Of Voices And Vermin

Of Voices and Vermin #10

What a busy week it’s been for your MCM! But it’s Friday now, and of course, that means we continue with the riveting story of #OVAV!!

So Monday was a pretty cool episode, as we got to see the clique all together. Today’s episode is gonna be a sensationally crucial one. We’re almost at the end, so it’s time to see stuff going down.

Now let’s get into the story…

“Wait, what?” I asked in surprise. As Ewurabena and I walked out of the office, I had a rather stunned look on my face. I mean, I know there’s no perfect couple in the world, but… geez, I had always put Kwabena and Ewurabena up there as the closest to perfect, the way they always seem to treat each other.

The look she gave me, followed by the shaking of her head as she locked the door, made it pretty obvious my assumption that they never had any kind of disagreement was absolutely wrong.

“Really, Nii? You think we never have any kind of problem? Please! We’ve been married for about 4 years, and we love each other just as deeply as we first did when he and Sidney were roomies. I wouldn’t exchange my man for anything in the world. But please, we’re nowhere near perfect. We do have arguments every now and then.”

“Wow. I would’ve sworn you two have never had any kind of disagreement.”

“Oh naaaa! We do. We’re two different human beings, and by all means we’ll have differing opinions on certain things. The thing is, problems only remain problems when you don’t try to solve them. And especially when you keep the anger against your partner. If there’s anything that is a rule in our marriage, it’s Ephesians 4:26. Kwabena may piss me off, or vice versa, but we always do our best to clear things up before we go back to bed. Otherwise, the animosity will only get stronger with time.”


“Yes. One of the worst things in life is to hold a grudge against a person. If you’re a regular grudge bearer, then this thing called marriage definitely isn’t for you. Because your spouse will do things that annoy you every now and then, and you have to be a forgiving person if you’re gonna make it work.”

“Oooh, work!” I said teasingly as she pressed the unlock button on her car key. She gave me the side eye as she shook her head. “I know you wanna do the Rihanna thing. But no, you’re not allowed. So yes, it’s work. You’ve got to be determined to make it work. But as long as you’re convinced that your partner is the one you wanna be with. There’s this friend of mine…”


“What!! He actually said that? That she was his worst case scenario he chose to settle for?” I exclaimed, hand over my mouth.

Ewurabena nodded, stepping on the accelerator as the traffic light turned green. “It was terrible. The statement just messed her up. And of course, the marriage was doomed from that point. But I won’t lie, I found something off about him from the beginning. Like he wasn’t as excited as your regular gentleman would be. The smiles seemed forced and all. I thought something was off, but hey, who am I to come and rain on someone’s parade?”

“True, true. Ei, but… it’s serious oo. Worst case scenario. Nahhh, this is too harsh. Anka let her down gently eh!”

“Well, he said it in the heat of the moment. In the midst of an argument. But it certainly revealed how he felt. And it was just awful. I think their divorce may be sealed in the next few weeks. So it’s so important that you’re convinced and determined to make your marriage work.”

I nodded. “Taking notes.”

Another side eye from her as she continued to move. “You had better. Issa highly important distin to note.” Her tone softened as she continued. “But that aside, I must confess, I’m proud of you, the way you’re handling this. There’s still so much work to be done, but your progress is definitely laudable.”

I had that small smile. I’ve certainly had no regrets about these therapy sessions. Ewurabena is a wonderful therapist. “Thanks. You’re an amazing therapist.”

“Awwww, that’s so sweet to hear. I’ll let you carry Maame Ama one of these days, OK?”

“Ummmmm… OK, I guess? I thought I’m always allowed to carry her whenever Sid and I come…. ah, who’s that guy on the road?”

There was this guy standing aloof on the road. The stretch of road we were on had no street lights and there was a pretty weedy patch of land on the right.

As Ewurabena noticed him, I noticed her grip tighten on the steering wheel. She looked quite apprehensive. It was obvious she was worried that this was potentially an armed robber. She started to shake and quickly said, “Let’s go past him,” stepping on the accelerator and swerving the guy as she moved.

I was taken aback, literally and figuratively, as she moved quickly. My heart was pounding in my chest, suddenly worried what was potentially happening.

Then I heard a voice, presumably that of the guy, shouting, “Hey! Hey! Stop!”

About two seconds later, something terrifying happened.

A guy in a hooded mask suddenly popped out from the weedy area, holding what looked like a golf club. He started wildly waving it, clearly threatening to hit the car.

Already in full panic mode at this point, Ewurabena tried to swerve this guy again. The problem was, she reacted so quickly, the car went into skid mode and she lost control.

The car turned and hit a tree on the other side.

Both of us were unhurt, as it was the back of the car that really made impact with the tree. But at this rate, we were terrified. Encountering these kinds of people was nothing pleasant.


That voice. That harsh, wild voice that has been hounding me for a while now.

Wait, Razzie??


I simply could not believe what was happening.

