Long Journey

Long Journey 9 – That Saturday Visit

No need to waste too much time with an intro. Something’s coming up, and we’ve gotta find out!!

Saturday morning had arrived, and after morning devotion, it was time for the boys to get to work as usual. Nana trudged to the residence of Mr. Yeboah, broom in hand, having mixed reactions as he walked.

Of course, there was the excitement of having his mother come for a visit; that was always welcome. After all, it meant he’d get a restock on his provisions. He’d been craving ‘Hye me ma’ for quite a while, and it looked like most of the boys who had had the coveted Piccadilly biscuits were all out. Besides, he was getting tired of having to ask Robbie for Nido sachets; the boy was starting to get rather tight-fisted with the little yellow packets.

But he was thinking of the sudden disdain he felt towards Paa Yaw. Inasmuch as the man was clearly remorseful for his actions, Nana naturally felt some kind of anger towards men who abandoned their children. Of course, the stories of his father walking out on him was a major reason. He had tried to convince himself that Paa Yaw deserved grace for this one the whole of the previous night. But… somehow it was sorta hard. He just found it hard.

As he walked in, he shook his head.

Come on, Nana. You saw the tears yesterday. The man regrets his attitude. Don’t come and be giving him any cold shoulders biaa. It’s not like it’s your father, in any case.

Moving to the usual spot where he usually began sweeping, he saw Paa Yaw come out of the house and wave to him.

Rebuking the inner urge to ignore his greeting, he waved back.

“I’m going out today. Not gonna be back till late afternoon,” Paa Yaw called out.

“Sure, no problem. See you later,” Nana responded.


“So, Nana, this is Henry Fosuhene. My new man,” Evelyn proudly introduced to Nana.

He smiled as he shook Henry’s hand. Good-looking guy on all fronts. And he definitely looks like someone who’s comfortable in life.

“Nana Opoku. Great to finally meet you. Your mother talks about you a lot.”

“Well, duh, obviously,” Evelyn interjected, rolling her eyes. “Why wouldn’t I bring him up a lot? Sheesh.”

Henry gave her the side eye, then set his gaze upon Nana again, shaking his head. “I was going to mention that she stresses me out a lot, but as you can already tell, she’s completed that part of the story for me.”

Nana grinned. Typical of his mother, but definitely a good thing. If she playfully retorted at your statements and picked on little opportunities to make fun of you, then she definitely held you in high esteem. And her tone alone at that point revealed more than enough for Nana to know.

“Oh yeah, she does that to my uncles a lot,” Nana affirmed, the grin still on his face.

“Herh, young man, you want to side with him, eh? I’m taking my provisions back with me ooo.”

“Don’t mind her. She can’t do that biaa.”

Mr. Yeboah walked out onto the verandah where the three were having their meeting. “Well, the madam is in,” he said, smiling as Evelyn got up to embrace him. “How are you doing?”

“Fantastic by God’s grace, Mr. Yeboah,” she responded enthusiastically. “Please, this is Henry, my boothang,” she added, gesturing at Henry.

“Ei, boothang? Me, I’m not up to date with these your expression things oo,” Mr Yeboah said, shaking his head in amusement as Evelyn giggled. He shook hands with Henry, who had risen to greet him.

“Good to meet you, Mr. Henry. I hope you’re able to handle this lady and her occasional feisty streaks.”

Giving her a side eye, he nodded. “I do my best.”

Mr. Yeboah laughed. “Good, good. So, you guys are gonna be here for a while?”

“Uh, no. We were thinking of taking Nana out to one of those restaurants not too far from here. Spend about an hour or two, then bring him back. If that’s okay with you.”

Mr. Yeboah shrugged. “That’s absolutely fine with me. Evelyn knows I have no problems with that. Visiting hours ends at 4, anyways, so you’re good to go.”

“Alright, then. We’ll be setting off in about a moment…”


Paa Yaw walked back to the house, feeling rather satisfied with himself. Upon arrival in the city much earlier on, he had gone to meet one of Alfred’s contacts about securing some employment. It was unfortunate that he had been in one of his apathetic moods when going; his attitude and body language did not impress the gentleman at all, who asked him to leave and return when he actually wanted a job. Following his new-found desire to clean himself up and get serious with life, he had called the man and asked for a second chance. Of course, there was a lot of hesitance, but he somehow agreed, and the subsequent meeting had been very good.

