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Start Over 7

Another episode arrives!! So I’ve been getting feedback from y’all concerning our dear Zambian girl. I can see most of you see her as a sweet, innocent girl. Some agree with Sefa that she’s a trimudԑ girl. Some too have seen she’s not just all sugar, spice and everything nice. Some Chemical X too dey (yep, those times when we watched Powerpuff Girls! lol). I’m sure you know what to expect, so… let’s keep it moving!

“AH! You did what? Awuraba, what is wrong with you!” Mensima snapped over the phone.

“Mensima, I couldn’t help it. Ever since the party, there’s this deep-seated dislike I have for her. I tried to be nice, but I just couldn’t keep it in…”

A sigh over the phone. “S-M-H, Allison. S-M-H. You should have tried harder. It’s not by force to like her, but letting your emotions take charge like that? Aaba! Do you know how immature and silly you’ve made yourself look?”

“Immature?? What do you mean?” Allison shot back, feeling quite offended by her sister’s use of that adjective.

“Listen to me, young lady. Don’t get all heated up on me,” her sister sternly warned her before continuing. “It is likely this girl knows about your history with Marcus, and was just being nice. The fact that she approached you and tried to make conversation speaks volumes to me. Now that you brushed her off, do you think you’ve painted a good picture of yourself? Don’t you think Marcus is going to find out? Do you think he’ll be happy? Do you think it’s going to be easy getting closer to him if he sees your actions as disrespect to his lady?”

Allison was silent.

“I know what it’s like. Roger’s last ex was trying some funny stuff a few weeks before he proposed. Trying to serve him his food at a party whilst I was around, giving me those unfriendly looks and all. I didn’t tolerate it one bit. Afterwards, I told him plainly that I didn’t want that woman around us ever again. Turns out he himself was pissed by her actions. To this day, I have not seen her again. Listen, sister, you’ve made a mistake. A very silly one, I might add. If you really want to make this work, the cold shoulder treatment is unnecessary!”

“I’m… I’m sorry,” she responded flatly.

“Sorry to who? What jon apology is that? I’m not the girl’s mother oo. And sorry won’t cut it. Assuming she knows the history with Marcus and tells him what you did, the damage is already done. The only thing you can do right now is hope against hope that the scenario won’t come to pass.”


Marcus stood outside the front door of Joy’s house, arms folded, deep in thought.

He and Temwani had come, as planned, to properly engage Joy about her illegitimate little escapades. She revealed that he was the one to make moves on her, calling her ‘sexy’ almost all the time she passed by the office. She confessed to being enticed by his allure and his rather suggestive comments whenever she came around. The charming man he was, she found it difficult to shove off his advances when his words turned into actions, starting from hugging to slight caressing. The initial resistance was eroded by a serious sensual attraction to him, so by the time he was hungrily taking off her clothes in his office way after working hours, she was too deep in to resist. Not even the knowledge of him having a wife and a child was enough to make her reconsider. Since then, she had taken the carefree route, meeting up with him as often as possible to have some minutes of pleasure. She admitted that these stolen waters had been too sweet to stop sipping.

Gently but firmly, the couple reminded her how sacred marriage was, and that despite her carelessness, it was not too late for a fresh start. As Joy broke down again, openly realizing how she had been this man’s object of gratification, her older cousin held her tightly, affirming her undying love and support for her as she got over this. Her parents had been made aware of the situation and would be dealing with the lawyer.

As the two were overwhelmed with tears, Marcus gently excused himself, stepping out to let these cousins have time alone. And as he stood outside, he thought hard about the whirlwind of confusion that had yet to settle in his brain.

He hadn’t confronted Allison about her attitude. He wasn’t happy about it at all, but… somehow, he felt confronting her would totally scare her off, and the lingering feelings made him too scared to try that. But then, given the serious nature of Temwani’s words, it would be wise to pray that they didn’t meet in public. One thing he had come to realize about her was this: when she loved a person, she loved that person hard. He briefly remembered what the finance officer at his workplace said when he admitted to falling for her. He had forgotten ever since she accepted his proposal, but now it rang loud and clear in his head.

“Well, Marc, I don’t think I want to say much, since you’ve already gotten to know her, but there’s one thing I can tell you about her: she’s a fierce lover. Not that she’s aggressive by nature per se, but, when her affections are set on you, brother, she’s gonna go all out for you. You know, her name means ‘love’ in her native tongue, so it’s no surprise that she’s the way she is. Trust me, if she says yes, I doubt you’ll ever come across a ‘ride-or-die’ lady like her. Ever.”


“Oh my goodness, you guys look so good together in this picture!” Temwani gushed as she looked at a picture of Sefakor and Basit clad in dashikis. As she admired and awwwwed over it, she lifted her eyes briefly to Sefakor’s and asked, “He hasn’t left his spot, has he?”


“Still checking us out?”


The two were having a bit of a girl’s night out at Maquis Tante Marie at the Marina Mall. Marcus, Basit, Jerry and a few others were meeting up elsewhere to watch a football match, so they were seizing the opportunity to bond together. So far, they were having a great time, talking about silly and serious issues. Being two devastatingly good-looking ladies, they were attracting the attention of quite a few guys around. Particularly that one mid 20s-looking guy sitting a few tables away from them. Of course, they had no intention to be flirty and lead him on. His infatuation-fuelled stares were getting rather irritating. Sefakor insisted they just let him alone, saying, “Let him stare all he wants. He certainly ain’t getting anything more than that.”

