Of Voices And Vermin

Of Voices And Vermin #8

It’s Friday!!! Y’all know what that means… it’s time for part 8 of #OVAV!!

So we’re getting into a pretty dark period of the story. Anybody feel like there are some dark clouds over this thing? Well… let’s see if it’s gonna rain or something…

“… so this guy just started shouting from the back of the trotro about how this government is useless, and how he regrets voting them into power. Then some lady responded, saying what he was shouting is just foolishness. Then, before I knew it, about half of the people in the car jumped into the dispute and it became a full-blown argument. Eii, these NDC and NPP issues. What Daddy watches on UTV every evening has already made me tired of politics.”

“Na who isn’t tired of Ghana politics?” Sidney said. “We’re all tired of them. If only some third party could step into the picture. Like we’ll get rid of these two annoying parties, and let them stay in opposition till Jesus comes.”

I nodded.

That was Bambi’s brother, Jerome, by the way. Every time we meet with him or speak to him, we have to gear up for a new episode of Trotro Diaries. His experiences of the daily trotro hustle. He had already filled us in on the experience of passengers talking aloud on the phone and China phones with ringtones louder than ghetto speakers. Side-splitting, for sure.

All four of us – Sidney, Bambi, Jerome and myself – were spending the day at Aburi Gardens. We had had quite a great time. The long walk, me engaging in little banter while we watched our siblings hold hands and smile at each other. The plenty selfies we took. Or should we call them groupies, since it was all four of us?

Eh, don’t know. Don’t care.


Anyways, after the long walk around, Jerome’s stories were the dessert for what had been a very relaxing and enjoyable day. And of course, the one about the politics argument definitely hit home. Encountered quite a lot of them myself.

“If Mummy heard this, eh, you’ll be in big trouble,” Bambi said to Sidney.

He laughed. “That’s why whenever she starts up, I’m just silent and nodding plenty. Ei, you want me to tell her I’m tired of her party and all their concert tactics? Babe, those schnapps drinks aren’t cheap oo. I don’t want her to come and tell me to take my thing, so she keeps her distin. I beg.”


With Jerome fast asleep in the back seat with me, obviously worn out from the day’s activities, I was checking out the latest stuff on social media, not paying too much attention to the match between Everton and Tottenham on the radio.

I typed out Razzie’s name in the search box on Twitter.

His profile did not show up, as expected.

So the suspension was real. His account truly had been taken off by Twitter. Can’t say it wasn’t deserved, though. All the horrid stuff he tweeted was definitely unacceptable. It might have been in a fit of rage, but Ali did the right thing.

I pressed the Latest button on the site, and quite a few tweets about him were on display. The overarching theme in the tweets I saw was that of disgust for the guy. A few people had created threads, outlining his toxic attitude and how beneficial to GH Twitter his suspension is. It was just one guy who was scornfully mocking how ‘soft’ people on Twitter are, and how ‘he wouldn’t have been the victim of this nonsensical witch-hunt 8 years ago, when Twitter was actually fun’. Smh. The responses he got showed just how lowly thought of his opinion was.

I switched over to Instagram.

To be honest, I’ve never been that much of a social media person, but after the prison stint, I’m starting to get the hang of all the apps. Instagram in particular.

The first picture to appear on my screen as it loaded up was a picture of my favourite couple.

Kwabena and Ewurabena were on a little weekend getaway at Sogakope Beach Resort, and the 10 pictures she had uploaded made it clear they were having a serious blast. And of course, the intense lover she is – honestly, in the little time I’ve gotten to really know Ewurabena, she’s way beyond the hopeless romantic title – Ewurabena had one sappy, love-soaked caption that will have any gnasher wailing “God, where is mine ooooo?”

Every day spent with you is a reminder of how precious and cherished I am by God. I wouldn’t trade you for anything, my king. Not even for all the Auntie Muni waakye. I love you, Sugar Cake,” I read silently before swiping through the various pictures. “Ei! Jesus, I see what you’re doing for others, and I want that for me.”

Yeah, that new meme has definitely caught my attention in recent times.

Sidney heard my statement. “Lemme guess, Kwabena and Ewura have uploaded a picture on IG, right?”

