Start Over?

Start Over? 2

So, last week’s story was meant to be just a one-off. But after talking to quite a number of y’all, I could see the interest was that deep, so, it’s now officially a ‘series’ sort of thingy. lol. I noticed two major teams along the way: those who feel sorry for Allison and wish she’d get a chance (I call them #TeamOneMoreNight. Think of the Busy Signal version of that song) and those who do not feel sorry for her one bit (#TeamAyԑLate). Some are not really on either team. Well, dear teams, and those on the fences, strap up and let’s see how this story pans out…

Marcus walked back to the building and entered the hall where Allison had come to call him. Most of the people he had been with had scattered. Two of his closer friends, Basit and Jerry, were still around.

“Chale, Allison say what?” Basit asked. They had been aware of Marcus’ former interest in Allison.

Marcus sighed as he slumped onto a chair next to him. “Just some issue bi she wanted to ask about.”

“Chale, Marcus, I didn’t want to bring it up till a little later on, but I have to be honest, I think the girl is changing oo. For like three weeks now, I’ve noticed her demeanour has become less stiff. I seriously believe there’s some change somewhere. Plus, she’s looking even more beautiful. I think you can start over with her. Second chance,” Jerry said.

Marcus shot him a dirty look. “Massa. Please. Don’t go there. It’s over. End of story.” He took his seat, and thought to himself, in any case, if you’re referring to beauty, Temwani is an absolute gem.

“Oh, Marcus, don’t do that. There’s no need to be bitter about the past…”

“AH!” Basit responded incredulously. “Bitter? What you dey talk about? The guy has moved on from the past, you are there saying bitter. Ma guy, shon what you dey talk!”

Marcus shook his head. “I don’t understand where that’s coming from. The girl never dissed me or anything like that. She just made her stance clear, and I advised myself. Now I have moved on from the whole thing and I don’t intend to go back and you’re saying bitter.”

Jerry pulled up a chair and sat next to the two. “But Marc, let’s be honest; you never actually asked her out. I mean, despite everything, you could have just asked. There’s no harm in trying. Boy, this life is all about taking risks oo. That Craig David lifestyle of always walking away doesn’t help. She might have accepted. You never know.”

Those last couple of sentences had Marcus and Basit wide-eyed with mouths agape. They looked at him as if he had just announced to them that he was going to be on the next episode of Fear Factor.

Basit clasped his hands together. “Ei! Jerry! For one, that be very bad punchline. Make you never use again. Number two, you make I shock paaa. Herh! Why? You no know this Allison girl or something? See, rewind briefly. You dey kai the day she come from Kumasi, straight from the bus yard to this place, wey like you dey go hug am?”

Marcus stifled a giggle. The memory of the outstretched hand that plainly sent a ‘NO, don’t do it’ message to the oncoming Jerry was quite a funny, yet embarrassing one. Allison in her element clearly had a very strict way of dealing with guys.

“I sure sey the memory alone go make your ears burn right now. Aside that embarrassment, I have seen with my own two eyes the reaction when Marc tried to hold her hand when we were walking to the National Theatre one time. Somebody go figure sey acid dey Marcus e hand top. Ah, these things all, you dey tell we sey she might accept any romantic advance? This girl wey she dey behave like Pentecostal hug be foreplay? Hoh!”

That remark made the two laugh. Basit had a penchant for saying the silliest things. It had only been a matter of time until something that crazy came forth from his mouth.

“In any case, you forget the gathering at the mall? On Dede’s birthday? You forget the guy?”

Jerry paused for a moment, then reluctantly shook his head. “I no forget. I dey kai paaaa.”

“Very good. What did she say after the guy left? If my memory serves me correctly, she unequivocally stated that she was not impressed by the guy’s approach, and that men in general and their ways of trying to get with girls does not amuse her, and that any guy who approaches her will get the bouncing of his life. Do you remember what I teasingly asked? ‘Ei, so you mean any guy?’ What was her response? ANY guy. Special emphasis on the word ‘any’. Non-exclusive function here. Meaning there is no special exception in the aforementioned case. Once a guy, bouncing go dey. Take this argument go any courtroom, them go tell you the same thing.”

