Of Voices And Vermin

Of Voices And Vermin #9

Brand new week, y’all!! Thank God for His mercies. On to the next chapter in this #OVAV story!

So it seems like Nii is being pretty wishful at the moment. As to whether his next meeting with Razzie will be a pleasant one is something we can only imagine. In the meantime, though, let’s get back to the story…

“Huh? Are you serious?” Jesse asked incredulously, looking at the long, Ivorian guy sitting across him who used to be his roommate. “Steel, you sure sey inobi joke?”

Steel shook his head. “I’m telling you guys the truth. After we spoke, and she said all the nice and sweet stuff, she had some brief interruption bi, and I held on for a little while. I think she forgot she hadn’t ended the call, and whoever she was speaking with asked who it was, and that’s when I started hearing things.”

So Steel, as I’ve already pointed out by now, is the fourth member of the clique. Tallest among the four of us, and for some reason, Kwabena has influenced us all to rather call him long. He’s in town for a few months. Specifically for the wedding.

And as we sat around the living room in Kwabena’s house, we listened as he told us about a recent relationship which had gone pretty bad.

“So she said what?” Kwabena asked.

Steel sighed. “That she’s never had anything for me. That in all reality, she finds me quite annoying. That she’s just tolerating me for the meantime, and she’ll know what to do with me later. It was about thirty seconds after she said all that, that she realized she never hung up, and that I heard everything.”

The three of us looked at each other, stunned.

Jesse shook his head. “So lemme guess, she start dey beg or something?”

Steel nodded. “Just saying she’s sorry, she’s sorry. But chale, I don’t wanna hear it. All I heard is enough. I can’t continue with a relationship where I’m being tolerated. Never.”

“But the question be sey, what she dey beg for?” I asked. “She doesn’t even want you. This should be a relief for her mpo!”

“Maybe she’s feeling bad or something,” Jesse suggested, shrugging.

“Not good enough,” Kwabena said. “If she know sey she no dey like the guy, why she accept the proposal to begin with? Ino dey make sense. Coz if this relationship gets into marriage, one day one day, e go pop up. Some argument will come up, then you go hear naaa, ‘you kraaa, I was never interested in you. I just considered you out of pity’. Chale, at that point, things go make messy pass.”

“Indeed. Keeping you in the dark never be acceptable,” I added. “Chale, this sucks.”

Steel sighed. “I no go lie you guys, since I got back here, there’s only one person that’s been on my mind.”

We all know who that is. Mawuena.

“Unfortunately, she got married about eight months ago,” he added, shrugging his shoulders in obvious defeat.

“OHHH!!” the three of us exclaimed.

“Yeah. Saw the pictures on Facebook. Any wish that we might come back together officially dashed.”

We all sighed. Damn. We were honestly wishing there would’ve been a reunion.

“Well, chale, nothing you can do at this point,” Kwabena spoke up. “Mawuena move on. You for do same. As for that girl, massa, dawg am!! We, we no go tolerate woman she dey come play plus wana electric pole.”

I’d have insulted Kwabena for that, but to be honest, about a week before we officially became friends in uni, the two of us were mocking him and calling him that. So yeah, I have no moral right to do that.

“See all of us,” Kwabena said as he gestured around our circle. Pointing to himself, he continued, “Kwabena and Ewurabena. Love brewed in a Tuesday pot.”

I shook my head. This idiot and his nonfa things.

Pointing at Jesse, he continued, “Jess and Kess. E-S-S. Edinaman Secondary School.”

Idiot!” Jesse responded, laughing.

Then, finally, at me. “And Sidney and Bambi. Disneyland in Australia.”

“Herh, you are a fool, OK?” I said, also in stitches.

“We’re all happy. And once you’re one of us, you’ll by all means be happy as well in your future relationship. I promise you.”

Steel nodded. “Chale, you guys be my support system. I’m so glad I’m here. I know I’ll make it through this season…  oh, by the way, this guy too marry oo. Kuuku.”

The look on Kwabena’s face slowly turned from friendly to scornful. “That guy?” he asked. “I see. If he no change, then by now, he buy leash give the wifey.”

“Ahhhh, Kwabena!”

“Ah, but I dey lie? See them times he then Hazel dey. Small hug, the guy go watch you with some evil eye, like you dey finger am. Meanwhile too, he go go hide some corner smooching that hypodermic needle called Aliya.”

