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Start Over? 5

Another week, another episode! 

Sooo, what happened last week certainly was not what we expected at all. Almost as if Bra Marcus was pretending or something. Ahh, well, we don’t know. But the truth is that it’s definitely going to get interesting now. What is he going to do with these lingering feelings? I wonder…

“Oh my goodness, look at those Nutella lava cakes! They look soooo appetizing,” Temwani squealed in excitement at the photo of the culinary delight on her tablet.

Marcus shook his head as he drove them and the two young lads at the back to their home. “Temmy and her insatiable appetite.”

They had had quite a great day, Marcus treating her and her twin nephews, James and Jonny to a pretty memorable time. They had gone to Silverbird to watch the latest Disney-Pixar releases, Finding Dory, and went to Pizza Hut afterwards. The eleven year-olds had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were clearly worn out by the day’s activities, as they were already fast asleep in the backseat of Marcus’ Hyundai Elantra.

Temwani, meanwhile, was busy checking out one of her favourite Twitter accounts. Food Porn.

She was a lover of food, particularly good-looking pastries. Not many things piqued her interest as much as cakes and luxurious desserts. And somehow, whenever she had time, she’d feast her eyes upon the wonderful sights regularly posted on that account. Marcus was used to it, though. He even sometimes found it cute and amusing to see her face light up at seeing all those cuisines.

As he slowed down at a traffic light, she tapped him furiously on the arm, almost whispering, “Look, Marc, look! Ice cream sandwich cake! Oh my God, this must be heaven’s dessert!”

He rolled his eyes. “Ei, Temmy? You and your sweet tooth…” he stopped as she showed him the new picture that had caught her attention. He was pretty awed at how good it looked. Anyone with a sweet tooth would ignore any internal resistance to sink their teeth into that cake. “Kwԑԑԑ! This cake is outtadisworld, wai. Herh!”

“Good. Now take a good look at it. Because when I start having your babies, you’re buying all this when the hunger pangs strike.”

Marcus groaned. “I knew you were gonna say that. In other words, add it to the chicken wraps, mozzarella sticks and the Cinnabon French toast.”

“Exactly! And don’t forget the kelewele. Kelewele is bae.”


About half an hour later, they arrived at the front gate of Temwani’s sister’s house. Waking the boys up, she spoke to them in their local dialect, got them to thank Marcus, then enter the house. Holding her darling’s hand, she said gently, “Stay safe as you get back home, sweetie. Thanks for the good time.”

“Not a problem, A-“ Marcus started, then quickly caught himself as he realized he nearly spit out the wrong name. Closing his eyes, he scrunched up his nose to fake an oncoming sneeze, then shook it violently. “Ugh, I hate it when you get the urge to sneeze and you end up not doing so. So annoying,” he complained to take away the brief look of confusion on Temwani’s face.

“Oh yeah, so irritating. Anyway, don’t wanna stay out here too long. Joyce is waiting. Paweme, my love.” She kissed him on the cheek and hopped out of the vehicle.

The confusion already encircling his brain made his goodbye response less enthusiastic as he turned his vehicle and drove away.


“Aaaargh!! I can’t believe this is happening! I thought I was totally over Allison, especially after that cold shoulder and all. Why the hell are these feelings resurfacing at a time like this?” Marcus growled at his bedroom wall.

Indeed, since the party two weeks ago, it was as if the feelings he had had for Allison back then were undergoing a resurgence. They hadn’t talked much since – he had chosen to avoid her briefly – but his mind was filled with confusing thoughts. Considerations of whether to give her a chance or not.

But at the same time, how the hell could he just decide to leave Temwani? It didn’t make any sense whatsoever. “It’s not like I’m unhappy or anything,” he continued to speak to the wall. “Sure, she may be a little too into being pampered, but for a queen like her, I’m more than happy to oblige. I love her so much. Why this feeling then? Where from it? Why? Whyyyy?”

He threw himself onto his bed, feeling quite frustrated. When she had first approached him with the prospect of starting over, he had felt absolutely nothing. It had even felt good, in a way, to rub it in her face that he had moved on. So as to why he was suddenly smitten with her after that talk, he couldn’t get it. He hadn’t spoken to any of his guys yet, and at the present moment, he’d rather not. After the hard stance he had taken, he’d rather not spill out the internal chaos plaguing his mind.

He turned on his laptop. “Maybe a few episodes of Friends will help me get over my state of mind,” he murmured to himself.

As the screen lit up with the episodes of the old sitcom, he giggled and shook his head at the mishaps and crazy statements made by the characters.

In the middle of the third episode he was watching for the night, his attention drifted from the action onscreen as his eyes started to grow heavy…

Laughing heartily, Marcus put his arm around Allison as they both watched people getting pranked on ‘Just For Laughs’.

“Eei, look at how he reacted to the sound of the puppy when those potatoes fell down?” she laughed. “Scared kraaa!”

“I tell you! He doesn’t want trouble at all,” he responded gleefully. Calming down after a moment, he looked at his lady. Noticing his gaze, she turned her eyes from the TV screen to him. They shared a brief kiss.

“You know, it’s wonderful to finally be with you. I’ve never loved any woman the way I’ve loved you,” Marcus said, drawing her closer to himself.

Allison giggled. “Awww, boo. You know I love you too. Took me a while to get to my senses, but… there’s nothing else I’d prefer to this. I knew you’d come back for me eventually.” She paused. “Can’t lie, though, there are times I feel a little bit sorry for that Zambian girl. Whatever happened with her?”

Marcus shrugged. “Let’s not go there. You’re here. That’s what matters.”

They leaned towards each other, prepping themselves up for another lip-lock…


Sharply, Marcus snapped out of his reverie. He sprung up from his bed in frustration.

“AAAAARRRGHH!!! What the freaking hell is wrong with me?? How did that get through my brain? Stop it!! Stop it!!!” he growled loudly to himself, banging the sides of his head with his fists. “This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t be feeling this way. I shouldn’t.”

His phone vibrated. He picked it up from the bed.

Two separate messages.

Hey baby boo! Started watching ‘How To Get Away With Murder’. Liking it so far. Don’t you dare drop any spoilers, or else… lol, ttyl <3 <3… from Temwani.

Hi Marcus. Been a while. I kinda miss u. just checking up, don’t wanna disturb u now. Regards to your gf. Allison.

As he read both messages, the whirlwind in his brain took off yet again. He loved Temwani, and to break up with her just seemed utterly preposterous an idea. Yet these lingering feelings for Allison just refused to go away or be ignored.

He dropped unto the bed again, a short moan escaping his lips. “I’m so messed up right now.”

*sigh* What the heck is wrong with this dude? We all thought he was stable, but… doesn’t look that way at the moment. How is this triangle gonna be solved? Let’s wait for the coming weeks! We’re not too far from the end of this tale…

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😮 I can’t believe where this is going. Ei Qwamina why? What did we do wrong? I think Marcus should just go back to Allison. Kindly look sharp for me and drop Temwani’s number so I can take it from there. 😉

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