Of Voices And Vermin

Of Voices and Vermin #6

How’s your week been? Good, I hope. Well, whatever it is, it’s time for Friday’s edition of #OVAV!

Well, for today’s episode, let’s just say it’s gonna be kinda raw. Put on your seat belt and let’s ride!!

“Come here, girl.”

I heard Sidney’s voice from inside the house. Shaking my head as I continued to read my book, I heard a giggle follow a few seconds later. Then I heard him again. Maintaining the low tone he had already used.

“Why you gotta be so fine, babe?”

The giggles started again. I could easily guess what was going on. He had his arms around her waist and was murmuring sweet distins into her ear. I couldn’t hear the rest of whatever he was murmuring, but I knew one title would be in there. One title he loves using on her.

Cute Caramel Cupcake.

Sounds extremely corny to me. But hey, I’m not Miss Bambi Darkwah, and it’s not meant for me to get ‘flushed and flustered’, as she usually says, so lemme mind my business.

“Sidney, stop that! You know how flushed and flustered I get whenever you do this.”

My point proven right there.

“Hehe, I know. Just reminding you how I can’t wait till you’re finally mine.”

“Awww, baby boy. I can’t wait, too. Won’t be too long till you’re my king for life…”

“And I’ll step up this little thing I’m doing, and oh, what an experience it’ll be.”

“Oh, you naughty man!”

Sidney and Bambi with their lovi-lovi escapades.

I cleared my throat pretty loud, just to let them know I could hear them.

Both voices rang out. “WE DON’T CARE!!”

Whenever they start getting all comfy and romantic and all, I do that as a way of telling them, “Get a room!” Yeah, they get cozy a lot. It’s pretty amazing how they’ve managed to keep away from second base.

Anyways… so the past few days have been slightly better. Sleeping used to be close to impossible, with the constant internal accusations and the overwhelming weight on my shoulders, but it’s getting lesser. Seeing all those horrible words from Razzie had me slipping back, but Ewurabena has been helping me to rationalize the whole situation. Reminding me that the whole incident was a mistake that just ended up really badly, and there’s no point in dwelling over it and letting it rule my future. She gave me this verse that she said has helped her so much: Isaiah 43:18-19. Pretty mind-blowing scripture, I must say. God saying He’ll make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert?! Sensational!

It hasn’t exactly been easy getting it through my head, though. There’s always this pulling force that tries to convince me it’s all poppycock, and I’m never getting out of this dark hole. I guess it’s not meant to be easy. Hopefully, I’ll get through it.

As I sat outside, half continuing the John Grisham book and half eavesdropping on their little lovi-lovi talk (I know I previously said I don’t like eavesdropping, but… these two are sometimes an exception), I got a buzz from my phone. I checked it. A certain group chat on Whatsapp had a message I’d been waiting for. Upon checking it, I hopped up from the chair I was on, ready to go inside and get ready to meet a few peeps at the mall.

Entering the house, I saw the two lovebirds on the couch, Bambi leaning on one side of the couch. She was shaking her head as I passed by, hearing Sidney crooning the chorus to Kojo Antwi’s ‘Bome Nkomo De’.

As soon as I stopped to listen to my big brother, a grin of approval on my face, his lady immediately said, “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Issokay. Don’t come and turn this into another Mr. MusicMan for President campaign, I beg.”

Mr and Mrs Allotey successfully turned their three children (yeah, we have a younger sister. Daisy. Based in the UK at the moment) into hardcore Kojo Antwi fans, and Sid and I never cease to remind Bambi about it. In outlandish ways. And she’s pretty tired of it. Too bad we’re not. I once said the beginning of Afofanto massages my muscles, and she gave me a serious Squidward look. You know, that classic ‘you canNOT be serious’ kind of look.


“Chale, quick confirmation, Nii,”Sidney said. “Between Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ and Kojo’s ‘Medofo Pa‘, which one is a better choice for our first dance?”

“Oh, brother,” Bambi groaned, doing the facepalm as she already knew what was coming.

“Ah, Sid, this isn’t even up for debate. Kojo all the way! Most underrated love song of all time. I don’t even understand…”


“Alright, I’ll be in touch then. All the best!” my old mate Nessa said as she waved and went back up the escalator.

“Sure thing. Later!” I replied as I walked out of the Marina Mall. I managed to meet an old friend who works with Jobberman. A pretty fruitful meeting, and hopefully, I can get out of the unemployment phase. It’s not been easy since I got out of prison.

As I walked to the car, I noticed a moderately tall guy walking in my direction. I looked at his face.

It looked like the Ali guy I had heard in the Papaye restaurant.

As I opened the car door, I heard someone shout “HEY! HEY!”, but my attention wasn’t on that. I got into the car and slammed the door shut. As I turned the key in the ignition, however, I got a pretty scary surprise.

I was startled by a pounding on the other window.

Frightened, I looked to see an angry face staring at me.

It was Razzie!!

“Hey you, you good-for-nothing murderer, what the hell are you doing here?”

I was not just frightened, but seriously confused. Why in the world was he so hung up on turning me into a heartless monster?

I just stared at him, totally befuddled, unsure of what to do or say. He screamed a few more obscenities.

Just then, I heard another “Hey!” and within a few seconds, the dude who looked like the Ali guy came up and shoved Razzie away from the car.

As I opened the door, I heard him say, “Massa, what be your problem? Hoh! Why, the kiddie e die be your son or what? Shun this your foolish life then lef am!”

“Oh wow, Ali,” Razzie said, looking genuinely surprised at the interruption. “So you too dey defend this killer?”

“Commot for there! This no be defense matter. Ibi sense matter. This madness no dey hia.”

WMT no dey hia! Aboa taa!”

I was taken aback by that. Razzie hated that expression back then. Now here he was, using it so freely.

The look on Ali’s face made it pretty clear he was not happy with the use of that expression at all.

And you know what solidified it? The subsequent punch he delivered to Razzie’s face that, if I should be honest, reminded me of the Mayweather v Ortiz fight.


I quickly rushed to stop the fight. Which, in reality, was actually a pummeling. Razzie was already dazzled by that first punch, and couldn’t do anything about the three or four other shots to his face. As I struggled to keep Ali from delivering further damage to his face, two security guards also came around, and helped to separate the two.

As one of them dragged Ali away from the scene, he yelled, “Kwasia boy! Grow up, Razzie! Stop being jealous of the guy and magnifying his errors! Get a life!”

Razzie, who was also being escorted out of the parking area by the other guard, drowsily responded, “Fuck you and fuck that murderer.”

As I walked away from the scene, I took a few deep breaths and reminded myself not to let his words take me down.

But as I sat back in the car, I was in a state of confusion. Why did Ali say he should stop being jealous of me? Why in the world would Razzie be jealous of me?

I shook my head as I moved out of the parking lot, the little crowd that had witnessed the fight starting to disperse. All I could wonder as I drove away…

Why would Razzie be jealous of me?

Chale! Things got pretty ugly. Looks like the Ali dude and Razzie are really on bad terms with each other now. But… is jealousy really the reason for all this outlandish behaviour? Indeed, why would he be jealous of Nii? And do you agree with the Allotey boys on their love for Kojo Antwi? Loooool. Well, have a blessed weekend, and remember you’ll know more to the story on Monday

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