Long Journey

Long Journey 12 – Mercy Or Judgment

“Henry, forget it! The next time I see that despicable bastard and I don’t break that pathetic skull of his with the hardest object I can find, then my name is no longer Evelyn. I am not going to see him. I do not want to hear from him. And most of all, I am NOT going to forgive him! Do you know how much he wrecked my life?” Evelyn snapped.

Henry sighed. As expected, this was not easy. He had waited for about a week and a half, considering the volatile nature of this whole issue, to bring this up. He knew it would not be easy to get Evelyn to agree to having a reconciliatory talk with the man who impregnated and abandoned her. And it was proving to be such.

“Look at him. He’s still perching in someone’s house,” she continued. “Useless fool. You think you can be sticking your third leg in everyone and get away with it. Swine! He will die an unemployed, broke bitch! Foolishness!”

Henry winced. This level of vitriol was pretty acidic. Not something he had seen from her before.

“Eve, please,” he pleaded. “I understand. He hurt you really bad. Nobody is making excuses for that. No one. What he did is pathetic, and personally, it looks like he’s reaping what he’s sown. He didn’t look like someone who is very happy with life, from the little I saw. But babe, this is more about you! Forgiveness releases you!”

She shook her head. “Henry, you don’t understand it well, do you? You have no idea how much he destroyed me. You have no idea how much of a coward he is…”

Grasping both of her hands gently, he squeezed them. “Honey, it’s so obvious what a coward he is. I know the story, and it’s clear for anyone with brains to see. From insisting on the abortion to running away when you wouldn’t budge; that’s a pathetic excuse of a man. No two ways about that. But please, all I’m trying to say is that forgiving him benefits you! You have a flaming coal in your hand. Let it go. Don’t hold on to it. You don’t need to be friends with him or anything, but please, let the flaming coal go. I love you too much to see you get swallowed up by this hatred. Please!”

She yanked her hands away from him and gave him an evil glare. “If you really loved me, you’d understand why I feel what I do, and you’d probably be the first to rip that scoundrel’s head off!”

She stormed off.


“Still no success?”

“Nope. Now she’s angry with me for suggesting the need to forgive.”

Mr. Yeboah sighed. “Well, this is definitely not going to be an easy task. I’d suggest you don’t bring it up with her for a while. But we still need to settle this. It doesn’t even need to be an absolute agreement; just a bit of willingness from her part to begin the road to healing. I don’t know why, but I’m really concerned on her part, because the way I’ve come to know her, if she hates, she hates with everything in her. And that’s not healthy, especially considering Nana.”

“Yeah, true. By the way, how is he taking all this?”

“Well, he’s also quite hurt and angry at his father. I’ve spoken to him; didn’t get much of a response, whether negative or positive.”

“Hmmmm. This is quite a sticky issue. I know expecting a breezy passage to healing is impossible. How I wish it were, though. The guy really, really messed up, though.”

“Well, as for Paa Yaw, he’s made many foolish decisions over the years, and I’ve had my fights with him. But this isn’t about him, it’s about her. And Nana. I don’t want the bitterness and resentment to remain within; it’ll destroy them before they know it.”

“Hmmmm, Mr. Yeboah. That’s what I tried to tell Eve, but… hmmm… it’s tough.”

“No worries. We’ll just take this one day at a time. Something good has to come out of this eventually.”


I knew this boy was lying. He claimed you knew and that you were okay with it. I tried talking him out of it, because it’s just too out of the blue, but he was not going to listen. For whatever reason, he’s left Accra. And according to him, he’s not coming back…

The shopkeeper’s words reverberated around her brain as she tucked herself into bed. The memories had relentless come rushing ever since she had seen that scumbag, and each flashback made her angrier and angrier. The heartless and unconcerned manner in which he demanded she get an abortion. The way he trivialized the pregnancy. The cold shoulder he had given her even before the news, indicating that all he had ever wanted was to hit and run. All these memories inflamed her the more.

Her phone vibrated on the bedside table. She checked to see the caller ID.

It was Henry.

She immediately pressed the reject button. Nonsense. After this guy treated me like a rag, you are telling me to be nice! He should get away kraaaa.

Turning herself over in her bed, she closed her eyes and started to conjure imaginations of the worst happening to Chris.

Ten minutes later, as she was smiling while picturing him getting hit by an articulator truck after being fired and embarrassed by his employers, she was interrupted by the vibration of her phone yet again.

Thinking it was Henry again, she got up, irritated, saying to herself, “Can he just leave me the hell alone?”

Looking at the screen, however, it was a different number.

She wasn’t the type to be hesitant about picking calls from numbers she didn’t know, so she answered, ready to give a good blasting if it was Henry using another number to call.

“Hello, Ma.”

She was surprised. “Nana?”

“Yes. Umm, one of my friends has a phone here, and I asked if I could make an urgent call.”

“Why? What’s wrong? Have you lost something?”

“Uhh, no. It’s something else.”

“Talk to me, baby. What is it?”

A sigh came over the line. “I… uh, I’ve been thinking… and, uhhh… I want us to meet with my father…”

“Nana. I don’t want to talk about this…”

“I know. I know you’re angry with him. I know all too well. I’m angry too. But, I’ve just had this inkling within me that we should give this whole forgiveness thing a chance. Tried to shake it off, but it’s too strong to ignore…”

Well… that’s interesting. I guess it’s about time to let the curtains down on this journey. Next episode is the last. Let’s see how this story ends!!!

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