happy things. Like Auntie Maggie’s sobolo. Or Ceres apple juice. Oh, and most of all, think of nkate-cake! We all know how much you love nkate-cake!”

Larissa gave him a side eye and smirked. “Fine, fine. I’m cool now. No fury.”

“Hey Daddy!”

Diamond walked into the living room, a cup of hot steaming Milo in her hand.

“Hello Diamond!”

“Hey rival!”

Wo tiri so rival!”

Diamond and Oscar burst into laughter.

If there was anything that could not be disputed, it was that Diamond, the 24 year old senior child of the house, simply adored her 10 year old twin siblings. Doting on them almost everyday, she practically went to the extent of calling them her babies, and turned it into a running gag in the Dolphyne household, taunting her mother that she was looking to steal her place as their mother. Larissa knew better than to take her seriously, and always dismissed her gags. Which, of course, encouraged Diamond to continue.

“By the way, Dee, are Anasah and Serwaah asleep? They stayed up a little too late last night. I don’t like them being awake past 10 o’ clock during weekdays.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Ma. My babies are already in bed. They were asleep by 9:45.”

“Oh, OK. That’s about an hour ago. Good, good.”

Diamond frowned. Definitely not the reaction she was looking for.

“Oh yeah, and for the avoidance of doubt, I’m pretending you didn’t use that pronoun and emphasize it on top just to annoy me. I refuse to be moved,” Larissa added, without even looking at her.

Diamond laughed again. Just what she wanted: a reaction from her mother.

“Ma, it’s not her fault. These days, they’ve been hyping girls with big foreheads, so she’s started feeling big bi aama,” Oscar slyly said, prompting a dirty look from Diamond.

“Herh, young man, you can’t be attacking her like that,” Larissa shot at him. “What do you mean? That’s my first baby you’re talking about. My mini me.”

Oscar looked at his mother blankly. Not for the first time, though. He always did that when he teased Diamond and she came to her defence, and it was usually right after she had been taunted by her daughter.

“Awwwwwwww!” Diamond gushed. Putting down her cup, she made a mocking face at Oscar before rushing to Larissa’s side, saying, “my twinnieeeeeeeee!”

“My loooveeeeee!” Larissa responded, stretching out her arms for a hug. “Kisses!!”

With Diamond comfortably in her mother’s arms, they blew a flurry of air kisses at each other.

“Why you so fine, ma?” Larissa asked sassily.

“Coz I got a fine ma!” Diamond responded with as much sass.

Oscar looked at his father. The two of them shook their heads and muffled their laughter.


“So how’s it going so far?”

“Oh, I’m settling in quite well. The family has been nice so far. Uncle Danny and Auntie Larissa might be busy, but they’re definitely doing their best to make me feel at home.”

“Good, good.”

Clayton Benson, born of a Canadian man and a Ghanaian mother, was undoubtedly a successful man. A lover of all things related to aviation, he had utilized the investments his father had made for him since his childhood and founded his own airline, which he named Bersson Air. There was no particular reason for the name; he just thought it sounded cool.

Having lost his wife to a mysterious case of food poisoning a decade and a half earlier when Kwame, their only child, was thirteen years old, he and his son had formed a strong bond as he made the choice to stay single and raise his son while chasing his lifelong dream. Bersson Air had been in operation for the past five years, and it was nothing short of satisfying to see his passion flourishing.

“How are your cousins adjusting to you?”

“Oh, so far so good on that count too. Of course, there’s not too much I can talk about with the twins. But the others are cool. Oscar is very nice. Very, very nice. And so is Toby, although we’re yet to have a real conversation. For Diamond, she’s busy with work, so we haven’t really had much time to bond. But she seems free too. She mentioned something about taking us to some local restaurant this weekend. Saying that now I’m here, I should get used to the food here. No more burger and chips alone!”

Clayton laughed. “Oh yeah, that’s very necessary. Time to re-acquaint yourself with the real taste of GH food.”

“Sure! Finally tried out GH waakye this afternoon. Definitely superior to what they sell at Madam Denise’s shop.”

“Of course. Of course. Denise does her best, but what the vintage Amelia will prepare always will be superior. Anyways, things are getting better with the airline. Just purchased a new Airbus A310-300. So things are moving along nicely.”

