Long Journey

Long Journey 11 – Bitterness Is Alive

The story nears its impending end. But what is Chris going to do about this new issue he finds himself in? Let’s find out…

Paa Yaw sighed as he watched his son walk away with a very stern expression on his face.

It had been a week, and Nana absolutely refused to communicate with him in any way. Every time he tried to get close to the boy, he immediately had the boy briskly walking away, obviously very intent on staying as far away from him as possible. It was a Friday morning, and he had stepped out to at least give him a friendly wave.

A cold glare is what he received in return.

Watching him as he trudged away, he shook his head. God help me, I messed this up. And I don’t know how it’s gonna get better. Honestly. I don’t…

If only there was a way he could turn back the hands of time. Whatever he would do to reverse this regrettable turn of events, he’d do it in a flash.


The boys returned to their various dormitories, relieved that yet another week was complete. As they moved to and fro, changing out of their uniforms, the various rooms all over campus were buzzing with excitement. Of course, who doesn’t love Fridays?

Nana and Elikem went to the trunk room, laughing at some of their teachers. Particularly the English teacher.

“Ei, so that man! He no go stop that ein clown lifestyle?” Elikem asked, laughing hard.

“I dey shock. Every day, small question he go ask, wey you give correct answer, then he go behave like you answer some complex actuarial science question bi.”

“See, the way he sheda take time whack the table after Jones give that answer eh, like something dey do me for my seat. Eeeeiii!”

Still laughing at this teacher’s clear disposition to over-celebrating his student’s simple victories, the two walked to their various beds, Nana easily jumping onto his bed at the lower bunk. Still smirking at the memory Elikem had recounted a minute or two ago, he closed his eyes, ready to take full advantage of siesta after a long day of classes…


His eyes popped open. Sitting up on his bed, he looked quite annoyed. It was the house prefect’s voice. I hope he’s not coming to disturb me about something I didn’t do. He likes that.

He got up and saw him standing at the door of the dorm.

“Mr. Yeboah is calling you.”


Alfred sighed as Nana took his seat.

The look on the boy’s face changed dramatically the moment he entered the living room and saw his father sitting there. This was not going to be an easy task at all.

He looked to his side. Paa Yaw was silent, looking down at his hands on his laps.

He looked back at Nana, took a deep breath, then began.

“Nana, I wasn’t around when all this happened, but I found out about it later. I must confess, I probably should have had this talk with you earlier. Negligence on my part, I’m sorry. Ummm… this… has been quite a shock. Ever since you came here, I’ve gotten to know your mother on a pretty personal level, and I knew about all this. But I never thought that… well, I… I’m just still shocked.”

Nana shifted himself in his seat, maintaining a stone cold expression.

“I know you’re angry with him. And I understand. It will always hurt knowing your father chose his own selfish desires over being a father to you. This has been something I’m fully convinced he’s been running away from his whole life without any success. Now it’s caught up to him. But at this point, I believe he’s learned his lesson. He said he’s confessed some of the foolish things he did before landing here, including that disgusting episode with Mariam. The only thing I can ask at this point is that, you seek to find a place in your heart to forgive him.

“I know it’s easier said than done. I know you’ve felt a whole lot of resentment and anger at not having your real father around. I’m not asking that you immediately discard it all. I’m not looking to bombard you with a plethora of clichés about forgiving. I just ask that from this moment onward, as hurt and wounded as you may be, you’ll pray and ask God to help you forgive this man. Because, no matter what you do or feel, he’s still your father. And you’ll be doing yourself no favours holding grudges against him. And I should caution you on this: if you choose to keep the anger within, you may well end up destroying yourself in ways you can’t imagine. I know what I’m talking about.

“So please, this is why I called you. It’s very sensitive. Very delicate. But this is my advice. Please. I’ve had constant issues with your father over the years because of his lackadaisical attitude to life, but I see a change in him ever since you saved his life. Please, you can hold on to the rage you’ve felt for years, or you can start afresh. I’m pleading with you, choose the latter.”

He nodded to indicate he was done. Nana nodded curtly, sprung up from his seat and quickly exited.

Alfred looked at Paa Yaw. “Well, there’s one major thing we need to work on now. The boy might be devastated, but if there’s anyone whose forgiveness you need, it’s Evelyn. You need to meet with her. As soon as you can.”

Well, judging by the last episode, will a meeting between the two go down well? I wonder if she’ll be willing to meet with him at all. Gotta wait to find out…

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