Long Journey

Long Journey 8 – Reflections

K.I hear you.

Paa Yaw sighed as the notification lit up his phone screen. Shrugging, he thought to himself, At least she finally responded. Better than nothing, I guess.

He lay on his bed, silently thankful that Mariam had finally answered his WhatsApp apology. She still refused to answer his calls, so he had to get the thumbs to work.

As he tried to get some sleep, though, his mind drifted to the earlier event in the afternoon, where he had confessed what he had been hiding and running away from for years.

Nana seemed very emotionless after he had admitted to impregnating a lady and running away to avoid responsibility. He was probably disgusted at what he had heard, and Paa Yaw wouldn’t blame him at all for feeling that way; he had every right to. He had barely spoken after that. It hadn’t been long till the school siren went off, indicating it was time for prep.

He sighed. Ever since he had really been thinking about his life, the young lady he had impregnated came to mind.


Back then, he was just too selfish and focused on his own happiness to be bothered about the effect of his sudden departure. He shook his head as images of him ignoring that shopkeeper lady as she continued to probe why he was leaving and tried to convince him not to go. He just hadn’t cared. He was already angry with Evelyn for refusing to kowtow to his demands, and all he wanted was to punish her ruthlessly while having the time of his life.

Not like I actually did have the time of my life, though. Issues here and there. Job losses. Women issues. Family estrangements.

He shook his head. Indeed, his quest for freedom had brought more trouble his way. And unfortunately, he had plainly refused to learn his lessons.

The Mariam issue shouldn’t have even popped up, considering what happened when he was staying in Koforidua. He had been staying in the house of the gentleman who had graciously offered him a job, only to pay him back by secretly having an affair with his daughter. It was during one of their steamy sessions in his room that the man of the house, tipped off by a lingering sense of suspicion, came around his room and upon hearing his daughter’s loud ecstatic moans, kicked the door open.

The fact that he was quite lazy and never really showed much effort to complete his work, coupled with the shocking revelation that he had also been going out for ‘special appointments’ with one fried yam seller on the side, worsened the case, and he was immediately thrown out of the house and fired from the job.

He had also been caught in the middle of the act with Mariam. It just so happened that the beatings he received there were worse than what had occurred in the Eastern Region.

At this point now, though, he had replayed all these memories and regretted them enough. Now he was wondering about one person.


Of all the women I’ve slept with, I don’t think I’ve hurt any of them as badly as I did her. I just hope nothing happened which caused her to lose the baby. I wish I could tell her that I’m sorry for what I did. It’s possible she hates my guts by now…


“So Henry’s going with you tomorrow?”

Evelyn nodded.

“Nice. Remember to tell Mr. Yeboah about the graduation ceremony. After party at my place!”

“But how can I forget to tell him, lah? It’s one of the major things I’ll be telling him once I arrive there. By all means, he’ll want to be there. Besides, you are saying it as if it’s next week. Relax, lah!”

Ben laughed. “Yes please, madam. I’m keeping calm.”

“Better!” she responded, a smirk on her face. Her phone then lit up, Henry’s name on the screen.

Ben saw it, and with a sly grin, said, “Let me go and check if you’ve put all Nana’s things together.” He got up and went into the kitchen.

Shaking her head as she watched him go, she answered the phone.

“Hey Henry!”

“Hey baby love! Hope your Friday was a good one.”

“Well…. Yeah, it was good. I’m just really tired right now. So much to tell you about, but I’ll probably sleep in the middle of it. Tomorrow is there, though, so I’m comforting myself in that.”

“Haha! Anyways, from Accra to Apowa, according to Google Maps, is about 5 hours away. So are we leaving at 5 or 6?”

“Oh, 5 is too early! Aaba!! Let’s reach there at six-thirty, eh. It’s not like we need to see him very early. I usually go to see him around midday. So relax.”

“Alright, alright.”

“Why are all the important men in my life rushing like that this evening, lah?”

“Ei, please, am I missing something?”

She snickered. “Oh, nothing. I was thinking out loud.”

She heard a sigh over the phone. “So you had to take shots at all of me?”

She shook her head. “Not impressive, Henry. Not impressive. If you wanna play the wordplay thing with yours truly, you need to bring your A-game. Not this F-game. Tweeaaaa!!”

“Oh wow, so it’s like that, eh? No problem. I’m spending all night perfecting my craft. We shall see!”

“No problem, handsome. I await your challenge.”

“By the way, I’ve spoken to one of my drivers, so he’ll be the one to take us tomorrow.”

“Awww, that’s so sweet of you, Henry.”

“Hey, anything for my baby love. We can sit at the back and talk. More incentive for me to really get wild with the wordplay challenge, since I’ll not have to focus on the road.”

“Oh, how I’m gonna enjoy beating you so easily.”

“We’ll just see about that, won’t we?” She began yawning. “That’s my cue to get some rest, honey. So tell your man that we can set off at six-thirty, alright?”

“Sure thing, Eve. Go sleep, alright. See you tomorrow. Love you.”

She giggled. “So sentimental, aren’t you?”

Silence over the phone. She laughed out loud. “I know you’re rolling your eyes right now.”

“Good thing you know. You dey worry papa.”

“That’s how you know I love you too, darling. Good night.”

“Good night, Evelyn.”

Looks like an unpleasant reunion might be coming up pretty soon. I wonder what will happen… 


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