We were now inside the weedy area, obviously to prevent people from seeing what was going on. Hands tied between our backs, we were both kneeling in front of Razzie and two other guys. He had this evil look of triumph that sent shivers down my spine. He looked like he was ready to do the very worst to us. The only ‘right’ thing he was doing was keeping a leash on one of the guys who had his sights on Ewurabena. In a very lustful way.

“Chale, big man, wossop, eh? I dey hong ooo. Make I just give am one round,” he pleaded, ready to unbuckle his belt. Ewurabena stared at him in horror as she furiously shook her head, unable to speak because of the gag placed on her mouth.

Razzie gave him a hard look. “Nigga, don’t be stupid! We didn’t come here for this. Don’t touch her!”

The level of terror that had gripped my heart reduced a tiny bit as the guy reluctantly fastened his belt and stood with his hands behind his back.

Razzie, still standing before us, nodded. “So you thought you could get away with it, didn’t you? Not only did you murder an innocent child for nothing, you also had to put me in a position to get beaten by that foolish boy Ali. Hm. Astounding. As for that Ali, he knows by now it’s better to not cross me like that. But as for you… time to do what the useless judiciary crapbox refused to do.”

At this point, I was starting to feel tired. I mean, what at all was all this?

“Razzie, I really don’t know what your problem is,” I said calmly but firmly. “I served time in jail. I just happened to get a presidential pardon. You keep acting like I was charged with murder and found a way out – “

“You’re a murderer! You should be locked up for life, never to taste freedom ever again!” he hissed furiously.

“I am not a murderer!” I shot back.

One of the guys stepped forward, ready to slap me for my response, but Razzie brashly said to him, “Massa, where are you going? Get back and stand there! Nonsense! Did I tell you I need you to do anything?”

The guy stepped back.

I continued. “What is your problem? We were supposed to be friends. The best of friends. Brothers with the tightest of bonds. How did it become like this?”

Razzie sneered, “You really think I was in all this just to be your friend? Idiot! If you think I haven’t forgotten what you did to me back in school?”

I was puzzled. What was it that I had done that had him so mad at me? “What, Razzmatazz? I don’t know what it is you’re talking about. I’ve not…”

“Massa, stop your foolishness!” he snapped. “So you’ve forgotten how you humiliated me with that juice issue?”

Juice issue… juice issue… 

It was one day in school. A young me. Who liked pulling pranks on people every now and then. And that day, I was in a pretty mean mood. Eugene was a victim of my cruelty that day.

The boy had bought Refresh. The mango flavour. For reasons only my infantile mind will be able to explain, I saw the boy drinking his thing with happiness. And what did I do? I marched to the back of the class, where he sat, snatched the drink from him, marched to the front of the class, where he followed me, protesting and demanding I give him back his drink, and I squirted the rest of the drink all over his uniform.

Particularly on his shorts. To make it look as if he had wet himself. The rest of the class joined me as we laughed hard at Eugene and made him real embarrassed.

Definitely not one of the nicest things I’ve ever done. No need to remind me.

But wait…

“Ah, but Razzie, not to discard your feelings or trivialize the issue, but that was in class 4!” I said. “And besides, since we became close, I apologized for that. Didn’t I tell you that I wasn’t proud of what I did to you?”

“That’s not my concern!” he retorted. “Fact is, you made me look like a fool that day, and I’ve never liked you since.”

“But guy, I apologized! And you accepted it! I know I was an immature kid. Naturally, I’d do stupid things…”

“Shut up!” he roared. “I’m under no obligation to accept your apologies and excuses. I can keep whatever is in me, and I can seek revenge whenever I want. I’m not required to forgive you for anything if it’s not in me. You just have no idea how much I waited for your downfall. I came close only to see if you’d go down.”

That statement made me sick to my stomach. I turned to look at Ewurabena, who looked terribly confused by all this.

“You’ve always made me sick. With your fancy little intelligent self. Acting like a nice little gentleman and having everyone treat you as such. I just wanted to see you suffer. Hurt. Dwell in pain. And nothing pisses me off more than the fact that they let you off the hook so easily. Stupid justice system.”

I shook my head. This was just crazy. Now that statement about bearing grudges earlier made a whole lot of sense at that moment. Because what was going on honestly made no sense. None of it.

“Razzie, it was an act of a child. I already showed remorse when we became friends. I can’t believe you held on to this…”


With that enraged outburst, he took the golf club and swung it straight at my ribs.

The exquisiteness of the pain! I keeled over, groaning in agony.

Ewurabena screamed and rushed over to try to help me, but in my state of pain, I heard a “Hey!” and a slap, which sounded quite hefty, followed by a thud to the ground.

I was too overwhelmed by the intense searing pain to see what was going on.

Then I heard Razzie’s voice.


Those were the last words I heard before somebody’s boot connected with my head.

And sent me into a state of unconsciousness.

😱😱😱 oh my God! So Razzie really went that far to attack Nii? Goodness!! This don’t look good. Well, the only way we’ll know what happens next is to wait for Monday. Let’s hope for the best…

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