Jerry shook his head. “See, Basit, you dey forget one thing. There is always an exception to the rule. Always. There’s the likelihood that she was testing Marcus. You know how girls can be. Saying one thing and meaning the opposite. He should have deciphered the thing. There are different ways of the ‘hard to get’ game they play.”

Marcus sighed. “Please don’t take that route. Girls are a lot more straightforward these days oo. Look at opana,” nodding in Basit’s direction, “and Sefakor. Was she doing long complicated things? No, it was opana she liked, and she didn’t waste time in accepting. Slight stretching, but nothing ridiculously radical. Allie was, and always has been fiery about her convictions. No teasing. No coyness. She is serious.”

“Exactly!” Basit added. “And anyway, difference dey between red light and brick wall oo. First one, small delay dey inside. The other one bi denial ankasa. This be straightforward denial. We no dey prod around this thing, we dey respect the decision. Women fit make dema own decisions. If she no wan marry, fine! Nobody bore. It’s your life, it’s your choice.”

“And now that you’ve made me talk plenty, I might as well say this. The reason she called me was that she wants us to possibly start over and probably become a couple. And I said no.”

Jerry looked shocked. “Ah! But why? She’s come around, and you’re rejecting her?”

“Oh, and P.S. I asked if she would’ve accepted my proposal 2 years ago, and guess what? She said no. So I hope that answers your question.”

“Ma guy, that’s all. If your time pass, your time pass. Move on. Isn’t that what we sang in church today? ‘I won’t go back, I can’t go back, to the way it used to be?’ Like ibi me, I go tell am sey I get woman make e eye die,” Basit added.

Another sigh from Marcus. “Ummm, I’ve been waiting for a while to do this, but since this popped up, I guess I have to let it out since I told her anyway, but I’ve got a lady in my life.”

His two friends just looked at him, stunned. As he took out his phone, he continued. “I met her at Sharon’s monthly function. You know, that function my company does every month? The finance officer invited her. We started talking, we got close, I fell for her, I proposed, she said yes, we’re a couple now.”

Finding the picture he was looking for, he showed it to them.

Basit put his hand over his mouth. “Heeeeeerrrrrrrrhhhhhh!!! Guy, this girl fine ooo! Where she from?”

Marcus grinned. “She’s actually not a Ghanaian. Zambian chic.”

“Sosket! Chale, those East African ladies too, the beauty level be some unique thing kraaa o! Kwԑԑ! This one diԑԑ, double for your trouble oo!”

Jerry looked at the picture and stood upright, shades of disapproval on his face. “She’s beautiful, chale. Very beautiful. But… I’m not really feeling it. I dunno. I just feel you and Allison look better together. In my opinion, you’re a perfect fit together.”

“Massa, commot for there!” Basit snapped. “Wasn’t that the same thing you said when Manchester United appointed David Moyes as manager?”

Marcus fell off his chair in a bout of laughter. Trust Basit to say something like that. The master of ‘trailer jamming’.

“Eeeei, this boy go kill me ooo!” he laughed as he got back up, eyes already filled with tears of laughter. “Herh, why you messop like that?”

“Ibi truth I dey talk. But chale, look at the girl. What be e name?”


“Temwani. Beautiful name. Like I be you, I go take this pic show Allison, then I go talk, ‘hwԑ wo watch, hwԑ wo time, ayԑ late!

Just then, another picture of Temwani appeared, with Lionel Richie’s voice an accompaniment. “Hello… is it me you’re looking for?

Marcus grinned sheepishly as he excused himself. “Chale, make I take this call.”

Basit’s mouth was wide open as he watched his friend retreat to answer his call. “Herh! Awo’a! You this boy!”

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Lol! I love the humor in all of this!
Interestingly this episode has put me a bit on the fence after revealing the severity of Allison’s attitude. However, I’m still vouching for her.

…and the captain has spoken!! 😁 well, we’ll see what happens next week at your heroine’s end…

Basit was on point! This episode shed more light on the situation. You can’t exactly blame our sweetheart Allie for her attitude. She was protecting herself. Things could have been different if Marcus didn’t have Temwani,but he has her now so Ay3 late! 😂#TeamAyԑLate

Jerry should be very careful over there. If he wants Allie, he should go and take. No one is stopping him. Mtch.

Ah daabi o. So what, Marcus should break Temwani’s heart and come for her? Because of what? Nansins kraaa

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