Temwani shrugged at the response, then continued with her little speech of the history of her beloved nation, with Sefakor paying rapt attention. As she told her of the events leading to her country’s independence, she noticed a familiar face walking on the other side, obviously coming off the escalator.

“Is that Allison?”

“Where?” Sefakor asked, turning to look in the direction which Temwani was staring. She saw the figure. “Yep. That’s her.”

“You know, she was quite unfriendly to me when I came on Sunday. I don’t know what it is I did to her. Really strange.”

Remembering the whole scene she had witnessed, but not wanting to let it be known, Sefakor raised her eyebrow. “Really? That’s rude. That’s not fine kraaa.”

“I know right? See, she’s coming in this direction. Let’s just be nice. You never know.” So the two put on cute smiles, and as the subject of their discussion drew closer to their table, they called out, “Hi, Allison!”

She gave them a cold side stare as she briskly walked by, looking quite annoyed.

Temwani did not take kindly to that at all. “Did you see that? Can you imagine? We just said hi to her and she brushed us off! Look at the side eye she gave us! That’s it!” She stood up. “I’m not taking this! I’m going to talk to her.”

Sefakor sprung up quickly, looking to pacify her. “Please, Temmy. Don’t start a fight in public.”

Temwani gave her a sweet smile. Not the typical smile that indicated she was in her usual happy, bubbly mood, but a smile that indicated something slightly sinister. “Don’t worry, baby girl. I don’t fight in public. I deal with stuff.”


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That blasting she had received from Mensima, as well as an awkward conversation with Marcus, where he seemed very confused and indecisive, had really left Allison in a bad mood. So as she rushed into the Mall, she was hardly in the mood for pleasantries. She went to take a seat, asked a nearby waiter for a drink and just took deep breaths, trying to control her inward rage. How can Mensima talk to me like that? And why won’t Marcus just make up his freaking mind? Ugh…hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t be so pissed. That confusion might be a good sign, actually…

A deep, “Hello, Allison,” jolted her out of her thoughts.

She looked up from her seat. Her Zambian rival, clad in a camo stretch tank top, with Sefakor standing nervously beside her. She looked back down. I don’t need this, I don’t need this!

Temwani slid into the seat next to her. “Hi again, Allison. You know, I’ve noticed that for certain reasons, you’re being pretty unfriendly to me. I initially thought you were in a bit of a bad mood when you gave me that icy treatment on Sunday. Now I’m convinced you have a problem with me. Now I know I’m not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination, I know I’ve got a lot of flaws like everybody else, but I really don’t remember doing anything particularly offensive or harmful to cause such a vicious attitude from you. I’m a loving person. I don’t have time for hatred. So I don’t like what’s going on. I’d love nothing more than to be hanging out with you alongside Sefakor on a night like this. If you really have a problem with me, let me know. Tell me where I offended you, so I can make restitution if possible. Because this is really a turn-off, what you’re doing.”

Allison opened her mouth to say something, but Temwani patted her gently on the back. “It’s all right, darling. I can see once again, you’re not in the best of moods. You might just make some careless statement you’ll later regret. Trust me, I’ve done it before. Here’s my number.” She paused to take a business card out of her bag and write her number. She placed it on the table and slid it towards Allison. “Call me when you’re calmer. I’m sure we can have a good conversation.”

She got up, as if she was ready to leave, then stopped. “Oh yeah, I just remembered.” She sat down again. “Listen, Allison. I know your history with Marcus.”

Allison froze slightly.

“I know he was once in love with you, and how you weren’t interested. I don’t have anything against your past choices; I’m not one to judge. But if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s this: when I love, I love hard, and any unnecessary obstacle that stands in my way will get trampled. I’m a bubbly character, I giggle a lot, and I have a sweet spot for sweet cakes and things. But in situations like this, I’m nowhere near sweet. Truth is, Marcus is my man, and I love him, and I’m not letting him go anytime soon. So if this animosity has anything to do with wanting Marcus, you might just want to reconsider investing all your emotions and time in it. Because if you do, and you try it, your pupils are gonna be viewing me with the terror with which a skinny child beholds his heavy-built school bully. Don’t mess with my man, baby girl, or you will regret it. I’m serious.”

All that was said with a straight face. As she got up, she put on a sweet smile. “Enjoy your meal, Ally!” she called as she walked off.

Allison, the waiter bringing her drink and Sefakor stood there, speechless.

Sefakor said aloud, “Chale, this warning diԑԑ, me sef, I dey fear am!”

Hmmmm, fire!!!! That’s scary! I wonder how this is going to end up. Meanwhile, Marcus is still doing ‘crown’ tins there. smh lol. I guess next week is gonna bring some surprises. Continue to stay tuned, y’all!!!

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Hehehehe. Fire for fire! Allison has met her meeter. At this point, Marcus is the only one to decide which girl wins over the other. Can’t wait to find out how things turn out!..

Lol, Countryman Songo came to mind with that ‘fire for fire’ statement. Yes, it’s all down to Marcus now… or is it?

Chale make we consider Allison?
Temwani be the chic?
Make Temmy slow down give am?
Like she for chop slap?
Temwani go too far?
Allison blast?

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