Long Journey

Long Journey 1 – The Last Fight

 A tale of adventure, drama, betrayal…

“Here’s the money I spoke about,” Chris said flatly, tossing the wad of cash onto the center table.

Evelyn eyed him evilly. “What are you talking about?”

“Look, I’m not in the mood for games right now. We already spoke about this. That’s about enough for you to go and get the abortion I’ve consistently ordered you to get.”

Evelyn shook her head. “Mr. Man, I have said it consistently: I will NOT get an abortion. I will not get rid of this child. I don’t care what you say, this child is not going anywhere.”

“Oh, will you stop this!” Chris shot back, the acrimony in the room already rising. This line of argument had been going on for weeks, without either party coming to any compromise of any sort. “I’m honestly getting sick and tired of all this nonsense. I don’t want that child. I don’t! I have my whole life ahead of me, and the last thing I need at this stage is fatherhood.”

Evelyn shook her head. “You’re so full of yourself. So selfish. After walking into my life and into my panties with all those false statements of love and all, you now have the audacity to say you have your life to live, after messing mine up…”

“Massa, massa, stop this emotional talk,” he responded dismissively. “I don’t know why you women attach so much emotion to your arguments. Hoh! How has your life been messed up? Didn’t you enjoy it when we made love in the car? Did I point a gun to your head and force you to scream and call me daddy as things got heated? Please, please, please, spare me that sentimental trash. It’s just a foetus. You can have another one in the future.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Man, this foetus you’re talking about is my child, and your child, and our child,” Evelyn retorted, springing to her feet. “I’m no happier about this announcement than you are, but as long as this child is in my womb, I’m having him. I’m not risking a lifetime of guilt for your silly desires. And for your information, this is not some object I can throw away just like that. Have some respect. This is human life inside me.”

Chris sighed. This was getting tiring. “What’s the big deal about an abortion? I know it’s not exactly the smoothest of medical procedures, but… there are so many chics like you walking about who have had abortions before. And they’re as happy as can be. So I really don’t get your beef with this.”

“Christopher Yaw Ennin Abbey, read my lips,” Evelyn said slowly and gravely, looking him in the eyeball. “I do not give a coin’s toss about which girl has done it and whether she feels good about it or not. I do not care what excuse or justification you have up your sleeve. I will not abort this child. I will not take that money and do with it what you want me to. I will not let you have your way with me a second time, since this is the result of you having your way with me the first time. I. Will. Not. Do. It. Period.”

The two, who were once caught up in an intense whirlwind of passion, now stood face-to-face, boiling with animosity for each other.

Chris, after a few lip twitches, finally nodded, the look on his face seemingly that of a person who had given up. He moved to the center table and picked up the money.

“Ok. Alright. I hear you. No problem. I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said bluntly as he turned and walked out the door.


The next morning, as Evelyn rose from her bed, she remembered that statement as she went on her knees. Among her many prayers, the most prominent of which was the daily plea for forgiveness for letting Chris break her virginity, included a request to make Chris susceptible to actually being a father.

Immediately she was done, she sprung to her feet and grabbed her phone which lay by the bedside. Searching for Chris’ number, she pressed the call button as soon as she found it.

“Sorry, the number you are dialing is switched off,” the automated voice informed her.

She looked strangely at the screen. Switched off? Ei, what’s happening?…… ok, calm down. His battery is probably dead, she reasoned to herself as she placed the phone back down. In the course of their arguments, Chris would always walk out in a fit of rage, never really interested in contacting her for a long time. The way he had promised he’d see her that day, though, was interesting. Despite the flat tone he had said it in.

Who knows? Maybe my hardened stance against the abortion has shaken him up so bad, he knows he has to compromise. He’s so used to having his way with women and making them some uber-submissive doormats. Well, it’s definitely not happening with me!

She went about her regular duties, making up her mind to call again around 11 o’ clock. Hopefully, his phone would be on by then.


4 o’ clock in the afternoon, and the phone was still off.

Evelyn was now beginning to panic. Had he been involved in an accident or something?

She tried calling two of his closest friends. One also had his phone switched off. The other claimed he hadn’t seen Chris for almost a week.

Now she was really getting worried.

Let me go to his place and see what at all is happening. I don’t like what’s going on….


Walking through the Akweteyman neighborhood, she waved at the kenkey seller as she always did when she came to visit.  She knew that woman made her the subject of many gossip sessions with the ladies in her compound house, as Chris had mentioned some time ago, but that was the least of her concerns as she briskly made her way to his house.

Two houses away was a shop from where the residents bought their provisions. As Evelyn passed by the shop, she heard a little girl’s voice ring out, “Sister Evelyn!”

It was Adoley, the shopkeeper’s 9 year old daughter.

Evelyn smiled as she saw the cute girl move towards her, but upon seeing the look upon her face, which was one of concern, had her slightly more worried than she already was. Keeping the smile on her face, she asked, “Adoley, how are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you,” the young one replied.  “Please, are you coming for the rest of Bra Chris’ things?”

Terror gripped Evelyn as she heard that question. Oh my God! Eyes wide, she stuttered, “Err… Why? W-w-why do you ask? Accident? ”

Adoley scratched her head. “No. I heard him talking to Mummy this morning. It sounded like he’s traveling or something. And it sounded like he’s not coming back. So I thought you were coming for the rest of his things.”

Evelyn grew pale upon hearing that middle statement. Leaning forward with a nauseous look on her face, she whispered, “What?”

Just as Adoley worriedly asked what was wrong, her mother walked in. Seeing the sudden deathly expression on Evelyn’s face, she rushed over. “Evelyn!”

“Ma, is it true? Has Chris left?”

The mother looked surprised for a moment, then shook her head, hands on her waist. “I knew this boy was lying. He claimed you knew and that you were okay with it. I tried talking him out of it, because it’s just too out of the blue, but he was not going to listen. For whatever reason, he’s left Accra. And according to him, he’s not coming back.”

Evelyn could do nothing more than shake her head as she was helped by Adoley and her mother to a seat. “I can’t believe he did this to me,” she whispered tearfully. “I just can’t believe this…”

Well, that’s quite a start to this story. Wondering what’s gonna happen to Evelyn now that baby daddy has run away? Just stay tuned for the next episode!

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