Long Journey

Long Journey 4 – Mr Hostile

So in the last episode, it looks like we had an unexpected reunion, which didn’t go down too well. Paa Yaw certainly isn’t a friendly guy, is he? What happens next? Let’s find out…

“Chale, I hear Robbie just a few moments ago, sey that guy for the house show am some stupid attitude bi. I no know what dey wrong am,” Elikem said as he took a seat on Nana’s bed.

Polishing his shoes, Nana shook his head. “He be some unreasonable idiot. Like one week this, I still no dey understand the reason he tell me that trash.”

Clearly, Paa Yaw was proving to fast become unpopular with the students. For reasons best known to him, instead of forming a camaraderie with them, he took the opportunity to be as savage as possible to the few he encountered.

The Robbie guy burst into the dormitory, still in a fit of anger at the nasty way he had been treated. He was quite a feisty character, and a hot-headed boy, so it had gotten to him pretty hard, and the words tumbling from his mouth were anything but friendly. As to how his encounter with Paa Yaw did not denigrate into a fight was a wonder.

As he loudly ranted about how the offender was a pathetic piece of garbage – which of course was put in a more profane manner – his mates came around to calm him down, as the assistant house prefect stepped in to assure him that he’d speak to the housemaster concerning the issue.

“You, you just come from nowhere. Sometimes, some good-for-nothing village bi. You get privilege come dey nice house wey you dey fool your body!” Robbie barked one last time before taking heed to the numerous pleas to calm down.

Elikem shook his head. “I dey hope sey Gordon dey go see Mr. Yeboah right now, coz this nonsense be too much.”

“Ashock,” Nana agreed. “Boys school wey you for do boys-boys make we all get along, you dey do bitchy things. Them for talk to am.”


“Paa Yaw,” Alfred started slowly as the two of them and Araba sat at the table, having just finished their dinner. “I received a complaint this afternoon, and I’m not happy about it.”

Leaning back in his chair, Paa Yaw looked at him, that ‘I-couldn’t-care-less’ expression so obviously chiseled all over his face. “What crime have I committed this time?”

Alfred sighed. “Paa Yaw, I’ve received complaints that you act nastily to the boys whenever you encounter any of them. That you’re acting unfriendly and hostile towards them. Just this afternoon, I heard you were so horrible to one of the final year boys, and almost provoked him to attack you. Paa Yaw, what is the meaning of that?”

“Alfred, Alfred, Alfred, hol’ it!” Paa Yaw interjected. “It’s tough love, that’s all. I don’t need to be all cuddly and sweet and flowery with them. We’re men, for crying out loud. They have it so freaking easy these days…” He shook his head, as if he had no idea what again to say.

“So your idea of showing them love is to be as nasty as possible from the onset without even building any sort of connection? Paa Yaw, I’m not a man, but I don’t think trash talk and contemptuous remarks are the way to start,” Araba said, looking at him disapprovingly.

“In any case, the whole ‘being nasty’ thing is always done in a joking manner, and considering all that I’ve heard, it doesn’t sound like you were merely pulling their legs. Sounds like you just wanted to be nasty towards them for the sake of it,” Alfred added.

Paa Yaw shook his head again. “Pandering to all the whining of these softies,” he muttered. “Hoh, aren’t there more pressing issues to think about?”

“I am the housemaster, and I have an obligation to all those boys,” Alfred interrupted, his voice clearly rising. “And if your attitude is causing problems to them, I have every right to listen to their complaints and do something about it once I know it’s a real issue. And it is, because you have no reason whatsoever to be doing what you’re doing. And you have the nerve to sit here and try and justify your foolishness with tough love claims?! Really?”

Paa Yaw kept quiet. This was one of those moments when Alfred got aggressive, and he couldn’t really go head to head with him.

“What kraaa is wrong with you? Every single time you get a chance to make something of your life, you blow it with some infantile rubbish. From disrespecting superiors at work to sleeping with younger girls. And the worst part is, you never have any problem with those actions. It’s always ‘oh, the boss was annoying’, ‘oh, she was too sexy to resist’. Every time, you have an excuse! And you don’t want to buckle down and get your life in order. What is wrong with you???!!!”

Silence after that.

Alfred shook his head. “You know what? Do whatever you want with your life. You’re old enough at this point to know what you want. If it’s just gallivanting about and doing nothing fruitful that makes you happy, that’s up to you. It’s between you and God. As for me, I’ve spent more than a decade telling you to get yourself together; me and Araba. But it’s clear we’re wasting time.”

As he arose from the table, he continued. “So it’s simple. We’re keeping you here till you get a job, and get yourself a place to stay. Whatever happens afterwards is not our business. Just one thing: leave my boys alone. If I hear one more complaint about you being a jerk to them, you’ll have to find another place to stay.”

Paa Yaw’s eyes widened. He started to blurt out, “Wait, so you’re willing to…”

A raised index finger, pointing at him, cut him short. “One more complaint from them, and you’re out of this house. I allowed you here to get yourself together, not to become a school bully.”

Alfred walked off. His wife followed him, shaking her head as she passed by Paa Yaw.


Friday evening. It was 7:25 pm. The Yeboahs had gone out, and prep was in session, so the atmosphere was quiet.

Paa Yaw stood at the front door, feeling satisfied as the click indicating the completion of the unlocking process was heard loud and clear. He barged in, swaying slightly as he made his way to the kitchen.

It had been an evening where he had been his vintage self. Downing quite a number of bottles of Stone Strong Lager after managing to get the number of a young lady he had already hammered in his mind, he was in quite an inebriated mood as he moved through the house, totally unconcerned about anything else. The only thing worth thinking about at that point in time was how he was going to ensure he’d be taking off that woman’s clothes before the end of the next week. She seems easy enough, shouldn’t be a problem at all!!

Obviously, he was taking Alfred’s words in all their stride. Never mind the fact that the two job applications he had made were not successful.

As he opened the fridge, eyes glazed as he looked for something to fill his stomach with, he suddenly felt a sharp jolt of discomfort. A sudden wave of nausea had fallen over him.

He tried rushing out to the bathroom, but in passing through the living room, he was already in quite a stupor, unsure of his movements. An attempt to run had him crashing into a nearby table with some of Alfred’s books. As he and the books went tumbling down, his senses became even blurrier.

Then he let loose all over the floor.

A nasty sight to behold.

Gasping for breath, he tried to get back up, but he was definitely in a poor coordination mode.

Head dropping back to the floor, another sharp jolt struck his gradually weak body, and he let out another disgusting stream to complement the first one.

Crap! I knew I should have eaten before going to the bar…, he thought in his mind as he started to lose consciousness.

Uh-oh, doesn’t look good for our guy. That booze session ending up in a rather nasty way. What’s going to happen to him? Y’all think he’s gonna die or something? Well… the next episode will tell! Stay tuned!

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