“Sweet!! Any progress on getting a hub in Abu Dhabi?”

“Still working on it.”

“Great!! We’re getting there. Mama is proud of you, I know.”

“I know, son. And we’ll continue to make her proud. Well, I have to get ready for a quick meeting with my lawyer. You’re getting ready for bed, right?”

“Yeah. It’s 10:44 over here. 7 hour difference.”

“Alright, then. I’ll speak to your uncle and auntie later. Good night, sonny.”

“Good night, Dad.”

As he hung up, there was a knock on his door.


As Toby took his seat on his cousin’s bed, he felt nervous, having last-minute doubts about whether it was a good idea to let this secret be revealed. As Kwame sat up, he decided to push those doubts away. It’s best I get this off my chest.

“Yeah, so I know we haven’t spoken much since you arrived, but, I kinda feel like sharing this with someone I deem trustworthy. And I can’t help but feel like you are. Not that my fam isn’t, but… you know, sometimes the confidentiality thing…”

Kwame nodded. “I get what you mean.”

“Thanks, man. Ummm… so… it’s about this girl…”

Kwame nodded, the look on his face conveying an expectancy that it had to do with relationships.

“…this girl I met in school during the exam period. A Naija girl.”

“Oooh, Nigerian chic! Interesting. Go on.”

“Hehehe, yeah. Well, she’s so gorgeous. I didn’t really get to talk to her during the exams. It was afterwards that I met her briefly and tried to talk to her. Her name is Nnenna. Sweet lady. Since it was an introduction thingy, I didn’t seek to get her number. My issue is… Kwame, I can’t get her out of my mind. I’ve never felt so strongly about any girl before.”

“Mmmm, interesting. The feeling is deep?”

“Extremely! And I know I wanna make her mine. I just have to. That feeling that tells you not to let a good thing slip away? That’s what I’m feeling. But… I just wonder if I have a chance. Because, good Lord, baby girl got sauce! And I know she’s back in Nigeria by now, and chale, the boys there… it just looks like the odds aren’t in my favour, especially considering we don’t have each other’s contact. But that fire within, chale. I just can’t let her go. So I wanted some advice on it.”

Kwame adjusted his position on the bed, his brow furrowed as he seemed deep in thought. After a couple of seconds, he started, “Well… I really don’t know… you want to know my thoughts?”

Toby nodded.

“Well, to be brutally honest, at face value, this seems like serious infatuation to me. I mean, she must be super hot for you to be so enthralled by her. Because when it comes to the sons of Mr. Daniel Dolphyne, you guys must have high standards.”

The two laughed. “The love for women like our mother is deep. Must be a bloodline distin,” Toby joked.

“No jokes. Anyway, back to the issue. Personally, it sounds like physical attraction to me. But… I’ve honestly heard of stories like these where the guy sees a girl and is smitten on sight, and after a while actually gets the girl. Crazy sets of circumstances. I don’t know if this situation will be similar. But… all I can say is, don’t dive all in for now.”

Toby sat silently, listening to him. The look on his face expressed a bit of discontent.

“I know your feelings must be telling you a different story, saying you must go all out. But that’s not a good idea. You may end up burned real bad. Just take your time and think through this logically. I hate to be a wet blanket, but I personally think it might be just a crush. But you never know. Just take it easy for now. When are you supposed to go back to school?”


“Alright, so there are a few months in between. Just let the feelings settle down. Let time take its course.”

Toby nodded, getting ready to leave. “Alright, then. Thanks a lot. I feel a lot better being able to open up.”

“No problem. Thanks for considering me trustworthy enough. Promise I won’t tell anybody else.”

Toby cracked a smile and gave him a thumbs up. “Highly appreciated.”

As he closed the door behind him, he closed his eyes and began to rationalize to himself.

Look, at least he said there’s still a possibility. Even though he thinks it’s not gonna amount to much. There’s still a chance. I just can’t let go of Nnenna so easily. I just can’t. I can feel it in my bones; she’s the queen I’m meant to be with. That girl is the one!

Well, this third Dolphyne child has quite an interesting issue on his hands. Wonder how that’s going to pan out. And yeah, the foundation’s being laid. Things should get interesting in the next couple of weeks. Let’s see what the next Friday brings!

Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes EP1 – Welcome To The Tribe

It’s been a long time coming, this series! And it’s finally here! Take a seat, or whatever, and get prepared to delve into the lives of this humble little family… wait, sorry, they’re not a little family, actually. You’ll see what I mean. Get prepared to fall in love with some of the characters, be indifferent to some, and absolutely despise some! Let’s waste no further time and get into it!

A bright and lovely Thursday morning. Kwame Benson’s third morning in Ghana after being away for years in Canada.

As the time read 7:15, he was seated at the dining table of the Dolphyne, busily eating with his little twin cousins. The youngsters, dressed in their school uniforms, were done with their bowls which had once been filled with oats, and were swinging their feet, waiting for the call so they could set off for school.

“Good morning, Kwame! How are you doing this morning?”

Kwame looked up from his bowl to smile in response to the greeter.

Mrs. Larissa Dolphyne. The lady of the Dolphyne tribe. Daniel Dolphyne’s evergreen wife. Mother of the twins and three older children. No doubt about it, there was an aura of grace that just seemed to follow her all round. Whenever she walked into a room, nobody needed to be told that a queen had entered. A queen that silently commanded respect and admiration from all and sundry.

“I’m fine, Auntie. Just having my breakfast at the moment,” he replied.

“Good, good. Still adjusting to the time zone change?”

“Yeah, I guess. I should be fine by the end of the week, though.”

“Yeah, of course, you’ll be fine. You’ll soon get used to things here. The weather and all,” she said, nodding at him. She then turned to the youngsters at the table, reminding them to check if they had packed all their books for the day.

Kwame briefly stole glances at her, then blinked and shook his head and smiled to himself. Larissa was his auntie alright, but it was near impossible to ignore what a devastating work of art she was. For a woman in her mid-40s, a mother of five, everything about her on a physical front was almost perfect, and since his arrival, he couldn’t help but marvel at her astounding beauty.

Her magnificence went beyond her looks. Being a lawyer of high repute, she was one with a brilliant mind and an enviable track record. A Senior Legal Officer at a big firm in the capital, she was a well-respected professional.

“Alright then, Kwame, I have to get to work. See you in the evening,” she said as she finished with the kids, waving to him as she walked out of the dining room and out the living room onto the balcony, where Daniel was seated.

A few seconds later, he heard the two…

“You ready, babe?”

“Yeah, I got the message. So I’ll head to Mr. Adedeme’s office.”

“Oh boy, you’re probably gonna meet that Adamtey guy. Lord knows I can’t stand him.”

“I know right! Such a brash human being. I wonder how radio stations keep calling him up when he rips into their presenters so unapologetically.”

“Hmm.. Oh well… hehe… mmm… come here, you…”

Those last sounds widened the grin on Kwame’s face. He could guess what was going on.

A shy giggle from Larissa followed. I knew it! he thought.

“Oh, Danny! Stop! The kids are still around, you know.”

“Hehe, you know we’ve always been able to work our way around that.”

More giggles. “Honey, not today. The last time I gave in to you in the morning like this, I nearly got into a whole lot of trouble for being super late.”

“Oh yeahhhh. That’s true. My bad, love. It’s unfortunate you can’t resist my charm that well.”

A gentle laugh followed. “Next time, shift your leave period to the legal vacation period, so we don’t have to be held back by these distins.”

“Yes, ma’am! OK, Lari, stay safe. I’m just gonna get Anasah and Serwaah off to school. Call me after…”

Whatever made him stop in mid-sentence, Kwame had no idea. But a subsequent sly giggle from Larissa, followed by, “I’ll see you later, Handsome,” was all he needed to guess what was going on.

And then, he heard Daniel say to himself, “Damn, I really love it when she teases me that way.”

He hadn’t been around for too long, but already one thing was clear about his uncle and auntie.

For a couple that had been married for almost a quarter of a century, they still flirted with each other like university students in a fresh relationship.


“Oh yeah, we’re used to it,” said Oscar, the second born of the Dolphyne children, shrugging his shoulders in amusement as he and Kwame walked through the neighbourhood. “For as long as I can remember, they’ve been like that. Daddy has always said the thought of being with another woman is utterly ridiculous to him, because he’s got the ultimate gift in Ma. It’s great to have parents that are still so crazy about each other after all these years. Just that…” he smirked as he trailed off.