“Picture? Pictures!! They’re not playing with that Sogakope trip.”

“Lemme see, lemme see!” Bambi cut in excitedly, reaching for the phone. As I handed it to her, she looked at the pictures with so much delight on her face. “Awwwww, God, they’re so beautiful… just look at those comments… 6, 7, 8! Eight people have already put up the hashtag Relationship Goals.”

“That’s no surprise. I’m sure the heart-eyed emojis are in abundance.”

“Of course, jor!”

She continued to swipe and observe. “Awwwww, look at the way she’s gazing at him… baby, look. Isn’t it just splendid and glorious?”

Having stopped at a traffic light, Sidney turned his eyes toward the screen. “Herh, Sugar Cake!! Ei, this girl wants to destroy her teeth, eh?”

“Herh, behave yourself! Focus on the pictures.”

“Oh yeah, it’s lovely… hoh, see some stupid eyebrow eyi Kwabena is trying to do. He’s lucky we’ll all focus on the puppy eyes Ewurabena gave him. Jon move!”

Bambi gave him that Squidward look. “Sidney Allotey, really?”

“See, it is a jon move. Remind me, when we get you and Romie home, I’m calling them to blast them both. Kwabena for that silly eyebrow thing, and Ewurabena for letting the world know she doesn’t care about her dentition.”

Bambi did the facepalm as he moved, snickering and stealing glances at her. “You’re not correct,” she said.


“So, Sid,” I said as I opened the door to the house, “I was thinking of something.”


I hesitated a bit, already guessing what his response would be.

“So… I was wondering… like, maybe… possibly… we could – I mean, it doesn’t have to be me alone, we can go with a couple of other people. Maybe Kwabena and…”

Sidney eyed me suspiciously. “Owula! You are not the stammering, stretching type. Especially with me. What’s up?”

I took a deep breath. “I was thinking we could possibly sort this out by meeting Razzie and talking with him.”

As I expected, Sidney shook his head right away. “No, bro. That ain’t it. The way things are right now…”

“But I’ve been thinking. Wouldn’t it be the best? I mean, you never know. If we all go, and seek to meet with him, it’s possible we can have a level-headed conversation with him, and we can find out where all this started from and how we can solve it. Especially with the whole jealousy angle.”

Sidney’s look made it obvious he was not having it. “My brother, I think the past few encounters you’ve had with him make it clear that an attempt to have a logical dispute resolution meeting with him would not go well. Listen, after that scuffle with the Ali guy, I don’t think he’s going to want to play nice the next time he sets those perverted eyeballs on you. You already know you should be careful now.”

I sighed. “I get it, I get it. It’s just that… with the warnings and all, I still somehow doubt if he would really cause that much harm. I mean, he’s not the strongest of guys… actually, he’s not strong at all. Easily gets beaten.”

Sidney laughed at that. “Oh, I know. Such a weak nigga.” Then his face turned serious. “But on a serious note, I don’t think it’s the best for now. He might not be strong, but such guys can find other means to be dangerous. I don’t think it’s wise for us to meet with him now. He’s apparently still mad with this Ali guy. Bring yourself into the picture, and he might do something drastic. So please, not now. If the heat dies down and we can find a way, we’ll try. I’d also want to understand the jealousy angle, and if it’s real. But not now.”

I felt slightly disappointed. But I guess he was right. I was the reason they fought, anyways, and it was possible he might do something crazy. So I just said, “OK, no problem. Later, then,” and went to the kitchen.

As I lay in bed later on that night, all I could think about was the possibility of meeting with Razzie. From insane outbursts of hatred to calm, peaceful talks. All those scenarios played themselves in my mind’s eye.

I shook my head vigorously after the last scenario had Razzie wildly throwing a chair at me. Rolling over to lie on my back, I put my hands behind my head. As I looked up at the ceiling, I had one prayer.

“Dear Lord, let it be that the next time Razzie and I meet, it’ll be peaceful, and we can straighten things out.”

Mmmmmm, well!! Is this some genuine hope, or is Nii being naive? What do you think is gonna happen the next time he meets with his former best friend? Well, the story is nearing its end, so we’re definitely gonna find out soon. Enjoy your weekend! Your MCM will be back on Monday!

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