Long Journey

Long Journey 7 – The Biggest Regret

 So, now that Nana and Paa Yaw seem to be forming a friendship, let’s see what’s gonna be happening…

“Are you serious? You think waakye in a leaf is overrated? My guy, you dey hia deliverance!”

“Hoh, massa, this hype be OTT. Waakye be correct chow, nobody go disagree, but this leaf matter you people dey hype be too much. Ahiaa?”

“Such uncircumcised talk!” Elikem scoffed. “Do you even understand the eternality of what we’re talking about? Massa, waakye in a leaf is an otherworldly distin oo.”

Saturday afternoons were usually an interesting time in the house, as the boys in the dorm would basically bring up all sorts of topics to talk about. Fierce arguments, heated debates, trolling sessions… they all took place there, and were usually a highlight for Nana. Before the issue of food wrapped in leaves, they had been sharing stories about one subject guys usually love.


Nana had been pretty vocal about it, letting the guys know about the girls that had expressed their interest in him and how he had had no interest in any of them. The boys were obviously surprised that he was quite a ‘bouncer’, but he insisted that he was not one to tolerate being pursued. His ego wouldn’t permit it.

He wasn’t too loud about this food issue, though. He didn’t really like having his waakye in a leaf, but with the way the others were heavily descending on George, he decided not to add his voice and come under the firing squad.

Staying silent as the others continued to push forth their case for the amazing nature of the delicacy in question, one guy sitting by the window announced loudly, “Ei, chale, the Paa Yaw nigga dey outside dey talk plus Robbie. Sensational!”

Perfect subject changer.

“Chale, the past week, he change oo,” one of the guys mentioned. “He shun the foolish life. Now he dey do boyz-boyz ankasa.”

“Chale, we dey thank God,” Elikem commented. “If he dey make peace plus Robbie diԑԑ, then ibi real thing. The way the guy mean am eh! Ibi like after Nana save am wey he see sense.”

Nana nodded. “Yeah. Last week, I go sweep the compound, he come join me, help me, then tell me stories. The near-death experience show am some things, chale.”

“Why, he tell you some things?” one of the boys asked.

“Nah, but… he mention something about how life be full of regrets and things. The way he talk am too, chale, ibi like he do plenty of things wey the near-death experience slap am proper make he see sense. I still dey wonder what he dey talk about.”

“Sometimes, he fire some ladies bi,” Elikem said, shrugging.

George nodded. “Eno nso wᴐ hᴐ.”

“Nana Po!” the voice of one of the juniors rang out from the entrance of the dorm. The boys all looked in the boy’s direction.

“Mr. Yeboah is calling you. He says your mother will be calling in a few minutes.”


“Nana, you don’t sound as excited as I thought you’d be,” Evelyn said, feeling slightly disappointed with his reaction to the news of Henry. He had always wondered when she would find someone, and he expected him to sound a little more ecstatic.

“Oh no, ma. I’m sorry. It’s just… there was some serious conversation bi we were having in the dorm that had me thinking deep, so my brain eyi is divided. But I’m very happy to hear this. So when am I meeting him?”

“Next week Saturday, God willing. He made it clear he wants to meet you proper. Start a connection now, you know?”

Nana smiled. “I’m more than ready for that. I’ll be expecting you two then. How is everyone at home, by the way?”

“Fine ooo. Your grandfather was down with malaria last week, but he’s fine now. And your uncle Ben is almost done with his Masters. Hopefully, you should be around for the graduation.”

“Wonderful! Wonderful kraaa!”

“Yep. Well, I just wanted to let you know we’ll be coming, so make sure you give your housemaster the list of provisions you need by Wednesday so I can take care of those things. Continue to study hard and be a good boy, okay?”

“Yes, ma.”

“Alright, then. Love you, sweetheart.”

“Love you too, mum.”


“… and now that I’ve had time to think about it, it’s really hit hard how wrong I was with Mariam. I mean, we’re related. But all that mattered to me was her body. As to how I managed to convince her to sleep with me, I should be honest, I now don’t know. But… I wish I hadn’t had sex with her. I tried calling her during the week, and she refused to answer my calls. Whatsapp messages all on blue ticks. I’m still hoping she’ll accept it soon.”

It was evening, and after choosing to swerve entertainment night, Nana was at the back of Mr. Yeboah’s house with Paa Yaw, who was feeling the need to be very vulnerable and was opening up about many of his discrepancies.

Even though he initially felt uncomfortable, Nana started to relax as time went on. Way more better than the movie being shown at the entertainment hall, as far as he was concerned. And seeing some of the pictures, he could see why Paa Yaw fell so hard, especially in the just-mentioned case of his cousin, even though he didn’t approve.

“Mmmm,” he murmured, not knowing what to say at that point. “Now I understand why you mentioned that regret issue.”

Paa Yaw shook his head. “All I’ve said honestly pales in comparison to one major thing I’ve done.”

Nana looked at him in surprise. “Seriously? These things are serious issues oo!”

Paa Yaw nodded sadly. “Yes. Yes, I know. But there’s one thing I did many years back. A really foolish act, that in all honesty has been chasing me for a long time. Probably what has pushed me to constantly drown myself in alcohol and sex, which of course, has hardly worked. It’s the reason I haven’t set foot in Accra for a very long time, and…”

He shook his head and placed a hand over his face, clearly overwhelmed by the regret he was feeling.

Feeling awkward at this point, Nana hesitantly patted him on the back. “Ummmm,” he started, clearly unsure of what to say, “you can take it easy. You don’t need to bring it out now if you don’t want to.”

Paa Yaw shook his head. “No, I’ve kept it to myself for years now, and I think it’s time to let it out.”

Nana sat back, curious to know what it was that could be worse than hammering his own cousin.

“Nana, I’ve been a coward. And my cowardice is most likely that which has caused me so many problems. I’m waiting till my financial position is better, then I’ll do my possible best to rectify it as much as I can.

“You see, there was a time I found a lovely young lady, and I wanted her so bad. I got her. Right where I wanted her. Moaning in my car. Yeah, I had a car back then. Not long after that, she got back to me with some news.”

“She was pregnant?” Nana asked.

Paa Yaw nodded.

“I wasn’t happy about it, because all I wanted was the fun. So I told her to get an abortion. It caused so many fights between us. And one day, after one of those arguments, I decided that was it. I packed some stuff. And… I ran away.”

Nana was motionless at that point, as Paa Yaw wiped the tears from his eyes.

“I ran away. From my child.”

Well, we all knew at some point that Paa Yaw was Chris, and it’s out! What’s gonna happen next? The next episode will definitely let us know!

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