Kwame smirked. “I haven’t been here for too long, but I have a fair idea what you mean.”

Oscar laughed. “They try their best to hide from us. Sometimes, they’re successful. Or most of the time. Just a few times do we accidentally chance upon them. Kinda awkward. But hey, I’d rather walk in on them passionately making out than walk in on them screaming and fighting. A thousand times over.”

“Haha, yeah. Most definitely.”

Oscar, a third year student of one of the nation’s major universities, was on vacation, and as such, had a lot of time on his hands to bond with his cousin. Telling him briefly about his petroleum engineering course, he listened with keen interest as Kwame spoke about his passion for all things related to aviation.

Of course, being the son of the multi-millionaire, Clayton Benson, who had his own airlines, Bersson Air, it seemed rather obvious that matters relating to planes and travelling would be a passion of his.

Nodding as Kwame made mention of Boeings and Airbuses, he noticed a familiar figure on the other side of the road. A figure that got him excited.

“Kwame, I beg, hold that part for a second,” he pleaded before calling out, “Barbara!”

The figure turned.

Almost too excitedly, Oscar grabbed Kwame’s hand, saying, “Let’s briefly see her. It’ll take just a minute!”

Moving over to the other side to meet the girl with a little smile on her face, Oscar, face beaming, said, “What’s up with you, girl?”

Looking slightly amused by the excess enthusiasm on display, she responded shyly, “Nothing much oo. You?”

“I’m doing good by God’s grace. Just relaxing after the stressful sem and all. Oh, by the way, this is my cousin, Kwame. Came from Canada a few days ago.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Hello, Kwame, and welcome back to Ghana,” she replied, stretching out her hand. Kwame reached out and shook it, giving her a friendly smile. “Thanks a lot, Miss Barbara. Nice to meet you.”

As Barbara nodded, Oscar asked, “Umm, Kwame, can I briefly speak to her in private?”


Standing by, observing his cousin as he spoke in hushed undertones to Barbara, Kwame clearly didn’t need to have the brain of Albert Einstein to know that the boy was in love. His excitement at seeing her, the mannerisms as he spoke to her… too many giveaways. When a boy is in love, he thought to himself in amusement.

As he began to observe Barbara, however, he began to have a funny feeling.

Sure, she had a cute smile, which was on her face the whole time Oscar spoke. She seemed to like it when Oscar touched her chin at a point. She laughed when he make a brief joke, or so it seemed, since Kwame didn’t hear whatever it was that was said. Yet, something felt aloof. Amiss.

Almost as if there was something about her that wasn’t genuine.

Weird. Why am I feeling this way…

“Alright, I’ll call you later, then. Bye, Barbie!” Oscar said, hugging her as he waved at Kwame to indicate his little convo with Barbara was over. She waved at Kwame, then walked away.

“What do you think? Fine girl, isn’t she? That’s the one my heart desires,” Oscar murmured to him.

Very obvious.


“Why, is something wrong?”

Yeah. There is. For some reason, I just feel there’s something amiss… or am I just paranoid? This is my first time encountering her, anyways. Maybe I’m just being pre-judgmental…

Kwame shook his head. “Sorry, man. I was trying to recollect where I left off before we saw her. But yeah, she’s a lovely girl. Cutest smile I’ve seen in the past three days. You’re definitely your father’s son. Got a good eye for good things.”


“Oh Lord, finally!”

Diamond fell into her seat, sighing with relief. The past two hours had been grueling, with her needing to fill out vehicle details for one of the company’s biggest clients. It had been pretty intense, with her bosses putting her and her colleague under a lot of pressure. A transfer of pressure, since the management at the top were applying the fire to them. But she was finally done with the completion of details. For a National Service worker, she was really doing a lot.

“Chale, girls abrɛ,” her colleague, Naa Shormeh, said as she began to pack.

“Serious oo. This pressure alone entitles me to a sweet bubble bath and a good massage. Ei! Ohh, girls abrɛ tooooo much.”

“Who will give you the massage? Toby or Anasah?” Naa Shormeh asked teasingly.

“Oh, Anas of course. Anas is my darling. Sweetest darling in the world. Toby diɛɛ, if he doesn’t give me that up-and-down look at least three times, then I have to be extremely worried, coz that won’t be my brother.”