Hopefully, we can look at things and come to a good deal by the middle of the coming week, he thought triumphantly to himself as he stepped onto the verandah and dropped himself onto one of the chairs, letting out a sigh of relief. He could sense that his life, for the first time in many years, was actually starting to come together.

A white Land Cruiser moved on to the parking lot in front of the house. His eyes closed as he tried to imagine how good the rest of his life was going to be, he opened them, wondering who these visitors could be.

Looking at the two people in front, he noted a familiar face and Nana.

Ei, chale! I didn’t know this boy was dosted like that! Must be his father’s driver…

As the car came to a stop, the back door opened.

Out stepped a woman.

Paa Yaw’s eyes widened in shock.


It had been a pretty good time at the Let’s Chill restaurant. As they had been there, that was the major thing that happened: Nana really chilled with his people.

His first time with Henry, and so far, he liked him. He seemed to genuinely have affections for his mother, and of course, as he had already indicated, she had taken to him deeply. He was a pretty funny guy as well, in spite of his very weak attempts at playing at ‘talking nonfa’ game. His mother preferred to call it wordplay game. Whatever. It was a game.

The driver too was a nice guy. Mack is what he preferred to be called. Clearly a pretty smart guy who bonded well with his boss. Another reason to like Henry; despite his big position, he had no qualms with having good relationships with those over whom he was superior. He had told them of how his father had instilled that attitude in him from an early age – demanding that he show respect to all in the household, whether maid, gardener or security man. It had helped him to appreciate that status doesn’t change the fact that people ought to be treated as people: with respect, no matter their place in life.

A great time, no doubt. So as he sat in the front seat with Mack, telling him about some of the experiences he had had since coming to school, the sudden “Oh my God” that came from the backseat startled him.

As the car came to a stop, Evelyn opened the door, looking absolutely amazed. Following her gaze, he realized it was Paa Yaw she was looking at.

“Wow, he’s in much earlier than I thought,” Nana said to himself.

Paa Yaw himself was on his feet, looking petrified and stunned. He was shaking his head, clearly repeating some words to himself as he stared at Evelyn.

Nana was confused. “What’s going on here?” he said aloud. Opening the door, he saw his mother, still in a state of shock.

“Uh, Ma?” he gently prodded.

Then shock suddenly turned into rage.

With a look of fury on her face, she walked briskly towards Paa Yaw.

“Evelyn, I’m so sorry…”

The three males, all standing by the car, were all stunned by the resounding slap that Evelyn delivered to his face.

“YOU BLOODY BASTARD!! YOU SON OF A BITCH!! YOU MONSTER!!” Evelyn bellowed. Henry and Mack rushed to restrain her from doing any further damage, as Paa Yaw lay on the floor, too dazed and in tears to even say anything.

Mrs. Yeboah came out from inside, obviously hearing the noise. Upon seeing an enraged Evelyn being held by Henry, she asked worriedly, “Ei, my goodness! What is going on?”

Noticing Paa Yaw on the floor, she asked, “AH, did he try anything funny?”

Evelyn shook her head, her breathing heavy with the fury that had suddenly found its way into her body. “This man… this man… he didn’t try anything funny. He did something funny.”

“Babe, what are you talking about?” Henry asked.

She laughed out loud. “Oh Lord, shouldn’t it be obvious? Don’t you know my story?”

Suddenly, a tight knot formed in Nana’s stomach. Oh my God…

Aside Mack, who obviously didn’t know the story, everyone else had a look of disbelief on their faces. “Wait, you mean Paa Yaw…” Mrs. Yeboah started.

Evelyn nodded her head, still breathing heavily. “Ohh yes! This was the same bastard who chased after me 16 years ago. Slept with me at the back of his car. Made me pregnant. Tried to get me to abort it. And when I refused to do so, decided to suddenly run away and cut me off totally and leave me to raise my son all by myself.”

At this point, Nana’s head was spinning. As everyone turned to look at him, he looked disoriented. “You mean… I… what….”

“Yes, Nana. I’m sorry it had to come out this way, but… this man. Is your father…”

Oooooooooookay!! The truth is out! What’s gonna happen now? Well, we gotta stay tuned and find out…

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