Of Voices And Vermin

Of Voices and Vermin #7

Issa new week! Which means, it’s time for your bi-weekly dose of #OVAV!!

So last week had a slightly ugly twist to it. That fight was not really expected. Looks like things are set to take a pretty dark turn. Let’s find out…

“Oh, damn it!” Kwabena groaned, pressing the buttons on the controller frantically as he tried to get his defenders to catch up.

Too late, though. I had Griezmann well in the clear, and Ter Stegen was totally at my mercy. I could either chip the ball over him, lash that ball into the back of the net or round the keeper and end with a simple tap-in.

I went for option number 3. The satisfaction of a late, late winner cannot be over or underestimated. Sweetest feeling everrr!

“Aaaargh!” Kwabena huffed, throwing himself back into the sofa. “Diego Simeone frustrates the Blaugrana yet again. Ahh!”

“Haha! Antoine, wati!!” I boasted, one finger in the air as I triumphantly watched the replay.

I think I must be the only Atletico Madrid fan in Ghana. Not the ASU thing squad likes doing if they’re facing Real or Barca oo. Like, real, real fan. Been supporting them long before the days of Kun Aguero and Diego Forlan were leading the pack. You can imagine how hyper I was when we won the La Liga in 2014. Kwabena actually avoided me for a week; he knew I was gonna troll him mercilessly.

“This your style be annoying pass,” Kwabena grumbled.

“Massa, this be wana style. We no dey play plus defense things,” I shot back. “Why else Oblak get crazy clean sheet levels?”

Kwabena let out a Mtcheww. “You make lucky sey the R1 and L2 buttons be mixed up give me. Like your China Wall go collapse.”

Jesse let out a laugh. “Ha! Vintage FIFA excuse.”

Kwabena gave him the side eye. “Massa, you, your case dey disqualify you from commentary oo.”

Kwabena had given him a 6-0 whopping. With the little Argentine scoring all the goals. No guessing who he’d choose between Leo and Cristiano.

I got up to get a bottle of Smirnoff Ice from the fridge for Kwabena. As I shut the fridge door and returned to the living room, Jesse’s phone rang. It was wifey. He picked up and spoke to her.

“So yesterday, Bambi and I finally met with the folks, and we’ve decided on a date,” I announced proudly.

“Oh, finally!” Kwabena said, choosing to use his teeth as an opener. Tossing the bottle cap on the table, he continued, “You know the way I dey prepare my Kupe moves for house? Ewurabena dey there dey laugh laugh me sey my moves be wack…”

“Guys,” Jesse interjected. He had just hung up and had a serious look on his face. “Kessewaa just told me about some important meeting. Some emergency meeting bi like that.”

Kwabena and I looked at him with curiousity. “Ei, wossop? Some FBI lie bi anaa?” Kwabena asked.

“She say some gentleman bi call am. E dey concern Nii.”

I stiffened up.

Ever since the ugly incident at the Marina Mall which Nii told me about, I’ve been super apprehensive concerning his safety. What bothers me the most is how that deranged fool is allegedly jealous of him. I mean, that makes no sense. Why in the world should that Razzie toke be jealous of Nii?

“This guy happens to know the guy who  got into that fight with Razzie last week. So he figured out that by me knowing you, he could get through Kessewaa to speak to you. She said it’s really urgent. He wants us to meet him at the Accra Mall in the next hour.”

“Well, at least, it’s a Sunday, so we don’t have to worry about traffic. Chale, let’s go.”


Kessewaa stood outside the gate as we arrived at Jesse’s house.

“Hey, guys,” she greeted as she waited for Jesse to get down from the car and assist her in.

“Eish, Abena Kessewaa! Asayy, the pregnancy glow is real!” I teased as she took her seat.

She laughed gently.

I looked to my side, saw a silly smirk on Kwabena’s face, and in the mirror, I saw a similar one form on Jesse’s face. I immediately said, “Hey, hey, hey, hey, make you niggas no start that….”

“RICHOCOOOOOOOOO!!!” the two of them gleefully cheered.


So, Kessewaa has this interesting kind of laughter. Deep throated and hearty, if I have to describe it. One day, while she and Jesse were still in the dating phase, she was laughing, and guess what?

Kwabena suddenly says her laughter reminds him of a rich hot cup of Milo.

The wheels in that guy’s head, eh. They need oiling.

Jesse too added his own, and even said Richoco is more appropriate, because of the use of the word ‘rich’. And now, whenever both of them are around her, and she laughs, they break out into ridiclous Richoco chants.

There was only one thing on my mind as I shook my head and moved the car as they continued with the chants.

Scar and I are definitely in the same boat right now.



The four of us arrived at the Second Cup shop. In the corner of the shop sat a gentleman, who waved at us once we entered.

