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Sooooo… it was pretty fiery last week. The warning and all. Well, we’re pretty much coming to the end of this captivating story. A twist or two just may be awaiting us as we approach a pretty interesting conclusion. Well, lemme stop the talking and let’s just right into the action!

Entry in Allison’s Notepad app on her phone

So, after tonight, I think I’m just going to seek divine intervention on this thing… no, of course not juju. No way. I’ll just hope something supernatural happens. Honestly, that Temwani girl scares me. The way she threatened me was terrifying. Not the type where she’s all screaming and waving broken bottles. Those type of peeps who give warnings in gentle, calm manners are usually more dangerous. I’ll just hope for the best. By the way, the way Mensima is boring me eh! Mtcheeewwwww….


The quartet sat there, taken in by the peaceful and lulling sounds of Bach. The atmosphere for the next two minutes and fifty-eight seconds was a totally serene and beautiful one, the four guys held spellbound by the enchanting music.

When it was over, they all opened their eyes.

“Chale, the time I be kiddie, na this music dey bore me. I see sey I for repent for my youthful ignorance. What!!!” Marcus exclaimed.

“I was enthralled. Enchanted. En-somtin-somtin. That was beautiful!” Jerry agreed.

Basit let out a big sigh and leaned back in his seat. “Any of you could use that to propose to me and I’d accept.”

The three gave him a hard look. Then the other guy, Gameli, shook his head. “If I start dey talk your matter now, we no go finish this plan. So never mind.”

“Okay, so as the music dey play, then you go hold up those cards with the inscriptions, right?”


“Very good. Timing is essential. Make sure you hold up just about enough before popping the big question. All the sweet things that you can say, put them on the cards.”

“Got it!”

“Chale, this proposal idea diԑԑ, interesting choice. Not too extravagant, but with a touch of priceless romance. And well strategically placed – on her birthday!”

“Indeed! A beautiful surprise awaits. Chale, I dey go washroom come,” Marcus excused himself as he walked to the bathroom.

As he gave his bladder that glorious feeling of relief, he reflected on the past week. Allison had not been keeping in touch as much. She had given some unintelligible excuse the last time he asked her, and in a way, he kind of missed her. On the other hand, until the past three days, Temwani had been her normal self: increasing her ‘pregnancy period diet’, bonding with Sefakor, doing double dates with the crazy double and just being the high-spirited darling that gave him chills and made him desperate to keep her. However, she had been rather occupied with some family issues, and she seemed worried. He sighed. I need to deal with this sooner rather than later.

He returned to the living room, where Basit was looking at him with his mouth wide open, holding up Marcus’ phone. “Herh, massa, why you gbele your mof like that? I steal your Doritos?” he asked mockingly.

“My guy, the way you dey change your custom ringtone for Temwani be very suspect,” Basit charged. “The first time we hear of am, Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’. The time we dey go pick am for the double date, Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’. Now, ibi Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’. Brother, why? Be faithful to one eh! Stick with ‘Hello’!”

“Oh nah,” Gameli interjected. “You can never go wrong with some Stevie, chale.”

“Abi you diԑԑ, long-time Stevie fan.”

“Ah, but inobi true?”

“Whatever! Just tell me sey I miss call make I call am back!” Marcus said, catching the phone perfectly when Basit tossed it at him. “Kwԑԑ!! See the way I catch the phone! De Gea skills, wati!”

African man dialing cell phone

Laughing as his friends dismissed his claims, he excused himself and called.

Temwani answered on the second beep. “Marcus, I need you to come over. Now. It’s urgent.”


He sat in her living room, the news giving him a sudden does of dizziness. There had always been the slight possibility that it might happen, but given how comfy she was, it wasn’t even considered. Now here it was, slapping him in the face.

He shook his head, rising to his feet and grabbing her. “Temwani, you can’t leave me! You just can’t!”

She sighed, shaking his grip off. “Marc… this is hard for me. I love you. I want to be with you for real. But… this is big for me, boy. My parents built this company. I grew up always wanting to be a part of it. This is a big deal for me. Interior design and decoration have been a part of me, and now they want me to come and take the reins, so to speak. I should be jumping up and down by now, this is a dream come true! But…” she drifted off.

The knot in Marcus’ chest was growing tighter by the minute. The thought of Temwani leaving was more than enough to suffocate him. How could she be leaving?

She dropped into the sofa. “Since my dad told me, I’ve been a mess. I’m not in this for fun, Marcus. I see my future with you, I really do. But at this point, I have to make a choice. And it’s not going to be an easy one for me.”

Still panicking, Marcus let out the first thing that popped up in his mind. “Let’s have a baby!”

Temwani looked incredulously at him. “WHAT??!!!”

“Let’s have a baby so you have to stay here and not have to go…” he cut himself short as he noticed two things: the sheer foolishness of that idea, and the evil stare his Zambian beauty was giving him. Temwani may have been the touchy PDA lover, cherishing every hug of theirs and adoring every time he put his arms around her, but pre-marital sex was nowhere near an option for her. Getting pregnant for any man meant she had his ring on her finger. Marcus knew this too well, having been told by her that she wouldn’t be allowing him to canoodle with her anytime soon. In her own words, she was way too irresistible for any guy to ‘want to stay outside the 18-yard area’. In any case, that was a pretty selfish idea too, clearly showing a lack of respect for her passion. He muttered, “Sorry, baby, I just blurted that out carelessly.”

Temwani sighed. “Marcus, I know this is tough. My heart is in tatters right now. I wish I wouldn’t have to choose between Mutale Interiors and you. It hurts…” she said, words failing her at that point.

The look on her face prompted Marcus to get closer and wrap her in his arms as she continued to let out her frustration and unhappiness. As he attempted to comfort her, the questions were a rising flood in his mind. Why now? Why does she have to go? Why can’t she be with me? Why? Why? Why?


It had been about a week since the bombshell had been dropped, and Temwani was yet to make a choice. As he sat in the boardroom, barely paying attention to all his manager was saying in the end-of-week meeting he and his colleagues hated, his mind was more focused on the probabilities and possibilities. I don’t want her to leave. I can’t stand the thought of losing her. Yet if she goes, then there’s Allison…. Ugh, no, I don’t wanna be without Temwani… but Allison?… what do I do?

It took a sharp rebuke from his manager to jolt him out of his inattentive state. He mumbled a quick apology and sat up.

The meeting ended at 6:00 pm. One of the major reasons why it was so hated.

As Marcus walked to the car, waving to the secretary as she drove off, he took out his phone. There was a missed call from Temwani.

His heart started to beat furiously. He had a serious feeling there was something very important coming up.

He sat in the car, and as he pressed the dial button, his hands were shaking. His heart was still treating his chest like a punching bag. His mouth turned dry.

On the second dial, 0:00 appeared on the screen.

He held the phone to his ear. “Temwani?”

“Hey, Marcus… ummm, so, I’ve finally made my decision…”

You do not want to miss the thrilling conclusion(?) next week. This is gonna be crazy!!!

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