“Hahahaha! Ah well, at least the day is over. Time for me to get the hell out of here and find my way to choir rehearsal.”

“Sure thing, baby girl. See you tomorrow,” Diamond said as Naa Shormeh walked away.

“Tomorrow, Dee.”

A couple of minutes later, having felt that she had released a bit of tension, she grabbed her bag and exited the office.

As she made her way out of the gate and onto the path to the bus stop, she groaned out loud as she noted the growing number of people gathering there. Checking her watch, she looked up to the sky in frustration.

“Ugh! 5:15! The last time I got there at this time, I was there for close to twenty minutes, and even when I got a trotro, the elbowing I had to do to get in. Arrrghh!”

“Hey baby!”

She froze upon hearing those words. Then, as her brain began to register the familiarity of the voice, she closed her eyes. Oh, God, things just went from bad to worse.

The first child of Daniel and Larissa, Diamond Dolphyne, being an almost splitting image of her mother, certainly wasn’t the kind of young lady most guys would fail to take a second look at. Of course, this brought about a lot of attention from guys. A lot of whom she didn’t like.

And the guy behind that voice, Ayembi, apparently also known as Desert Eagle, was one of them.

After encountering him at one of the eating spots she and her colleagues frequented during lunch hours, it was evident he was out to win her over. Only problem was, Diamond could tell a real one from a thirsty one, and everything about him showed that he was one of those thirsty types whose direction was easily determined by his erection. The way his gaze constantly landed on her bust, coupled with her once overhearing him tell a friend how badly he wanted a feel of her ‘juicy curves’, was enough to convince her that her instincts were on point. So she had said no when he made his intentions known. But he wasn’t ready to accept that answer, much to her chagrin.

And as he appeared in front of her, a sly grin on his face, she knew he was nowhere near ready to relent.

She sighed. “Mr. Ayembi, please, I-“

“Oh, come on, babe. Call me Desert Eagle. You know I don’t joke with my nicky,” he said, punctuating that statement with a wink that sent uncomfortable chills down her spine. “So wassup with you, chale? You for make I feel you oo, anaa?”

She looked at him blankly. “Please speak English.”

He snickered. “OK, let’s try this again. What’s up with you, ma? You know I want you bad. Just quit the hard-to-get and let’s get it on like Marvin Gaye said. I don’t like long things.”

Oh, dear Lord, why can’t he just get it into his thick skull that I don’t like him? Diamond thought to herself. She shut her eyes again, took a deep breath and opened them, staring him in the eye.

“Listen, Mr. Desert Eagle. I appreciate your compliments and all. Thank you for telling me how beautiful I am since day one. I truly am grateful for the nice words. But please, I’ve said it from the first time you made your intentions known, and nothing has changed. I am not interested in being your girlfriend. I am not playing hard-to-get, I just don’t wanna date you. If you wanna be my friend, that’s fine, I have no problem with that. But please, no means no. I am not interested!”


He smirked, shaking his head. “Girls. They know what they want, but will always play coy. You know you want me…”

Irritated at this point, she snapped, “Listen, Mr. Man, I’ve had enough of this. No means no! Stop this! Just stop it! Ah, why?”

Stunned, the look on Ayembi’s face slowly changed to a scornful one. Clearly, this rejection had not gone down well at all.

“Hoh! Forget you mpo. Kwasia! Me wey you dey flex me like that? Ibi like you no get brain. See some nonsense. Ah! Me you dey rosh like that? Mtchewww. I swear, you go see your morda for here. Bomboclat girl!”

Having thrown a hissy fit at that statement, he walked off angrily, leaving her with a look of disgust on her face. She shook her head in amazement as he sauntered off furiously.

“Ugh, some of these males are so bloody entitled. Thinking they’re God’s gift to every woman and acting like the Bible commands us women to submit to every dumb command of theirs. Well, good riddance to such foul-smelling rubbish!” she said to herself, looking at the bus stop ahead, which still had quite a lot of people waiting for the next trotro to arrive. “Time to get another burden off my shoulder. I just hope I don’t have to elbow or be elbowed this time. Ugh, even more reasons for pampering myself this evening!”

Well, this is just the start of this journey. Bad vibes about love interests and immature idiots! Loool, let’s see just how this goes. Next week Friday, we get to know more!!