“Lemme get us some cappucinos. The rest of you can go and sit down,” Kwabena said.

So we went to the table where he was and took our seats.

“Hey guys. I’m glad you could come. I know this was rather impromptu and all, but I’ve had this really uncomfortable feeling that I just can’t ignore, so I had to call Abena and ask her to inform you about it ASAP,” the gentleman began.

“So, my name is Daniel, as Abena has hopefully told you by now. I’m good friends with this guy named Ali, who used to be really cool with Razzie…”

“Isn’t that the guy who got into a fight with Razzie not too long ago?” I asked.

Daniel nodded. “That’s the one. They had a pretty acrimonious split, because of Razzie’s lifestyle. Refuses to get a job, just plays games all day, sometimes just goes to roam about at the malls, insults people recklessly on social media… all those things. Tried to advise him, but the guy was just too dismissive. And it was the whole issue about your brother that really caused the friendship to end, because like everyone else, Ali thought he was just being illogical and silly.”

“Well, he is, isn’t he?” Kessewaa said. “Acting like Nii is some dangerous killer bi that holds a knife in one hand and a gun on the other. It’s just ridiculous.”

“Of course! Ali and I were talking about it some time ago at Papaye. Everyone knows it was an accident. It’s just unfortunate he fell foul of the law and had to go to prison. Because chale, the guilt alone is too much to deal with. I’m sure he’s going through therapy, because that situation can haunt you for life.”

“He is. Things are getting better,” I responded, moving my chair as Kwabena arrived with the drinks.

“Thank God for that. Well, that was just a little by the way. The reason I called you here is that I have this really disturbing feeling deep down in my gut. Keeps telling me to warn you guys to be extra watchful over Nii… that’s his name, right?”

“Yeah, Nii Ajei. But why?” I asked, a little wave of fear starting to wash over me.

The others leaned forward, also visibly worried. “Has that Razzie guy said he plans to hurt him or something?” Kwabena asked.

“No, there’s nothing to that extent that I know of. And if there’s anyone he may be planning to hurt, he hasn’t mentioned Nii’s name. The truth is, he’s really, really mad at Ali, as far as I know. After the fight, I found out from Ali that he did what everyone else has been pretty lax at doing. He reported Razzie’s Twitter account, and the account has been suspended.”

“Well, that’s a blessing to humanity,” I remarked. “It’s absolutely horrible how vile and acidic that account of his is.”

“So I heard from Ali,” Daniel replied. “I actually saw a few of the tweets about Nii. Senseless and horrible, to say the least. But, I’m worried about Ali. He mainly did it to hit back at him. Although he did all of us a favour at the end of the day. I’m worried Razzie might go an extra mile to hurt him back, especially when you factor in how he got pummeled at the Mall. “

Kessewaa looked worried. “You think he might try to stab him or something?”

“I wouldn’t put it past him.”

“Then that would make him one hell of a hypocrite,” Jesse said, shaking his head. “Constantly condemning Nii for what happened, yet you’re willing to hurt someone like that?”

Daniel shrugged. “The guy’s insane, chale. It’s quite obvious. He’s the only one in this “NII IS GUILTY” parade because we all know this was an accident that just played out real bad. If he’s that insane, then he can definitely practice the same thing he’s ‘preaching’ against.”

“But, there’s one question I really want to ask. Nii said Ali told Razzie to stop being jealous of him. As in Nii. Where the hell did that come from?”

Daniel sighed. “Nobody but Razzie can confirm that. But, Ali was skeptical about it, and I was like, jealousy has to play a factor in this whole illogicality. I mean, when you’re jealous of a person, you’ll go to the lowest of depths to try and downplay them and their person, and woe betides them if something bad happens. The jealous one will magnify them to unbelievable heights.”

“But what at all is there to be jealous about? They were tight friends, for goodness sake! Where from the jealousy?”

“Hmmmmm. Well, I’m not saying that it is most definitely jealousy that is the major reason, it’s an assumption. But I believe it has a role of some sort. Only Razzie will know. And… some people you think are your biggest supporters can be those praying for your downfall. They’ll smile with you and all, but chale, behind your back, they’re just itching for you to fail.”

“Hmmmm. Chale, that one too be true oo,” Kwabena said. “All this is pretty much proof.”

“But guys, all I can say is that for now, just be careful. This Razzie guy is sick. It’s almost certain he’ll want revenge on Ali, but he might want to do something to Nii as well. I’m really sorry I’ve had to get you all worried. I’m super worried myself about Ali since it’s more likely in his case, but I don’t want anything bad to happen to your bro. He’s had enough torment since the accident. The last thing he needs is for someone to try and hurt him.”

Well, well, well, things are getting someway. What comes next? Your MCM ain’t too sure yet. But stay tuned, do what you gotta do for the week, and come back on Friday for the next episode!


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