“Herh, Kwabena!” I keeled over in laughter. “You are a mad man, wati?”


“Okay, okay, the best part of the song dey come,” I said excitedly as the final chorus of Mary J. Blige’s classic “Be Without You” started.

“Chale, my voice no make ready ooo,” Jesse said teasingly.

“My friend, behave yourself,” I warned him.

“Okayyy, here it comes,” Steel said. The four of us took deep breaths, and in unison with Mary, belted out.



Listen, none of us ever stay silent when that song is on. The sweeping sound you hear when it begins is like a caffeine kick to us. Even in our individual places, we don’t stay silent. So our ladies are always super annoyed when the song comes on.

If Ewurabena had been around, she’d definitely pop in with a rather irritated face. But she was out with Jemima.

“Alright, that was fun,” Steel commented as we took a moment to give your overstretched voice boxes a rest.

“Oh yeah!” Jesse agreed. “It’s unfortunate we forgot totally about it at my wedding. But no worries.”

“Yeah, chale. Good old times,” Kwabena added, a stupid smirk on his face.

“Yeah. OK, now time to see how well prepared we are for the Kupe formation,” I announced. We all had smirks on our faces as Steel stood up to try out. Truth is, Steel is a pretty bad dancer, so he needed the most attention.

“See, make you no slack ooo. Ibi simple dance, wey ibi your French boys naaa them make the dance popular,” Kwabena instructed him as he scrolled through his phone to get the song. “We no go spend more than 15 minutes for your top, you dey hear?”

“See some hard instructor things he dey do for there,” I scoffed, shoving him on the shoulder.

The beat came on. Steel straightened himself.

“OK, now. It’s all about the movement of the hands. And some waist flexibility…”


Ewurabena stepped out of the car, grabbing the polythene bags by her side. As Kwabena took Jemima out of the car, the rest of us stepped off the veranda and burst out loud, singing, “Welcome to the Hotel California!!”

A totally nonfa welcome. We just felt like being crazy.

Of course, Ewurabena is used to our moments of craziness as a group. She’d have to, anyway. The love of her life is the craziest among us. “The clique is back, isn’t it? Hello guys!” she said with a little laugh, giving us all hugs before mentioning how tired she was. As Kwabena came with the baby, she seemed rather happy to see Jesse, and reached out to him.

“Heyyyyyy, baby girrrrllll!!” Jesse gushed as he took her from her father’s arms. “Maame Ama ooo, dende! Do you know your best friend will be coming in a couple of months?”

A baby scream was her response.

“I knooowwwwwww!! Me and Auntie Kessewaa are excited too, you know…”

“Sidney! Can I see you for a minute?” Ewurabena called as she entered. I turned and followed her.

As she placed the polythene bags on the dining table, she said, “Yeah, so Sidney, I just wanted to personally give you an update on how Nii is doing. So we’ve been going through the rationalization process, and there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Inasmuch as he’s coming to terms with the accident, it’s like he still apportions some blame to himself concerning the fallout with Razzie. Has he said anything like that?”

“Nope, but he’s thinking that a meeting with Razzie would be good. The problem is, this guy goes berserk whenever he sees Nii. Begins his foolishness and all. And after the last time they met each other, this guy got beaten up because the other guy wasn’t happy with his misbehaviour. So to ask for a cordial meeting is not realistic, if you think about it.”

Ewurabena nodded. “Yeah, that’s true. We still need to work through it. It still looks like he feels responsible for how Razzie has become. We’ve been through the whole offending him stuff and all. But there’s still that lingering belief…”

I shook my head and sighed. “Well, it’s still a process, right?”

“Oh yeah, of course. We’re still working through it. Just wanted to update you on it. There’s still a lot of room for improvement, but he’s getting through it. I’m praying we really make headway within the next 3 months. So just keep praying for him and helping him out at home. At least, he said the sleepless nights are decreasing. That’s a relief. So just keep the support up, alright?”

“Alright,” I said, nodding as she took one of the polythene bags into the kitchen.

OK, so that was basically a boyz-boyz moment we had for today’s episode. But we had a little update on what’s up with Nii. Stay tuned for Friday’s episode. What an episode it will be! ðŸ˜ðŸ˜

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